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  • 1. Lyme DiseaseNichole C. Martin RN, BSN, CEN, CPEN

2. Black-legged tick (Ixodesscapularis)a.k.a. Deer tick
3. Life cycle of a tick
4. Transmission of B.burgdorferi
5. Transmission of B.burgdorferi
6. Transmission of B.burgdorferi
Risk of transmission of B. burgdorferi from an infected tick increases with the amount of time the tick is embedded
24 hours-0%
48 hours-12%
72 hours-79%
96 hours-94%
7. Removal
8. Symptoms
9. Symptoms
10. Symptoms
11. Two Tiered Testing
12. Diagnostic Testing
13. Treatment
14. Other concerns
15. Case Studies
4 year-old healthy child that is asymptomatic comes in with mother who states the child is always playing in their field so she would like a Lyme disease test
16. Case Studies
24 year-old female comes in with tick embedded behind ear, this is the tick:
17. Case Studies
34 year old male comes in for yearly physical. Works as a forester and states from spring to fall he pulls multiple ticks off almost daily, states he usually finds them before they embed. Occasionally finds both dog and deer ticks embedded but never engorged, has gotten red rashes around bites before, denies myalgias except the occasional backache
18. Case Studies
54 year old female comes in stating fatigue, generalized weakness, and diffuse arthralgias for the past 3-4 years, states I looked online and I think I have Lymes
19. Case Studies
63 year old female presents to the ED via EMS with complaint of general malaise for past 3 weeks, body aches for past week and syncope today, EKG shows this:
20. The End