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Mar 17, 2011 To: shanks1988 Sounds like you have chronic lyme diseas(Borrelia burgdorferi). I have a perfect colloidal silver that will help you will almost all of your symtoms (symptoms).

fred Reply

shanks1988 Mar 17, 2011 To: fred i didnt gt u buddy....wats chronic lyme nd wht silver r u talking abt buddy help me dear.... Reply


Mar 17, 2011 To: shanks1988 Chronic is when lyme gets bad. I use Resonant Silver. It attacks the bad bacteria in your body at the cell level. I think this will really help. Look up colloidal silver on the internet. I have used many kinds but there is only one that works. Let me know if you want the contact info. Reply


Mar 17, 2011 To: shanks1988 I am sorry to hear you are not well.

No one here is medically trained, so we cannot give you medical advice, but if you would like to look into Lyme disease as a possibility, you can read about it at ILADS [dot] org, under the tab 'About Lyme'.

That website is meant mainly for doctors, but it also gives good information in my opinion.

The symptoms you describe could be from Lyme, but Lyme has different symptoms in different people, so it takes an experienced MD to diagnose it.There is a dispute in the medical community about whether or not Lyme is widespread and whether it is easy to treat or not.Those of us who have Lyme know that it is a tricky disease -- it is a bacterial infection, but the bacteria have the ability to hide in the body for a long time.

I just searched online (through google) for "lyme disease india" and found many interesting articles and websites.Please look through those and see if you can find a doctor near you who specializes in Lyme.

Best wishes to you -- Reply

shanks1988 Mar 18, 2011 To: ALL @FRED : where i can find here in India, does it hv any side effects if i take it without prescription as i m nt even sure that is it lyme or r these jst another symptoms of anxiety.

@jackie : I read ILADS..seriously speaking i jst feels too tensed to read all that stuff. well keeping that thing aside as I am curious to know..that whether it attacks me or i jst myself gets panicked by certain numbness in body tht o i got it again..nd all other symptoms than follow. Is it really true that watevr we think same jst we feel bcoz if thts d case may be i m getting it bymyself nd as doctors always said its all in ur head.

I really cudnt find any Lyme specialists here nearby me in delhi..nd same time i think if it get tested or not here in india. are there any labs to diagnose or not. seems like i got more panicked my reading this fact that lyme is a disease which is disputed itself.

Am i going to die if i dont get cured i mean wt cud be the worst part of it or the highest level ?

Nd one thing more..tht if more i read i get more frightened may be i m if i m alright then y i feel these things...sometimes i even thing is tht the weight i hv gt on me may be my biggest prob..i need to reduce weight now..nd rest thing i wil see wil nt tolerate some ******* bacteria empowering me. I think i need to reduce weight as i m 150 kgs..nd need to be socialize i got isolated due to this..nd really dnt hv gt much frnds here so may be its the problem.

I just need one it really all in my head ?? Reply


Mar 18, 2011 To: shanks1988 Send me a message and I will gladly give you the informantion that I have so may study it and see if it is right for you. Reply


Mar 18, 2011 To: shanks1988 Anxiety is a big factor in Lyme disease.Why that is, I do not know, but perhaps it has to do with inflammation.Many of us have high levels of anxiety and worry. Reply

shanks1988 Mar 18, 2011 To: JackieCalifornia nd wt abt the worst part in whole this thing ?..wt can worst happen to me if i dont get it diagonosed or treated ?... Reply

shanks1988 Mar 18, 2011 To: frustratedexchronicfatiguevictum310 & all others Y u r not giving info in public. Its really freaking me out mann. I know you are trying to help bt let me get some opinions of others too on this. I Really gets frightened. Dont get me wrong buddy bt it seemed to me like you are selling or forcing something to get bought.

JACKIE please give me view on his msgs :

hi Sent by shanks1988 39 minutes ago ya msg me the information. Sent by frustratedexchronicfatiguevictum310 36 minutes ago Send an email to ***@****

They will be able to help you. This will be a new life for you. I promise.

You can only get this in the united states.But they could mail it too you. So you will have to send them your address.

