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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 LOVE / EVOLUTIONS DILEMMA</p><p> 1/1</p><p>draft</p><p>Evolutions DilemmaPart 1: Love</p><p>One of the basic definitions often used for the evolution of life is change over time and in that sense evolutioncontinues to take place. There are variations of species all around us that can be observed and recorded. Although</p><p>evolution takes place, what we observe can be more accurately described as microevolution, which is a variation</p><p>within a species or kinds of life. Im not qualified nor trying to define the boundaries between species or kindsanimals neither do I need to. The point being made is that there is a colossal gap from what we have been able to</p><p>observe to proving bacteria to man evolution. Theres a reason why theories such as Punctuated equilibrium andpanspermia exist. The fossil record leaves more questions than answers. The Cambrian explosion itself is enough tocast serious doubt on the theory of macroevolution. Also whether DNA evidence is proof of common ancestry or</p><p>common design is debatable. The primary mechanism for evolution is natural selection by means of random</p><p>mutations. However, the examples evolutionists provide of beneficial mutations that actually increase genetic</p><p>information are meager to say the least. There is more faith involved in the theory of macroevolution than mostnaturalists would like to admit.</p><p>This article is not about promoting, Young earth creationism, Old earth creationism, Theistic evolution or anythin</p><p>in between. This is a simple argument that certain kinds of traits in humans could not be the result of evolution bynatural selection. In part one well take a look at human love.</p><p>The love Im talking about goes beyond infatuation, or doing something good for someone in hopes of getting</p><p>something in return. The kind of love Im referring to is sacrificial love, true love is revealed through personalsacrifice or its not much more than a word or an emotion. Most people would agree that mankind is selfish, howev</p><p>despite the selfishness of mankind there are times humans rise above their selfishness. There are indications that m</p><p>is more than just an evolved animal of instinct whose reason for existence is attributed to the roll of the cosmic dice</p><p>and whos ultimate purpose is nothing more than survival and procreation.Of course we all have a will to survive to one degree or another and thats a good thing. However, there is a unique</p><p>trait that only humans have the potential to exhibit that could not have evolved by natural selection. Sacrificial lov</p><p>expressed by humans is an evolutionary conundrum. This kind of love though rare, goes beyond the golden rule orany so called evolved social contract. Humans are the only beings that can contemplate their own mortality and yet</p><p>make a personal sacrifice for a stranger, a competitor or even an enemy that contradicts natural selection. This</p><p>potential for sacrificial love cannot be compared to altruistic behavior observed in animals. An animal that sacrifice</p><p>their dinner or even their life for the benefit of another animal, does not contemplate their own mortality.When survival is the name of the game, the honest naturalist understands that this kind of sacrificial love that goes</p><p>beyond self and tribe is an evolutionary contradiction and could not have evolved. There are only a few ways fornaturalists to view this kind of love, either it doesnt exist, and if it does exist it is either insanity or an evolutionary</p><p>glitch. However to the Christian sacrificial love although rare, not only exists but is highly esteemed and Jesus Chr</p><p>is the ultimate expression of it (Romans 5:8).</p><p>pjd</p></li></ul>