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Luana Matos Happy Birthday Surprise Photo Album. School groups, families, and corporate event planners may wish to adopt some or all of the components of Luana’s Birthday Celebration to honor their family member, friend, or colleague. Families hosting an International Student, are encouraged to review this album for ideas on how to have a very special birthday celebration for your International Family Member/Guest. Other families are encouraged to review for ideas on how to creatively obtain and use photographs to enhance a birthday celebration.


  • 1. Happy Birthday Luana Matos So Paulo, Brazil Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro, Presenter Hitesh Patel, Photographer A Special Birthday Surprise A SpecialBirthday Surprise Starring Luana Matos So Paulo, Brazil Presentation by: Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro Lead Photographer: Hitesh Patel


  • In February 2006 our colleague and friend, Luana Matos from So Paulo, Brazil spent much of her birthday week with us in the USA.
  • We coordinated three surprise events to honor Luana:
    • Event # 1: An exercise in how people interpret information (extracted from theGames To Explain Human Factors:Come, Participate, Learn & Have Fun!!!program).Event # 1 provided an opportunity to take a photograph of Luana blindfolded with aHappy BirthdayBandanafor use at Event # 3.
    • Event # 2: A nice dinner at a Brazilian restaurant.We ordered a slice of Birthday Cake for Luana and sang Happy Birthday, partially as a decoy so her special cake would come as a surprise.
    • Event # 3: The next day we held a surprise event to present Luana with her special Happy Birthday Cake featuring the Brazilian Flag.

3. Event # 1:An activity Involving Interpretation of Information Luana was first blindfolded and told that she would need to find an object hidden in the room worth more than a dollar.The audience would help her find the object by answeringYes/Noquestions for her.Her first task was to hold up a sign showing everyone what she was looking for and where it was hidden. 4. To make the task more challenging and fun, Luana started with disorienting spins. Luana searched here, there and almost everywhere!!!! 5.

  • Luana asked good questions and received hints (left photo)
  • Ultimately, she found her prize (top photo)
  • The left photo was featured at Event # 3.

6. Event # 2: Dinner at aBrazilian Restaurant Our team enjoyed a nice Brazilian Buffet Notice the Brazilian Soda 7. The Waiter Brought Luana A Slice Of Birthday Cake Covering Luanas eyes as cake is presented. 8. 9. Luana was blindfolded for the next team activity.She had no clue that the activity was honoring her birthday with a ribbon, sign and special cake. Event # 3: The Surprise Party 10. SMILE!!! Luana posing in front of a wall size projection of her Happy Birthday Poster!!! Notice the photo from Event 1 of Luana blindfolded with her Happy Birthday bandana 11. Luana Holding Her BirthdayRibbon 12. Luana Attaching Her Birthday Ribbon 13. Luana Holding HerHappy Birthday Sign 14. Luana's Surprise Cake Arrives 15. Luana Waiting Patiently!!! 16. Luana Sees Her Cake This photo was taken immediately after Luanas blindfold was removed as she realized that we were honoring her birthday. 17. LuanaGets ABetter ViewOf The Cake 18. Luana gets to read her ribbon Luana gets to see her sign Happy Birthday!!! 19. 20. Luana enjoyed telling her colleagues and friends in Brazil how much fun she had celebrating her birthday with us in the USA.School groups, families, and corporate event planners may wish to adopt some or all of the components of Luanas Birthday Celebration to honor their family member, friend, or colleague. Luana and I would especially recommend that families hosting an international student during their birthday (or their half birthday) consider having a similar celebration (including a Birthday cake with the guests country featured on the cake). Dr. Ronald G. ShapiroJanuary 2010 21. Thank You!!! Luana Matos Ron Shapiro January, 2010