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Sailor Moon fan-magazine Lunacy, issue number 1 (High Quality). To download this issue's free gift, hover over their images on the Contents page and a link button will pop up.



    What a time it is to be a Sailor Moon fan! As this year's 20th Anniversary celebrations grew nearer, we saw the anime begin its international revival; the updated 2003 reprint manga was also translated into English, incorporating Codename: Sailor V for the very first time. Fabulous new merchandise hit mainstream stores. And now, the community has been rocked by the announcement that, summer of 2013, a brand new Sailor Moon anime will be airing simultaneously worldwide. The fans' spirits have never been higher, and they're showing their support with waves of art, stories, cosplay, craft, blogs the list is endless. So, in light of our beloved series finding yet another revival, it seemed the perfect time to bring a childhood dream to fruition; a Sailor Moon magazine, for fans, by fans. And here it is!Lunacy aspires to bring you reviews, recommendations, graphics and games; reflections on how the series has inspired us, and our hopes for its future. Our articles aim to entertain you, inform you, and grow with you. We also invite you, the readers, to contribute and make Lunacy something special for all fans! We always welcome submissions, especially for our Sailor Sightings and Fanmade Finds. If you scout out a story no pun intended we'll even accept full articles. Send your submissions to us via Tumblr or a tweet on Twitter. From all of us here at Lunacy, we hope you enjoy the magazine, and that it does the series justice and love.

    Left: New merchandise reflectsan understanding that the show's original fanbase has matured.

    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's Japanese voice actors, Kotono Mitsuishi and Tru Furuya, on the set of Nico Nico Douga's live Twentieth Anniversary Sailor Moon announcement.

    Idol group Momoiro Clover Z, confirmed to perform the 2013 anime opening. They made the announcement in custom Sailor Suits at France's 2012 Japan Expo.

    Above: Marco Albiero poses alongside a sample of his official artwork; first seen in Italy for their dub's revival, it soon spread world-wide through merchandise and promotional art.


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    The moonlight is a message of love.

  • Contents

    Fashion and trinkets inspired by the world of Sailor Moon

    Editorial 1Manga Colouring 3Shopping Guide 4

    5Including a review of GE Animation's cuddly new throw blanket


    7Fanart SpotlightCelebrations of the 2013 Anime

    8How To...Make a Luna-P folding bag!

    10Music RecommendationLooking at echoes of Moonlight Densetsu in DiC's dub cues

    11PlaygroundGames, comics, and contests galore! See our Stories & Sightings

    13Credits & Thanks

    With this issue:September calendar wallpaper in 1024x768|128t0x1024|1680x1050& Back-to-School book labelsDidn't get yours? Check

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    Name of the Moon 'zineis a compilation of Sailor

    Moon fanart from a hugecast of contributing artists.

    Originally printed only fordistribution at Otakon,

    it caught on like wildfire, and the organizers have made it possible for you

    to purchase your own copy online. With over

    100 pages and content ranging from quick

    sketches to full comics and polished illustrations,

    it's a unique insight into the Sailor Moon fandom.

    Issue #2 is only$3 plus shipping.For moreinformation, visit

    Hi everyone! This is my first merchandise review with Lunacy Magazine and I can't wait to get started! We will be reviewing the new GE Sailor Moon throw blanket in this issue. I purchased mine from eBay for $27 + $3.95 shipping. When I first opened the package, everything was pretty expected and standard. There is a cardboard sleeve and several plastic tags that hold the blanket in place. Just a quick note to be careful when removing the plastic tags, if you pull too hard you may tear the fabric and make a hole!Once you open it up, it is huge! 50" x 60" to be exact. It is quite the perfect size, it's big enough to completely wrap around your body but not so big that it's too heavy to carry around the house. The material is super soft and cuddly, it will for sure keep you warm and toasty! I took a couple close up pictures so hopefully you can tell what the fabric is like. The seams are

    There is one thing I personally didn't like very much about this blanket and that was the white colouring. I would have preferred if Sailor Moon was coloured in or at least all pink. Having white on blankets doesn't appeal to me since it'll easily get dirty. For what it cost I would hate to see it worn-in after a few uses. The design is very girly, I like the pink starry theme, but it's not for everyone. Not to worry though, GE does have a second blanket in the works and that one is not pink at all!Overall I would definitely recommend getting this super cute blanket - it's not the cheapest one out there but it is Sailor Moon! After all everything is more fun with Sailor Moon right?! Besides; now is a great time for fans to start on their Sailor Moon-themed bedroom.

    nicely sewn together, every thing lines up as it should, I would say the blanket is pretty well made. I can't say much regarding its durability though since I've only had this for a couple weeks and I haven't actually used it. This brings me to my next point...






  • Inspired

    Vintage MasonicEastern StarCompact US$32.00

    Since we are celebrating "beginnings" with this issue, what better encompasses that than the item that made everything possible: Sailor Moons transformation brooch. Which of us wasnt a wide-eyed excited mess at that first call of Make-Up!, watching films of ribbon explode from the curious item and change a sleepy schoolgirl into the iconic warrior that would come to wield the most potent power of the cosmos at her fingertips? In every battle the brooch was a constant center, resting over the heart, her most powerful weapon.To this day feminine trinkets get a bad rep. The assumption associated with them is one of idle vanity, frivolity, and helplessness. Sailor Moons creator Naoko Takeuchi, herself inclined to high fashion and girly pursuits, turned that notion on its head. In Takeuchis mythology, amulets and jewelry were no longer a symbol of the frail and silly, but rather power and agency. The brooch, in its multiple incarnations, became a symbol of birth and rebirth, and never-ending reserves of strength. In its essential solidity, it was something tangible to touch and hold onto, an absolutely unique treasure reminding our heroine time and time again to be confident, dutiful, and proactive in her destiny.Bows, stars, moons, ribbons, hearts, and gems are all motifs from the brooch as well as the greater aesthetic backbone of series that can manifest in personal style in a number of ways. Vintage items in particular have an intricate, antiquated and one-of-a-kind quality reminiscent of Sailor Moons. Perhaps we cant recreate the exact brand of magic Takeuchi prescribed, but we can collect our own similarl baubles as personal emblems of strength that will, at the very least, remind us that being girly is not shameful.

    Vintage Pop StarCompact Mirror$10.00

    Vintage Crown, Heart & Moon Pendant$29.00

    Large RhinestoneStar Brooch$40.00

    VintageCrescentGold Tone Pin$8.50

    VintageLeatherMulti JewelMirror Compact$18.00

    Sailor TrinketsIn the third episode of the anime, we are introduced to the disguise pen. Luna does her magic back-flip and presents Usagi with a transformation pen that allows her to wear whatever she wants. In the manga, Usagi gets it herself after kicking around an arcade game. While the use of the pen maybe peaked in the ballroom scene later in Season 1 (or Act 4 of the first manga) and was cleverly replaced with cellphone cameras in PGSM, the pen is still one of the most elusive and desired Sailor Moon collectibles! Official

    The original 1992 Bandai collectors item is only available through auctions. Italy officially released a toy pen - GE in the US did not release a pen but a cute (and inconspicuous for us adults) keychain.

    Find GE's keychain in specialty stores and online at sites like Amazon. Order the official Italian Disguise Pen at for 35.00 (approx. US$37.69).

    Approximations1. Amico Gold Pink Fountain Pen, $6.17 Pink Crystal Rollerball Pen, $5.99 Dream Princess Crown Pens, US$4.98http://www.a