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  • 8/14/2019 MA Management Learning and Leadership leaflet


    MA in Management Learning & Leadership

    This programme offers conceptual and

    experiential stimuli to improve management

    learning and leadership practices of participants

    and their organisations. The innovative designcombines face-to-face residential workshops,

    regular action-learning sets and networked

    learning (including online communication) to

    develop a lively and challenging learning




    24 months, part-timeStarts:October annually

    Designed for:Individuals in management development,management education or leadership roles, at allcareer stages, who have relevant current and recentexperience

    Special features:A mix of residential workshops, action learning andnetworked learning approaches to provide learningfor both practice and intellectual development

    Intake:15-20 students

    Workshops:6 residential

    Work experience: at least 2 years normally required

    Fees:8,000 EU/UK8,560 Overseas

    The MA in Management Learning and Leadership offers

    you the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

    At all times, you are challenged to take a critical

    approach unpicking management fads and fashions

    and questioning established practices and beliefs .

    The MA is designed to help you:

    Develop critical understanding of your own andothers' theories and practices

    Engage with the latest debates on managementlearning and leadership, and reflect on theirimplications for people and organisations

    Examine wider social, political, ethical andphilosophical issues and how they affect practice

    Explore theories and practices within and beyondclosed management and leadership traditions

    Sharpen your skills in critical thinking and youranalytical abilities

    Boost both your professional expertise andconfidence, enabling you to take on newchallenges in your current and future career

    It is designed for people who are (or have experience):

    Developing or running leadership or managementdevelopment programmes

    Leaders or managers who want to take adevelopmental approach to their own work, theirorganisation or their staff

    Coaching senior teams to develop their leadershipcapabilities

    Hold or are moving into, a strategic organisationdevelopment role

    Working as independent consultants who want tolearn with peers

    Programme Director: Professor John Burgoyne


    Programme Co-ordinator

    Tel: +44 (0)1524 594016


    For workshop dates please see website

    Contact:Programme Co-ordinatorTel: +44 (0)1524 594019Email:

    For workshop dates please see website