loves me madly

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Loves me passionately. Loves me madly. Loves me a lot. Loves me not at all. Loves me a little. Makes fun of me. Doesn’t care. In her/his mind. Doesn’t want me. In her/his speech. Respects me. In her/his heart. Likes me . At the wedding carpet. Loves me . Spits at me. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Loves me madlyLoves me passionatelyLoves me a lotLoves me a littleLoves me not at all

2In her/his mindMakes fun of meAt the wedding carpetLoves me Likes me Respects meDoesnt careIn her/his speechIn her/his heartDoesnt want me

3Kisses meSpits at meLoves me notLoves mePresses me to his/her heartSends me to the devil

4Loves menotLoves me notLoves meLoves me notLoves me notLoves meLoves meLoves me