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  • Lymph Rub

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    Technique for Detoxification through the skin

    Lymph Rub Massage castor oil all over the body and rest for about 20 minutes in an old dressing gown or towel before climbing into a warm bath for 20 minutes. The warm water encourages the castor oil to be taken up through the skin and will thin the lymph. This can be ideal for children when they are overtired or feeling under the weather. By thinning the lymph it will encourage a more efficient lymphatic system which will aid in detoxification and boosting our immune system. Pay particular attention to the thin skin on the inner thighs and under arms and the skin behind the knees, these areas are adjacent to the lymphatic network in the body so will work on the lymph at a faster rate. Ensure you massage the oil into these areas thoroughly.

    Flax Oil / Omega 3 Rub This is a lovely way to introduce EFAs (essential fatty acids omega 3 + 6) via the skin, and is particularly useful for babies and children to ensure they are receiving their RDA of omega 3 + 6. Mix a tablespoon of flax seed oil with a tablespoon of hot water and massage into the whole body. It can also be used by adults who have difficulty breaking down the flax oil or Eskimo 3 capsules if taken orally. Pay particular attention to rubbing the flax oil into the lymph glands, which are located under the arms, behind the knees, on the soft skin of the inner thighs and around the neck.


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