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<ul><li><p>3 Year ProgramDelegate ProfileThis degree program is suited to leaders and senior managers working in data centre facilities. </p><p>Pre-requisitesThis program has been designed for people in leadership and management positions within data centre facilities. Anglia Ruskin University will consider all applications individually, taking into account each applicants experience and qualifications. We encourage you to apply if you:</p><p> u Work in a data centre facility</p><p>And have either or both:</p><p> u Qualifications: A first or second class degree from a UK university, or equivalent from an overseas university</p><p>OR</p><p> u Experience: At least two years at middle or senior management level in a data centre context </p><p>We welcome applications from people who dont hold the standard qualifications. If you do not have a degree, you will be considered if your skills and experience demonstrate that you can benefit from and contribute to the program.</p><p>Those applicants for whom English is not a first language will be expected to demonstrate a certificated level of proficiency of at least IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.</p><p>Program RequirementsAs a distance learning programme, students will need a computer and internet connection. The virtual learning environment can be accessed via all the major operating systems for laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.</p><p>Program ObjectivesThe aim of this program is to unite the existing knowledge and skills of data centre professionals with essential new learning centred around leadership and management within a data centre environment and award a top level degree qualification. </p><p>QualificationMasters degree in Data Centre Leadership </p><p>&amp; Management - a level 7 qualification</p><p>Graduates of the Masters in Data Centre Leadership and Management will be invited to a degree graduation ceremony in Cambridge, UK, and can utilise a post nominal title, using the initials MA after their name.</p><p>Price5,000 per year (total 15,000)The fee is VAT Exempt</p><p>Interest free payments plans are available for individuals funding the program themselves.</p><p>Masters in Data Centre Leadership and Management</p><p>UK: +44 (0)1284 767100 | US: +1 302-561-6228 | E: | W:</p><p>Introduction</p><p>Become part of the elite group of data centre professionals across the globe with a Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management from the Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Anglia Ruskin University has teamed up with award winning data centre training specialists CNet Training to offer a Masters degree program for data centre professionals. Based in Suffolk, UK, CNet Training are well placed to work with Anglia Ruskin, they have trained in over 20 countries and trained students over 70 nationalities totalling over 38,000 individuals since 1996. CNet Training is well known and respected in the data centre industry, dominating the sector with high quality classroom based educational programs delivering both industry recognised qualifications and certifications. This collaboration takes CNet Trainings already high level technical data centre educational programs to professional business and managerial level with the ultimate Masters for leaders and managers of data centres. Anglia Ruskin University is thrilled to be establishing their position in the data centre industry and be recognised as one of the first universities to actually acknowledge the need for such high level education within the sector. </p><p>3 Year ProgramCommences 21st September 2015</p><p>Program at a Glance</p><p>Year 1 - PG Certification (PGCert)</p><p> u Data Centre Leadership u Sustainable design for high capacity </p><p>data centres u Financial management </p><p>Year 2 - PG Diploma (PGDip)</p><p> u Data Centre infrastructure management, security and disaster recovery</p><p> u HRM and organisational capability development </p><p> u Decision making in critical services </p><p>Year 3 - Masters (MA)</p><p> u Contemporary Issues in Leadership and Management</p><p> u Research methods for Business and Management</p><p> u Postgraduate Major Project</p><p> u CNet Training is the worlds foremost data centre training organisation and winner of multiple industry awards from across the globe. The CNet team are innovators and leaders in data centre education and champions for the provision of leadership and management development in the industry.</p><p> u Anglia Ruskin University offers award-winning work-based learning; giving professional people the opportunity to access forward-thinking, high quality university education.</p><p>Program Overview</p><p>Data centres are complex facilities that are expected to deliver financial results and faultless service in a context of rapidly changing technologies, business pressures and environmental expectations. In order to achieve this, data centres need highly capable leaders and managers individuals who are capable of dealing with business complexity and technological change with the knowledge and skills to ensure their teams deliver against consistently challenging objectives.The MA Data Centre Leadership and Management brings together the expertise of CNet Training and Anglia Ruskin University to create a unique program to advance data centre professionals worldwide. To date, no other university program on the market has been designed to develop leadership and management specifically for the data centre industry and it is the first program to offer data centre professionals contextualised leadership and management education at a post-graduate level.The program is the result of an extensive consultation with the data centre industry. Topics have been selected on the basis of feedback from the industry and data centre professionals will be involved with delivering the program, alongside specialist academics from Anglia Ruskin University. The program will be based around the students professional work in order to ensure that the learning is relevant and can be applied to the workplace. Delivery of the program is through distance learning, meaning that students can study at time that suit them, and communicate with their tutors and each other wherever they are in the world.