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<ul><li><p>MA Sport Management &amp; Leadership, Cardiff School of Sport</p><p>Management</p><p>LeadershipSport</p><p> Individual</p><p>Organisation</p><p>Cardi School of SportYsgol Chwaraeon Caerdydd</p></li><li><p>Drawing on management and leadership perspectives, theprogramme critically examines the sport and leisure industry,its environment and current challenges. </p><p>There is a clear focus on applied and experiential learning. This is achieved by drawing extensively on sports organisationsoperating across all sectors of the industry and on using externalspeakers experts in the field who bring real life issues andchallenges into the classroom. A quality experience is providedwith teaching undertaken in small groups and an emphasis oninteraction and group work. Assessment varies from essays topresentations and the preparation of plans with an expectationthat students critically evaluate and reflect on specific issues.</p><p>The programme was launched in September 2009 and wasonly available part-time with the first students graduating in2013. In 2012 the programme became available to study on a part-time and full-time basis and graduates in 2014 reflectthis change. Each graduate from 2013 and 2014 was invited to submit a short biographical entry offering their thoughts on postgraduate study, working life and managing theircareers. I hope you agree that based on the students who didoffer their thoughts, there is an interesting mix of backgroundsand experiences that offers some rich insights into themotivations of undertaking postgraduate study at the CardiffSchool of Spot, Cardiff Metropolitan University.</p><p>If you would like to know more about the programme,please do not hesitate to contact me. Contact details can befound at the end.</p><p>With best wishes,</p><p>Nicola BoltonProgramme DirectorJuly 2014</p><p>Welcome to this introduction to the MA in Sport Management and Leadership. It is an exciting, contemporary programme targeting professionals andpractitioners working in the sport and leisure industry who are seeking newopportunities. The programme is equally attractive to recent graduates seeking to develop their knowledge of the industry at the same time as addressing theiremployment potential. We also have interest from international students who wish to study at Wales premier University for sport. </p></li><li><p>Larissa MuldoonCardiff School of Sport Student</p></li><li><p>Claire Bryant</p><p>After graduating from Swansea University with a 2:1 BSc(Hons) Sport Science in 2004, I worked in a local authoritysports development department as a Dragon Sport Assistantfor 2 years. I then moved to Sport Wales to cover asecondment, before returning to local authority in a juniormanagement role. This is where I began the Mastersprogramme, and part-way through the second year I moved to my current employment within a National Governing Body,working on two distinct projects. Through my studies andcurrent employment I have developed an interest in projectmanagement, change management and physical education.</p><p>I undertook the course as it was a fantastic opportunity tofurther my knowledge and challenge my understanding. The entire programme was focussed around my work. I was able to make connections between theory and practice,experiencing some success in creating change in the way Iworked and improving on my self-reflection and evaluationskills. The experience has helped me understand how I like to work and identify my key strengths. It has also nurtured my inquisitive mind to understand more about the work I do. I now ask why questions in a more structured way! This hasled me to be more innovative and creative, realising myabilities to conceptualise and implement change.</p><p>My final project was a critical reflection on my personallearning as I project managed the implementation of amodified game for young people. It involved me undertaking a reflective log throughout the process. The reflectionsupported me to evaluate critically the progress I was makingwhile undertaking the project. The log also supported me tomonitor my thought processes and develop clearunderstanding of management and leadership issues.</p><p>Jo Coombs</p><p>My background started in education having graduated as asecondary school PE teacher. Following 8 years of teaching Iworked in a local authority sports development department,firstly as a Dragon Sport Co-ordinator and then as a PE &amp;School Sport Co-ordinator. I then moved to work in a NationalGoverning Body in a managerial role. My current role withinthe same NGB is managing the performance team thatdevelops elite athletes to achieve our goal of more medals.Alongside this I volunteer on a regular basis to coach, judgeand be a committee member which culminated last year inworking as a technical official during the 2012 Olympics.