Macbeth A Tragic Hero and How He Descends into Evil

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Choose a Slide Theme for your PowerPoint. Macbeth A Tragic Hero and How He Descends into Evil. Your Name Ms. Ernst English IV 2nd Period Date. Define the Tragic Hero In your own words using 5 of the 12 characteristics. Main character (usually) engenders admiration & hatred - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Macbeth A Tragic Hero

MacbethA Tragic Hero and How He Descends into EvilYour NameMs. ErnstEnglish IV 2nd PeriodDate

Choose a Slide Theme for your PowerPointDefine the Tragic HeroIn your own words using 5 of the 12 characteristicsMain character (usually) engenders admiration & hatredDignified/noblemember-power class by birth, conquest, or usurpation Representative universal humankindRate = combination of what others do and his/her choicesStrong individualist, sometimes to the point of extremism IsolatedIntelligentLearns through suffering (usually too late)Demonstrates personal courage in acceptance death/annihilationPossesses a tragic flaw leads to his/her destructionWeakness of characterWrong judgmentExpositionWhich Act?What is the Setting?What characters are introduced and what are their relationships with one another?What internal and external conflict begins?Dont forget to cite your sources!Rising ActionWhat is a main event?Give one example.Which events build suspense?Give three examples.Dont forget to cite your sources.ClimaxWhat Act?What is the exact wording (evidence)?Give an explanation of how this is the climax.Dont forget to cite your sources!Falling ActionGive 3 examples of falling action each withThe evidenceAn ExplanationHow does Macbeth and his situation advance and decline? Think internal and external conflict.Dont forget to cite your sources.ResolutionExplain how the conflict is resolved.Explain the consequences to the tragic heros previous actions.Give evidence.Dont forget to cite your sources.PowerPoint CriteriaMinimum of 17 Slides including Title Page and Definition. Maximum 22 Slides.Minimum of 17-22 pictures.Clip ArtInternet graphics/pictures (enhance the content)Appropriate for topic and school guidelinesDoes not detract from or hide textEvery slide should have some type of transition.NO SOUND! PowerPoint Criteria continued Easily readable fontGood page balance of text, graphics, and objects.Colors complement, do not distract from the presentation.Background complementary to text colors and graphics.Text is easily read on top of background.Graphics support the topic.PowerPoint Criteria continued Do not forget to cite your sources.Works Cited page. MLA FormatSave to the ServerSteps:Save to your desktop.PeriodfirstnameGo to the server (H007-file01-svr)Go to the Commons FolderGo to Ernst FolderDrag to my Drop Box

Project RubricProject Criteria

Student Name: _______________________ Class Period: _______Category 100-90 89-80 79-70 69-50 Points

Background Background does not detract from the text or graphics and is appropriate to the topic.

Background does not detract from the text or graphics.

Background is somewhat distracting.

Background makes it very difficult to see text and graphics and is inappropriate to the topic.

Use of graphics All graphic are well chosen and suitable to the topic and enhance

the presentation.

A few graphics are not attractive but they all support the topic.

Graphics are attractive but do not all seem to support

the topic.

Graphics detract from the presentation because they do not

seem to support the topic.

Text-Font choice and formatting

Font formats (color, size, etc.) have been consistently chosen to enhance readability and content.

Follows the rule of 7-7.

Font formats have been carefully chosen to enhance readability.

Follows the rule of 7-7.

Font formatting is generally chosen well but

not in all instances. Seems aware of the rule of 7-7 but

does not follow consistently.

Font formatting makes it very hard to read the material. Does

not follow the rule of 7-7.

Content Covers topic in-depth with details and examples

Includes essential information about the topic

Includes essential information about the topic

but with 1 or 2 factual errors

Content is minimal or there are several factual errors

Organization Content is well-organized using headings or bulleted lists to group related material. There are clear

transitions from one topic to another

Uses headings or bulleted lists to organize, but 1 item seems out of place

Content is logically organized for the most part.

There was no clear or logical organizational structure, just lots

of facts.

Mechanics No misspellings or mechanical errors

3 or fewer misspellings and/or mechanical errors

4 misspellings and/or mechanical errors

More than 4 misspellings and/or mechanical errors


All sources of information and graphics are properly cited.

Most sources of information and some graphics are properly cited.

Some effort is made to cite sources but most are not in proper format.

No attempt to cite sources.

Teacher Comments: __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Student name: ________________Criteria Number of Points Earned CommentsContent


Use of Graphics




Text-Font choice and formatting

Total (100 possible points)


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