</p></li><li><p>Year 1 Data Centre Leadership</p><p> u Evolution of leadership </p><p> u Complexity theory, dynamic organisational environments, strategic alignment in organisations, systems theory</p><p> u Emergent leadership theory in dynamic environments</p><p> u Internal business environment analysis and organisational dynamics </p><p> u Models of strategic analysis </p><p> u The role of leaders in fostering cultures of innovation, creativity and change capability in dynamic environments</p><p> u Change management</p><p>Sustainable Design for High Capacity Data Centres</p><p> u Modular Data Centre Design for reliability, scalability, efficiency, and sustainability.</p><p> u Management of utility operations like electricity, heating and cooling from a usage, efficiency and cost savings perspectives</p><p> u Environmental Monitoring Technologies</p><p> u Maximising system utilisation for best efficiency</p><p> u Continuous commissioning</p><p> u Use of Cloud Technology to minimise the impact of data centres on the environment</p><p>Financial Management</p><p> u Overview of the financial system</p><p> u Decision making and problem solving in theory and practice</p><p> u Financial objectives and strategies linked to general strategies and environmental circumstances</p><p> u Corporate governance issues</p><p> u Efficient/inefficient markets and behavioural finance</p><p> u Financial risk - types and coping mechanisms</p><p> u Relationship between financial risk and expected return</p><p> u Cost of capital: WACC and CAPM; Gearing</p><p> u Treasury management and control of working capital</p><p> u Investment appraisal</p><p>Year 2 Data Centre Infrastructure Management, Security and Disaster Recovery</p><p> u Asset tracking (Cradle to Grave)</p><p> u Change management </p><p> u Analysis of virtual/logical systems and how they interact with physical hardware </p><p> u Management &amp; Resilience High Capacity Storage in complex data centres (especially related to disaster recovery scenarios)</p><p> u Consolidation of resources/locations </p><p> u Optimising physical infrastructure (including space management) to enable higher capacity </p><p> u Multi-layered monitoring </p><p> u Future strategic planning via modelling scenarios</p><p> u Physical security &amp; data security</p><p> u Virtual Digital Security (especially in co-location environments)</p><p> u Identification of data centre infrastructure risks and vulnerabilities, mitigation techniques and recovery policies</p><p> u Governance relating to data protection, safe harbour and other compliance regimes.</p><p> u Evaluation metrics</p><p>HRM and Organisational Capability Development</p><p> u Managing human resources for optimal performance </p><p> u Organisational behaviour</p><p> u Developing and managing structures for continued capability growth</p><p> u Managing contractor arrangements and a contingent workforce</p><p> u Knowledge management</p><p>Decision Making in Critical Services</p><p> u Risk identification and mitigation</p><p> u Sense-making and management behaviour during critical incidents</p><p> u Response to critical incidents and first response management</p><p> u Managing consequence</p><p> u Managing human responses during times of crisis</p><p> u Managing and evaluating service level agreements (or similar)</p><p> u Critical infrastructure asset management</p><p>Year 3Leadership and Management in Context</p><p> u Leadership and CSR</p><p> u Technology advancements and implications</p><p> u Sustainability and environmental issues</p><p> u Globalisation and offshoring</p><p> u Standards and quality management</p><p> u Other topics as identified by industry partners</p><p>Research Methods &amp; Post Graduate Major Project</p><p> u Intellectual and practical skills to frame, plan and deliver research</p><p> u Analysis and interpretation of data generated</p><p> u Bringing this into action through a major research project</p><p>UK: +44 (0)1284 767100 | US: +1 302-561-6228 | E: | W:</p><p> Content </p><p>Program StructurePrimarily this program is based around supported on-line distance learning via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), providing flexibility and complete interaction every step of the way. Students will be supported by a team of specialist academic staff from Anglia Ruskin Universitys Lord Ashcroft International Business School and Department of Computing and Technology, and industry specialists, with the aim of maximising communication and experience-sharing between students and tutors. Each year there is also an optional bootcamp held in Cambridge for those that can attend. This will bring all students together to undertake 3 days of additional learning. </p><p>The program will be run over two trimesters each year: u Trimester one: September January u Trimester two: February May</p><p>The program is spread over a three year period with three modules in years one and two, and two modules in year three. There is an assessment at the end of each module. </p><p> u On average, students will commit 7-10 hours of study to the program per week during trimester time, however this study can be taken at your own pace and undertaken when you have the time (i.e. you could decide to dedicate a full week of study to the program at once). However deadlines that are given for each module are strict and must be met. </p><p>If you need to take a break from your studies, you can arrange to put the course on hold and then re-join at a later date. </p><p>Enquiries</p><p>Email:</p><p>Tel: +44 (0)1284 767100</p><p> CNet Training</p><p>The masters degree is very challenging but at the same time a rewarding experience that I am really enjoying. For anybody who wants to understand </p><p>the importance and implications of effective leadership within this dynamic industry I would </p><p>thoroughly recommend it. </p><p>Senior Technical Manager, Commscope</p></li></ul>