</p><p>The main reason for undertaking the programme was tosupport my professional role. The course provided theopportunity to further my knowledge and understanding of being a manager having had no formal academic trainingwithin this area - to date my experience within this field hadbeen on the job. Whilst the commitment of the course wasdaunting and the timing not great, due to my responsibilitiesprior to and during the Olympics, it certainly provided theconnection between theory and practice. It confirmed to methat a lot of practices that I currently undertake as a managerare supported by theory and my discussions among like-minded professionals were stimulating. Particularly useful was the opportunity to reflect and discuss issues and ideastogether within a peer group setting which in turn, gaveconfidence in the work place.</p><p>My final project was a significant piece of work relating to myprofessional role. It was important to ensure it was intrinsicallylinked to my position within the organisation as well as beingworthwhile in enabling further personal improvement andreflection on my practices. In particular, I wanted there to be a useful outcome for my employer, in evaluating andimproving the teams effectiveness. Using a case studyapproach it focused on four main objectives: (1) understandwhat makes organisations effective and considered to be high performing; (2) evaluate the teams current level ofperformance; (3) identify what and how team performancewill be monitored and evaluated; and (4) create and deliver an improvement strategy.</p></li><li><p>Robin Strang, CEO, West Lothian Leisure said:</p><p>Fraser was appointed to the Board ofTrustees of West Lothian Leisure inJune 2011 as one of three employeerepresentatives on the Board. Everythree years we carry out a ballot of allemployees to appoint threerepresentatives to the Board. Over thepast two years Fraser has grown inconfidence and influence and is nowcomfortable talking at a strategic levelwith other Trustees so much so that he was appointed by his peers as theHealth and Safety champion on theBoard. He is a member of the AuditSub Committee (a standing subcommittee of the Board whichscrutinises the financial performanceon the company) and was appointed to the sub committee of the Boardwhich recruits new Trustees andcontributed well in a recent selectionprocess. He is a committed member of the Board and works constructivelywith the other Trustees for the good of the company.</p><p>Fraser Calderwood</p><p>I work in operations as a swimming pool duty manager forWest Lothian Leisure in Scotland and during the course Ibecame a Trustee on the Board of Non Executive Directors. I saw the MA in Sport Management and Leadership as anopportunity to continue my personal and career development. During the course we covered areas such as principles ofmanagement and leadership, entrepreneurship, organisationalstrategy and improving business performance. These havebenefited me at both operational and strategic levels.Reflecting on my personal practice has been a key aspect. As part of the development process I have improved mydecision-making, communication, organisation andprioritisation skills which has enhanced the quality andquantity of the work that I do. </p><p>I have aimed to be more innovative, regularly sharing businessimprovement ideas at various levels of the organisation. This has included technical improvements, HR developments,marketing, business planning and people management. I feel that I understand my business and have a greater insightinto how I can positively influence the development of my organisation. </p><p>My final project considered the communication barriers to developing employee engagement within West LothianLeisure. The research data were collected from the WestLothian Leisure 2012 employee survey with the support of the organisation. The research results revealed that managersneed to be open, honest, fair and transparent to develophigher levels of engagement. The very satisfying element ofthe research was being able to gain a greater understanding of my organisation and be able to compare the data with otherreliable sources, such as the Chartered Institute of PersonnelDevelopment. Overall I have gained much experience,knowledge and skills which will guide me through my careerin sports management and leadership. </p></li><li><p>Helen Hughes</p><p>My background is in primary teaching and I am verypassionate about children having opportunities to take part insport and physical activity. Following on from my teaching roleI held the position of Dragon Sport Coordinator in twodifferent local authorities before joining Sport Wales HQ inSophia Gardens, Cardiff. My initial role in Sport Wales was tolead a 3-year project for the Foundation Phase which enabledme to exercise my skills in education within the sport sector.My current role in Sport Wales is a mixed portfolio. I projectmanage key pieces of work within the Skills for Life in Sportpriority area. I also have a regional liaison role with the WelshRugby Union and am currently involved in facilitating a PartnerSelf-Assessment programme.