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  1. 1. MACARONI PENGUINBy: Brooke Brumfield and Henry Hudson.
  2. 2. APPEARANCE It is 2 feet tall. It weighs about 12 pounds. It has yellow and black feathers on the cheeks and on top of theirheads.
  3. 3. DIET It eats mostly krill and small amounts of squid.
  4. 4. HABITAT They live in the Antarctic Islands.
  5. 5. LIFE SPAN The Macaroni Penguin lives between 8 to 15 years.
  6. 6. FUN FACTS Its nest is made of mud and small rocks. It gets its name from the song Yankee Doodle. It kicks its first egg out because the first one is too small and doesnot live.
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