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  1. 1. Experts in Sliding Door Wardrobes WARDROBE BEDROOM D E S I G N I D E A S S L I D I N G
  2. 2. For more ideas visit: BEDROOM SLIDING WARDROBE Design Ideas 1 2 3 4 Wood Mirrors Glass Oriental Sliding Wardrobe
  3. 3. Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas A sliding wardrobe is nowadays available in a wide range of styles, colors and nishes, that can be further customized into hundreds of congurations. LUXUS INDIA can help you create a customized solution for your bedroom design that is truly yours. We use modern materials which are both durable and environment friendly for manufacturing your customized bedroom sliding door wardrobe. For more ideas visit:
  4. 4. TIP 1 1 Credit: Start by choosing the right color of wood and then decide on making your wardrobe. For a classical look and feel, try using wood carvings, or opt for a modern contemporary design, either of which is highly functional. Wood is very maintenance friendly. For more ideas visit: Wood Experts in Sliding Door Wardrobes Types of Wardrobes Click to know more
  5. 5. TIP 2 2 Credit: Mirrored wardrobes help smaller spaces look more spacious with the space-saving sliding doors and sleek mirrored sliding doors. They reect more light in to the room which helps to create an illusion of more space. For more ideas visit: Mirrors Experts in Sliding Door Wardrobes
  6. 6. TIP 3 3 For more ideas visit: Credit: doors are associated with contemporary range of designs. There are a multitude of colors to choose from which can be paired with different types of nishes. Choose from colored, lacquered glass in single or dual tones, experiment with mosaic or oral patterns for creating a unique piece of functional art for your bedroom. Glass Experts in Sliding Door Wardrobes Guide to buying a Sliding Door Wardrobe Expert Advice
  7. 7. TIP 4 4 Oriental are the old conventional model of design made of mostly steel or wood depending on the preferences and are mostly movable. Most people choose oriental design because of its functional appearance and its uniqueness. Credit: For more ideas visit: Oriental Sliding Wardrobe Experts in Sliding Door Wardrobes Luxus Wardrobes Inspiration eBook Download eBook
  8. 8. India's rst specialized factory for sliding door wardrobes. In collaboration with The European specialist in sliding door wardrobe solutions in over 42 countries About Us: LUXUS is India's rst specialized factory offering European quality customized sliding door wardrobes and kitchen solutions with CAD/CAM integrated process from design to dispatch. LUXUS has set up a state-of-the-art factory in collaboration with KOMANDOR, a European leader for over 20 years in customized wardrobes selling in over 42 countries. LUXUS is a fast growing brand having 13 stores in 8 cities. Hyderabad | Bengaluru | Chennai | Calicut | Coimbatore | Mumbai | Mysore | Pune Experts in Sliding Door Wardrobes