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<ul><li> 1. HOW ECO FRIENDLY ISROOM 2By Lucy and Chanel</li></ul> <p> 2. HYPOTHESIS :How long do you shower ? I predict that most people have longer than10 minute showers.How many days a week do you shower ? I think that most people shower everysecond day. 3. HOW LONG DO YOU SHOWER ? Results Super quick Medium Long 4. HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK DOYOU SHOWER ? Sales7 Days6 Days5 Days3 Days1 Day 5. CONCLUSION PART 1We were trying to find out How long do you shower ?We found out that our hypothesis waspartly correct because 13 students saidthey have 5-10 minute showers. If youhave long showers your power bill willgo up 6. CONCLUSION PART 2We were trying to find outHow many days a week do you shower.In this following question we predicted thatpeople shower every second day but wewere incorrect. Actually 16 people showereveryday. Which quite a bit off what wepredicted.</p>


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