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  • 1. Luxoft Personnel Smart IT-recruitment

2. Contents

  • Luxoft today
  • Luxoft clients
  • Luxoft Personnel clients
  • Clients recommendations
  • Competitive advantages
  • Financial indicators of performance, number of company employees
  • Cases solved
  • Structure of the project and Luxoft Personnel Recruitment Center
  • Recruitment cycle
  • Methods of searching Candidate
  • Stages of working with Candidate
  • Methods and systems of training employees of the Agency
  • Luxoft Personnel analytical center
  • Luxoft Training Center
  • Contacts

3. Luxoft today

  • Luxoft is successful in the international market since2000
  • A subsidiary undertaking of IBS Group
  • Global company in the sphere of IT outsourcing and custom software production in Russia and abroad
  • Operating in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Canada, Vietnam, and Romania
  • Certificates:SEI CMM/CMMI Level 5, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001:2005
  • Establishing Luxoft Personnel Recruitment Center in 200 0
  • The most dynamically growing Russian IT company increase by 4000 IT specialists during the last 5 years.

4. Luxoft clients Aerospace Energy & Utilities Financial Services Computer Software Internet & E-commerce Industrial Manufacturing Telecom Automotive Systems 5. Luxoft Personnel Clients 6. Clients Recommendations

      • Working on the project, the consultants of the company organized and held a number of talks, prepared the analytical information and reports, which showed their deep knowledge of theIT-technologies market, good communicative skills and the professionalism of the specialists of the company .
      • General Director, FSUE RIA Novosti
      • Ourvacancy was successfully filled due to the qualitative work of Luxoft Personnel specialists and we first of all would especially like to mention high motivation of recruiters and excellent knowledge of the IT market. We recommend Luxoft Personnel Recruitment Center for cooperation in the sphere of IT recruitment!
      • HR director ,Accenture
      • The speed of project realization and exceptional knowledge of the IT market should be especially noted, as well as the quality of the candidates produced by consultants and recruiters of Luxoft Personnel. Taking into consideration the following characteristics, we have no doubts that Recruitment Center Luxoft Personnel is head and shoulders above all the other recruitment agencies, with which they have simultaneously worked on the same project
      • Director on administrative and HR issues, Ehrmann

7. Clients recommendations

      • Working on SAP vacancies the recruiters of Luxoft Personnel have manifested themselves real professionals, dealing with each of our requests attentively and responsibly. By effectively set tingup business processes of Luxoft Personnel let us successfully realize complicated recruiting projects .
      • Vice-president on HR issues, Eldorado
      • Just a note to say how good it is to see proactive work in finding Ping Identity a world class manager.I love this part of Luxoft and the sense of urgency your team is truly capable of switching on. It is a good match to Pings drive to market. Luxoft certainly world class.
      • VP, Product Development, PING IDENTITY
      • The results speak for themselves, as we made 11 offersout of 19 candidates we interviewed as opposed to originally planned target of 6. Not only that we were most impressed with the overall organization and thegreat deal of professionalism that went into the whole exercise including prescreening.The friendly, flexibleandvery cooperative attitude ofpeople like yourself and other Luxoft staff helping us was also clearly visible. I am very convinced that we will have excellent partnership in the times to come
      • Director, FX/MM IT, UBS

8. Luxoft Personnel Competitive Advantages

  • Experience of professional recruiters team in searching more than 2000 IT specialists annually
  • Deep specialization in IT recruitment
  • Global information system -100 000+effective candidates, assessed by Luxoft technical experts
  • Unequalled network of Luxoft recommenders more than 5000 employees and partners
  • Proved experience in realizing the most complicated recruiting IT projects
  • Ability to work for inner client in the stiff conditions (the main inner KPI of recruiters is the period of search)
  • Developed regional network( Russia Ukraine Romania - Poland) and proved experience in distant search

9. Number of employees Luxoft Luxoft Personnel 10. Realization of external projects Luxoft Personnel , 2010 11. Luxoft Personnel: facts and achievements

  • Facts :
  • Every year more and more Clients rely on Luxoft Personnel
  • The Agency shows stable growth
  • Focus search and screening of IT industry specialists
  • Luxoft Personnel recruitment center 100 + employees
  • Achievements :
  • Genuine unique complex methods of Luxoft Personnel
  • Successful integration of Luxoft system of internal recruitment on the external projects

12. Key annual indicators

  • Number of filled vacancies 2 000 +
  • KPI on period of vacancy filling 91%
  • Number of held HR interviews 24 00+
  • Number of held technical interviews 40 00+
  • Number of vacancies in work per recruiterwas 8-10
  • Number of vacancies, filled in by recommendations 3 5 %
  • Geography of filled vacanciesMoscow, Dubna, Omsk, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Bucharest, Ho Shi Min, London, New York, Zurich

13. Structure of Luxoft Personnel project Recruiters SAP Recruiters - Oracle Recruiters - .NET Recruiters C++ Recruiters PM, Analysts Recruiters CTO, CIO, Sales Recruiters - QA Recruiters othertechnologiesRecruiters - Java Analyticalgroup Researchingcenter Manager Clientsdemands Recruiters Telecom 14. Structure of Luxoft recruitment center Researching center in Omsk 50researchers Analytical center 5analysts Team of5 0+IT -recruiters

  • Consultants work experience is no less then 5 years .Management of the departments has got 10-year recruiting experience.

15. Luxoft recruitment center .IT-vacancies

  • Specializations
  • Technologies :
  • Java, .Net, C, C++, C#, PL/1, Perl, Sybase, JMS, SAP, ABAP, N vision, etc
  • Database :
  • MS SQL, Oracle (8i,9i,10i,11i), DB2, UDB, FireBird
  • OS :
  • Windows, Unix / Linux, Mainframe

SAP - manager SAP - consultant Oracle-consultant CTO CIO Director on development Technology Lead Network Lead Network analyst System administrator Project manager Architect Designer Developer Tester 16. Recruitment cycle Discussing vacancy with the Client Recruiting analytics Forming searching strategy Searching and processing candidates Supporting hiring process and adaptation of the candidate 17. Discussing vacancy with the Client

  • Asking for Clients demands
  • Studying the project, team, vacancy history
  • Creating the portrait of ideal candidate (professional skills, competence, work experience, education, knowledge of foreign languages, personal qualities)
  • Defining the corridor degrees of deviation from the ideal profile which still will suit the Client
  • Getting information about compensation part
  • Gold Rule of Luxoft Personnel
  • It is IMPORTANT to hear the client correctly

! 18. Recruiting analytics Analyzing inquiry Analyzing market Analyzing client Analyzing subject area 19. Search strategy .Processing candidates

  • Using Database
  • Searching in the specialized, businessand field-related mass media, business
  • Searching via recommendations of internal employees and experts
  • Searching inon-line - communities, e.g. alumni clubs,e-Xecutive, LinkedIn, Moi krug , etc .
  • General search on the Internet. Sometimes the names are mentioned in forums, blogs, discussions, lists of conference participants.
  • Public activities
  • Job-sites
  • Contracting( getting the inquiryand describing the vacant position )
  • FormingLong List
  • FormingShort List
  • Holding an interviewtelephone, in person
  • Assessing candidates
  • Producing detailed feedback for the Clientsdescribing experience, motivation, salary expect