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  • 4-Feb-2011

    EDAMIS Whats There, Whats Coming?

    Lunchtime PresentationEurostat Unit B5

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    EDAMIS Lunchtime Presentation Intro

    EDAMIS is a running production system 50 000 files received in 2010 30 000 connections to eWP made by 1661 different users.

    Survey on Web Forms made by E2 (Agriculture) in 2010 400 data providers, 50% response rate 86 % of providers had a good or very good opinion of the system performance remains the biggest issue

    The 2008 DM decision to make the Single Entry Point mandatory for all regular transmissions will be reinforced by the new regulation on the harmonisation of the data and metadata exchange for European statistics

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    EDAMIS What is it?

    EDAMIS Web Portal (EWP) Inventory

    Defines domains and datasets(periodicity, confidentiality, timetable,)

    Links datasets with senders, receivers, domain managers

    EDAMIS Web Forms (EWF) Excel-like user interface for small data collections Automatically produces SDMX in the background Real-time on-screen validation

    Reporting Who needs to send what and when? Who did actually send what and when?

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    EDAMIS Whats There, Whats Coming?

    Status of EDAMIS version 3.0 in production since July 2010 3.1 in production since January 2011 3.2 in test, planned go-live in summer 2011 3.3 in analysis phase, input is welcome!

    New and coming features Best practises from production units

    Your feedback: what do you want us to improve?

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    In Production Today Want to use it?

    EDAMIS Validation Engine (EVE) Automatic Reminders Enhanced Management of Preferences (emails) Enhanced Web Service Interface

    Changes in EDAMIS Web Forms Sub-Nomenclatures for easier management Using SDMX DSDs to define Web Forms No new templates with multiple tabs (SDMX compliance) Automatic locking of past/future reference periods

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    EDAMIS Validation Engine

    For SDMX-ML transmissions First level validation

    Format Code lists Mandatory, Range Basic expressions

    SDMX Implementation Lunchtime Presentation 11 February 2011 (units B6, B5, B3, Syslog 355625)

    EDAMIS Validation Training 17 March 2011 (Syslog 332143)

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    Automatic Reminders

    Sends automatic emails to data senders End of reference period, before or after deadline

    Helps to improve inventory, timeliness and coverage

    EDAMIS Inventory Manage Datasets (Select Domain) (Select Dataset) Tab Timelines

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    Planned in EDAMIS 3.2 Hope you like it!

    Feedback transmission Management of datasets with mixed periodicity Improved routing mechanism

    1 Sending Org 1 Dataset 1 Receiving Org removed:limited auto-forwarding and delegation of rights

    Will support multiple sending and receiving organisations

    INF role for any user Principle of responsible organisation is kept

    Improvements in EDAMIS Workflow Manager Changes in EDAMIS Web Forms

    Collection of textual information possible

    Data sender can show/hide rows

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    Feedback Transmission

    Feedback based on transmissions Follow-up in traffic reports Shared between all data receivers Validation reports, feedback from Eurostat, PPP group, Less outgoing datasets



    1st Feedback Transmission

    2nd Feedback TransmissionMember






  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    Mixed Periodicity

    Periodicity of data is different to periodicity of transmission Examples

    QA for quarterly data transmitted once a year Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 2010 all received in July 2011

    AS for annual data transmitted twice a year Estimated data with 6 months delay Final data with 12 months delay

    Better management oftimetables, reminders, coverage indicators

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    Planned for the future What you told us: Periodicity of 10 years (RFC 497) We want multiple tabs in Web Forms back! (RFC 503)

    Will be analysed in connection with SDMX possibilities Management of modules and PLANe (RFC 505) ECAS authentication (RFC 506) New features for the EDAMIS Validation Engine

    Enhanced validation capabilities (RFC 498, 508) Allow or block non-SDMX transmissions (RFC 501) Allow custom validation for data senders (RFC 502) Improve user interface (RFC 507) All RFCs will be analysed as one package

    Feedback from ongoing projects VIP for validation TRIS2 (validation of confidential data, web services, ) CAB Review

  • EDAMIS Whats there, whats coming?4-Feb-2011

    What do you want to improve?

    Input for EDAMIS 3.3 EDAMIS Help Centre Contacts Change Requests

    Requests for training? EDAMIS for Domain Managers : 10 Feb (Syslog 326085) EDAMIS Validation : 17 Mar (Syslog 332143)

    Other suggestions or questions?


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