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<p>Fashion</p> <p>FashionBy Nicole Sharp &amp; Beth Eden-HibbertUse of this type of PhotographyThe use of this type of photography would be to advertise their selection of products. This would be used in either magazines, online shops, and social media to draw attention to their clothing.Photographers associated with this workThere are many fashion photographers around the world, however Alex D James stood out to us as he was more creative with his work, for example; </p> <p>Is the work edited or enhanced?His work is edited, he has created the image from Simon Cowell to emerge to look like himself. For this photographer he obviously uses a lot of photoshop, however I dont feel like this would be controversial. Hes not creating effects to make himself look better. Photographers Associated with this workAlso another photographer is Mario Testino, he is a well known photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair. Which are two well known popular fashion magazines.</p> <p>Is the work edited or enhanced?This photographer has used a lot of photoshop, to make the models have that perfect look. They edit the body shape as well as playing around with the skin tone and softness. Photographers associated with this workAn old and well know fashion photographer, changed the whole fashion photography industry. He took Risky pictures of the models such as; </p> <p>Is the work edited or enhanced?Same with this photographer, he has edited the shapes of the faces and skin tone, he has also done some work to the hair that way itll look smooth and fresh. Links to websites of photographersDavid Bailey- http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/bailey/exhibition.phpMario Testino- http://www.vogue.co.uk/person/mario-testinoAlex D James- http://www.alex-james.co.uk</p> <p>Comparing examples from 20th century Fashion to today</p> <p>In the 1940s vogue (left) it more looks like a painting other than a photograph. It is more femine and classy. Whereas, 2014 (right) is sexy and shows skin, it all as advertisment for the artist. It doesnt normally have just a model on the front cover like the 1940s Vogue did, it now has variety of celebs. In 2014 most of the images are photoshopped to make it look better.</p>