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  • 1. BBC 2 Factual- main programme. Intelligent material and language. Rich in content. The BBC mainly have documentaries thatlook to inform their audience and educatethem at a high level. They are ambitiousbut not difficult to follow.

2. BBC 2- Policies and Guidelines Not permitted to carry advertising orsponsorship on its public services. The BBCs core purpose is public servicebroadcasting. Programmes need to appeal to the wholeof the UK not just certain regions. 3. Why documentary We decided to go for documentary as it isan easily exploited brief. It lets the producers enhance real truthsso that the demographic can understandwhat happened in the situations.For example; The time team, which is aninvestigative archaeological team who golooking for historical artefacts. 4. Narrative A story is the narrative, or telling, of anevent or series of events, crafted in a wayto interest the audience. At its most basic, a story has a beginning,middle, and end. It has compelling characters, risingtension, and conflict that reaches somesort of resolution. 5. Narrative 1st series the River Thames starting atStaines and ending near Oxford. 2nd series the River Wye in Wales. 3rd series the River Tay in Scotland. 4th series the River Bann in NorthernIreland. 6. Narrative In Staines we will look at the facts thatpeople may not know about. There will be interviews done withhistorians that will give information on thebig history of Staines. 7. Sub Genre Our sub genre is an expositorydocumentary which is also referred to asvoice of god, we are going to use this aswe will be using footage of surroundingareas and explain them for what thererelevance is. 8. Target Audience Our main audience will be men andwomen over 35 with an educatedbackground. Also who are interested indocumentaries and geography. Our second demographic will be studentsthat are studying geography. 9. Our project. Our project is based around a serieswhich follows a crew of people travellingup The River Thames Instead of going from the conventionalstart to the end, our programme is goingfrom just outside London to Newbridgenear Oxford and which is going from theend to the beginningto the start. 10. Our episode. Film at Runnymede and Staines. Basing it on the Magna Carta and lookingat the history about it. History on Staines. 11. The Magna Carta. Issued on 15th June 1215. Laws. The first document forced onto an EnglishKing. 12. Staines. Thames-side town in the Spelthorneborough of Surrey. Crossing over the Thames since theRomans. Staines was the major producer oflinoleum, a type of floor covering 13. Inspiration. Coast. The Boat That Guy Built. River Monsters. 14. Contacts. Spelthorne museum- 01784 461804Education Team Leader: RowenaFerneley,[email protected] Egham-by-Runnymede historical societyGeneral enquiries: [email protected] Egham museum- 01784 434483