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  • Love Marriage in Horoscope

  • The Vedic Astrology says that the rule of karma has an important role in matters of marriage and love. Some of the people pass by the influence of same planet and get attracted as the lovers. In case the planet changes the position in horoscope, living apart or breakup will take place. . The Love marriage expects love and intimacy between the boy and the girl and a 'Love Marriage' rarely verifies thehoroscope match making.

    Love and Astrology:

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  • The love marriage is handled by the spouses themselves and the parents rarely interfere or even consulted. In India, the traditional marriage system is followed and the love marriages may not be welcome by most of the people. The harmony and adaptability between the loved couples can be seen in the horoscope of spouses. As the love marriages take place, the horoscope compatibility is not regarded necessary by majority of the couples. The position of the planets during a person's birth has an influence on their fate later on and the Page 2 of 8Love Marriage in Horoscope

  • building of their character. The possibility of a serious relationship depends on your zodiac sign. A successful marriage is not guaranteed by the attraction found between various zodiac signs. For example, Pisces are attracted to Leo, but relationship is feasible only when the Pisces is subdued to Leo. Further, an alliance between Aries and Leo is successful as Aries turns ideas of Leo in practice and bring them to life.

    Love Compatibility:

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  • The significant factor in any love relationship to keep going for long time is compatibility. For this, female horoscope should be nicely disposed for a long marital happiness. The lovers cannot see the shortcomings of their spouses. Venus is the planet of love as per the astrology. Navmansha Kundali too has its role while ascertaining love compatibility. Since the selection is done only once in a life, the anxiety in this regard is more. You should not think about uncertainty in your love relationship and take it ahead with confidence. Page 4 of 8Love Marriage in Horoscope

  • Horoscope Match Making:

    In IndianHoroscope Match Makingeight fold Vedic test of horoscope matching or, Gun Milan is done to ascertain suitability of the man and woman's horoscopes before their marriage. A score for 36 point is arrived at based on various parameters and at least 18 points are needed for the suitability. Getting the complete horoscopes compatibility is necessary. When the horoscopes difference isdetected, it shows possibility ofPage 5 of 8Love Marriage in Horoscope

  • divorce, unhappiness and differences of opinion. The Horoscope Matching before alliance is important in marriages. Normally, it is carried out before the would be bride and groom see each other. It is done by the parents of the bride and groom who visit the astrologer for the match making. The match making is considered beneficial for the lasting wedded life. Many times, there are remedial measures which are taken to rectify any shortcomings found in Horoscope Match Making. There are several procedure used for matching Page 6 of 8Love Marriage in Horoscope

  • horoscope based on place of birth, date and time or even name. Page 7 of 8Love Marriage in Horoscope

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