</p><p>I chose to undertake the MA course seeing it as anopportunity to challenge myself academically in the sportsector. I was also involved in the Women in LeadershipProgramme and felt this opportunity would enhance myprofessional development. </p><p>I have learnt a lot from my peer group in terms of gainingwider knowledge and appreciation of our partners within thesector. I have also gained invaluable experience of theprinciples of leadership and management in their widestsense. The course helped me to identify my strengths andareas for improvement in terms of leadership. The theorygained throughout the course was then put into action whenback in the workplace. I am also passionate about health andnutrition and since completing my degree I have put someentrepreneurial skills into action by supporting my husband insetting up a community nutrition business.</p><p>My selected final project enabled me to conduct a study basedon engaging parents / carers around an interactive websitefocusing on play in educational contexts. I felt this was highlyrelevant and would inform my day-to-day work. The researchapproach adopted for the study involved a qualitative methodwith a small cohort of parents from a school in the SouthWales valleys. There were challenges as there was low-levelengagement but this provided evidence that parents/carersare a diverse group who seek flexibility in how they engage in activity with their children. My time management skills weretested due to carrying out the study during my pregnancy andthankfully, I managed to complete it just a week before I gavebirth. Since receiving a merit award I have used the researchto write a paper which has been accepted for publication.</p><p>Sue Maughan</p><p>Since completing my initial degree in 1990, I spent 16 yearsworking in local authorities including nine in eventmanagement and PR, and seven working in sportsdevelopment both as an officer and a manager. During thistime I completed a Post Graduate Diploma which re-ignitedmy passion for learning and development. For the last 7 years I have worked as a Senior Officer for Sport Wales, initiallyworking at national level with Welsh national governing bodiesof sport and at UK level representing home country interests.More recently I have engaged with local authorities to shapetheir sporting vision as well as leading on a piece of workaround leadership development in the sports sector in Wales.</p><p>Running alongside this my passion is athletics and I havevolunteered as an official for the past 20 years. This culminated in being a National Technical Official forathletics at the London 2012 Olympic &amp; Paralympic Games.</p><p>Both in a professional and voluntary capacity I am alwaysseeking new opportunities to learn and develop and this led to undertaking the MA in Sport Management and Leadership,alongside my involvement in Sport Wales Women inLeadership Programme. Completing the MA has really helpedshape my thinking and contributed to my confidence. I amable to reflect much more on my knowledge and experienceof leadership. This has ultimately led me to challenge andquestion more effectively the norms of working. It has alsoopened up new thinking both from within and in terms of myrelations with colleagues and partners. I have received muchpositive feedback from colleagues - they can see how it hasimproved my thinking, challenge and confidence.</p><p>While undertaking the programme, Sport Wales underwentsignificant change and this became the focus of severalprojects and assessment tasks. The final project provided the opportunity to investigate key elements of the change,particularly in relation to leadership. The study sought toidentify the role of leadership in facilitating organisationallearning and change. Particular focus was given to the role of emotional intelligence with the project taking the form of an observational study of four senior managers and follow-upinterviews. It considered the key aspects of emotionalintelligence including emotional self-awareness; empathy;accurate self assessment; organisational awareness; inspirationand the conceptual and technical aspects of leadership. Theproject concluded with recommendations to support anyfuture change within the organisation.</p></li><li><p>Sophie Moore</p><p>I started in the sports development industry at the age of 21 asan Athletic Development Office for Bridgend CBC. My boss atthe time told me he had taken a chance when he employedme - as I was the youngest candidate and he thought I couldbe moulded! Looking back I feel very lucky to have been giventhat opportunity.</p><p>Twelve years on and I am an Active Young People Coordinatorwith Bridgend CBC . My job encompasses a wide range ofresponsibilities from day to day management of Active YoungPeople officers to capital project development.</p><p>I put my name forward to study the MA in Sport Managementand Leadership to further my professional development. I cannot emphasise enough the positive experience andknowledge which I have gained through undertaking theprogramme and particularly from my peer group over the lastthree years. </p><p>The course has enabled me to identify my strengths andweaknesses in terms of leadership and focus on areas forimprovement. Reflection is an area that has helped me on...</p></li></ul>


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