luxury24seven newsletter from august 2011

Luxury24seven newsletter from august 2011
Luxury24seven newsletter from august 2011
Luxury24seven newsletter from august 2011
Luxury24seven newsletter from august 2011
Luxury24seven newsletter from august 2011
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  • 1. Heating Up A Cold War?In auto-making andcommercial space theres a Helium 3growing competition Fuel For a Clean Nuclear Powerglobally amongst privatecompanies and aspireddeveloping economies.Could the moon become The Persian Gulf of The 21st Century? One million tons of helium 3 is expected to be located within the moons regolith (lunar soil)When identied in large deposits, this gas would be also found capable of strip mining and transformed into a liquied gas, then transported back to earth.Lunar Helium 3 could be the answer to the energyneeds of our future. Realistically, by 2020-2024, ona global scale, countries may be mining the moonfor helium 3 which can be a tool for clean and safeMaking theHelium 3 is a gas ejected from the surface of thenuclear powered future. Impossible Possiblethe sun and is blown through space by solar winds. Over billions of years, this space gas has been How does helium 3 affect the future ofIn Cologne, scientists are using nuclear fusion intrapped by the moons lunar soil where is has an effort to transform life on earth and producespace exploration and the global political the same reaction that fuels the sun. Fossil fuel collected and built vast quantities.and corporate arena required toproduction would require 1000x the amount ofproduce it?fuel needed to produce the same amount of energy from a hydrogen fueled power station. Scientists propose nuclear fusion using thecooperative reaction of helium 3 and deuterium Hydrogen is the most common element foundwhich would produce an energy that releases no here on earth. By heating and fusing hydrogen Alternative ways of fueling a nuclear reactor wouldradio-action nor nuclear waste...a cleaner nuclear atoms, this reaction also produces dangerousbe to replace hydrogen as a fuel with helium 3,power. neutrons that have presented drawbacks to using chemically very close to hydrogen...yet a gas found fusion as an alternative source of energy. Onegenerally only on the moon. The helium 3Presently helium 3 is found on earth only as a by- major drawback of using hydrogen is the damagealternative uses fewer neutrons and there are noproduct of maintaining decommissioned nuclearto the walls of the nuclear reactor itself. Hot dangerous side effects... more prot, moreweapons. Produced on the sun, there is believedhydrogen neutrons clashing into one another productivity and greater sustainability. The mostto be 1 million tons of helium on the surface of building up over time, produce more costs for efcient energy on earth sourced out from thethe moon. If processed, 25 tons of helium 3 couldmaintenance and structural replacement. moon.fuel a nuclear reactor and power the United Statesfor one year.

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