lyric poetry and philosophy of the archaic period in greece

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This is an overview of lyric poetry and philosophy in the Greek Archaic Period, including Sappho and Herakleitos.


  • 1.Lyric Poetry and Philosophy of the Archaic Period in Greece

2. Sappho 7th-6th c. BCE 3. Sappho and Homer Charles Nicolas Rafael Lafond, 1824 4. Sappho on the Cliff Gustave Moreau, c. 1872 5. The Death of Sappho Gustave Moreau, 1876 6. Sappho Charles August Mengins, 1877 7. Sappho Gustav Klimt, 1890 8. Sappho Ernst Stckelberg, 1897 9. Alkaios 7th-6th c. BCE 10. Alkaios and Sappho, c. 470 BCE 11. Sappho and Alkaios Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1881 12. Arkhilokhos c. 680-c. 645 BCE 13. Arkhilokhos, 3rd-2nd c. BCE 14. Herakleitos c. 535-475 BCE 15. Herakleitos Johannes Moreelse, c. 1630 16. The School of Athens: Herakleitos Raphael, 1510


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