Sent by frustratedexchronicfatiguevictum310 28 minutes ago Lyme disease is very progressive and you will suffer the rest of your life and will probably die early on in life. But I know this will help you.



Mar 18, 2011 Lyme and other diseases carried by the same ticks sometimes hide quietly in the body for a very long time and cause little trouble.I think I had Lyme for several years and only felt slightly tired, then I was bitten again and got another tick disease that made me very sick.That is when I was finally diagnosed with Lyme, and then treated.

I know someone who also had Lyme and a co-infection [another disease carried by the Lyme ticks] but he only felt tired.It was only by accident was the infection was diagnosed.One of the mysteries of Lyme is why it affects some people worse than others.

I just searched "india lyme disease" and there are websites that talk about Lyme in India.(Do the search without the "quote" marks.)From reading those references, you may be able to find the name of an MD who can either diagnose and treat you, or help you find an MD who can.Many of us here saw many MDs of different kinds before finding an MD who understood Lyme and its treatment, so you are not alone in that.

Also, I recently saw on the internet several websites that discuss Ayurveda to treat Lyme.If you are unable to find an MD in India who treats with antibiotics, then I would suggest you look into Ayurveda.Search 'ayurveda lyme disease' (without the quotes).

Finding diagnosis and treatment is not always easy, but it is worth pursuing.I know it is frightening and lonely, but the best thing to do is keep trying to get a diagnosis and treatment for whatever it turns out to be.Having a purpose helps fight the panic.I know, because I've been there.

Let us know how you do, okay?Take care -- Reply

shanks1988 Mar 18, 2011 To: JackieCalifornia Thanks alot dear... i m feeling better after jst hearing to knw tht i m nt alone. I wil search for it nd wil get it checked. rest is upto god nd we cant control tht. bt ya wil try to be panic free.

wil tel u the status asap. u also take care. Reply


Mar 18, 2011 To: shanks1988 I just saw your message about what 'frustrated' said to you.

Please IGNORE him.He seems to have many problems, and some of them may include Lyme disease.He has been reported to the moderators.

I was just as you are:frightened, ill, jumpy, and confused.I found a Lyme specialist and was treated, and I am pretty much back to normal.I know how you are probably feeling, and it was a nightmare for me.In Lyme, it is the effect of the disease, because it inflames the brain, which affects the emotions.

You might try taking some magnesium supplements, which are often recommended to Lyme patients.The Lyme bacteria use up magnesium in their reproductive process, and lack of magnesium has many bad effects on the body and mind.You know how babies are after they have milk?They relax and get calm and go to sleep.Part of it is the full stomach and the warm temperature of the milk, but part of it (so I read) is the magnesium in the milk.A doctor told me that any magnesium ending in "-ate" (magesium malate, or orotate, or aspartate, etc.) is most easily absorbed by the body.It helps soothe the nerves and helps with sleep and against muscle cramps.Ask your doctor.

Lyme inflames the nerves and therefore the brain as well, and that irritation helps cause the mental effects.Don't worry, just keep trying to figure out what you have and how to treat it.

Best wishes to you -- Reply

shanks1988 Mar 18, 2011 To: JackieCalifornia wow buddy really some useful tips out there. Just read some articles about ayurvedic treatment. nd really it seems to have like light in deep darkness.

You really get me much relaxed after just reading your comments.

May god bless you with all happiness and wishes u want. You are doing a great job indeed.

Wil definitely meet u wenver i wil get chance. Reply

AA121 Feb 12, 2013 To: shanks1988 I have the exact same symptoms & i am also from delhi , when i read your post it felt exactly like my story , i also have crawling sensation all over my body plus all the symptoms you listed ,have been suffering for the last two years, i also had slight b12 deficiency , i have asked four doctors about lyme disease they just dismiss it because they say i dont have all the symptoms , i feel doctors here are just not properly educated about this disease , also one lab informed me that i can only get tested for this in bangalore not in delhi.

How are you doing now? Reply

shubam Jun 22, 2013 To: AA121 Hi friends,

I am shubam and even i have all the same symptoms. I am