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  • Lower Cholesterol: How to get your Cholesterol under control?..

    Cholesterol What is it all about?

    In todays fast-paced world, health consciousness is a rising trend with most people taking enough care of their health. With fast-food culture and sedentary life style, a vast majority of people suffer from a multitude of ailments such as Cholesterol. There is no doubt that mere mention of Cholesterol infuses fear in many folks. The fact is that cholesterol is an essential part of our body as it is needed to digest foods, protect our cells, and produce hormones. When I got my first cholesterol test results, believe me or not, I was quite apprehensive to even look at it due to a lack of knowledge of cholesterol. This article walks you through the facts of what Cholesterol is all about.

    What is Cholesterol? All that You Have Got to Know

    Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance made in the liver and is found in all cells of our body. Many of us misunderstand Cholesterol to be a bad item. Is it all that bad? Not really. Our body needs some cholesterol in order to function properly. It is essential to maintain healthy cell membranes, as well as to produce vitamin D and bile acids that help digest fat.

    You need to realize that cholesterol can be both good and bad. It is thus important to know about causes, types, and symptoms of cholesterol; how it affects your health; drug treatment and so forth.

    What Causes High Cholesterol? Be Aware of It for a Good Health!

    One has to bear in mind that high cholesterol is a health condition that is extremely detrimental to the health. There are several factors that contribute to high blood cholesterol levels, which can be divided into two categories:

    Causes of cholesterol that are controllable, which are weight, diet, smoking, stress, and alcohol;

    Causes of cholesterol that are not controllable, which are genetic make-up, age, and sex.

    How Do You Know If You Have High Cholesterol?

    You may feel healthy despite having high cholesterol levels. The way to find if you have high cholesterol is only through a routine blood test. Also, you need to know the risk factors of high cholesterol so as to avert it. You may be at risk if you live a sedentary lifestyle, if you eat a poor diet, if you smoke, or if you have certain diseases such as diabetes.

    Know the Types of Cholesterol

    There are two main types of cholesterol: HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). It is ideal if your HDL level is over 50 and if your LDL level is 130 or less.

    Get to Know the Facts on the Best High Cholesterol Treatment

    It is very important to be conscious of high cholesterol level, which significantly increases a risk of developing chest pain, heart attack, and stroke. To lower your cholesterol, you need to adopt

  • Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC), which include a diet low in cholesterol, weight management, and exercise.

    As regards drug treatment for cholesterol, there are many medications available to help lower elevated cholesterol levels. One such is Generic Crestor (Rosuvastatin) available at Globaldiscountdrugs.com, an affordable online discount pharmacy that lets you save up to 90% on your health costs.

    Thank you for your time. Hope this article may be of help for your Good Health!


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