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http://www.pcgdigitalmarketing.com/lotlinx/ Learn why LotLinx is helping dealers to sell cars faster, increasing turn and profits. LotLinx sends SHOPPERS just not TRAFFIC to dealership websites. Call PCG for a live demo 732-450-8200


<ul><li>Opportunities For Dealers Brian Pasch CEO of PCG Consulting 732.672.2356 Brian@PCGmailer.com www.PCGConsulting.com Twitter @AutomotiveSEO facebook.com/BrianPasch Driving More Shoppers To Your Website Introducing LotLinx </li><li>CUSTOMER SATISFACTION REVENUE CUSTOMER CONTACT COSTS </li><li>The more customers did online, the better our business was. </li><li>The Internet has made us all AMAZINGLY SELF DIRECTED </li><li>we have more ACCESS AND CONTROL </li><li>...and we are FRUSTRATED AND DISSATISFIED when what we want isn't A CLICK AWAY </li><li>WHAT IS SHOPPING SEARCH? WHY DOES IT MATTER? HOW DO I MAKE IT WORK FOR ME? </li><li>75 MILLION INVENTORY SEARCHES FROM BUYERS WHO WILL THIS MONTH BUY </li><li>Find and Click </li><li>Discover y Researc h Shopping PURCHASE 3rd Party Sites Vertical Search Sites </li><li>Discover y Researc h Shopping Dealer Visit </li><li>Google Cars Program </li><li>Note To Self Shoppers Look at VDPs </li><li>The New Digital Customer </li><li>Are All My Ad Dollars Really Helping To Sell More Cars? </li><li>SEM </li><li>SEO </li><li>VIDEO SEO </li><li>IRM 3 Review Sites on Google Page 1 </li><li>DISPLAY ADS </li><li>RETARGETING </li><li>PROMOTED VIDEO </li><li>VIDEO PRE-ROLL Ability The Skip 30 sec BEFORE Video </li><li>Video Pre-Roll Advertising Sam Swope Honda World: Maximized reach through video remarketing &amp; interest targeting. Results of Video Pre-Roll: 74,765 Impressions 12,904 Views 8,426 Unique Views $0.11 Avg. CPV 764 Clicks $1.78 Cost Per Click Budget: $1,362.94 Timing: Feb 1 - 28 </li><li>Facebook Sidebar Ads Multiple Targeting Options inside Facebook Retargeting Outside of Facebook </li><li>Facebook News Feed Ads Look at the Screen Space Taken Up By The Facebook Ads! </li><li>Pandora Mobile Display Ads </li><li>Promoted Tweets </li><li>Note To Self Every Marketing Channel Claims To Sell You More Cars </li><li>How Should I Prioritize All The Opportunities? We pick the ones that accelerate car sales at the lowest cost! </li><li>42 % 32% 22% 13% INVENTORY MODEL INFO REVIEWS LOCATE DEALER Search inventory most-used 3rd party tool. source: Google/Compete 2011 Auto Shopper Behavior Study </li><li>Consumer Prefer Stealth in US Sales Walkin CALLS, CHATS, LEADS Leads/Appts 30% 70% </li><li>Phone Calls Outpace Lead Forms in USA Phone calls outnumber lead forms in the US by a factor of 3 to 1 (7 to 1) Mobile traffic has accelerated phone call leads in the US. Dynamic phone tracking is now a requirement for accurate measurement of marketing investments. Phone processes are the #1 profit leak </li><li>Conversion Tracking &amp; ROI If you are not tracking leads and calls you can not maximize your marketing investments. If you dont have strong processes to follow leads and calls you will never have an accurate cost per sale. Dealers who have made a commitment to both tracking and process lead their market! </li><li>Back To The Online Shoppers Sales Walkin Leads/Appts 30% 70% Your Entire Marketing Budget Needs ROI Metrics! </li><li>Tracking The Stealth Shopper </li><li>Note To Self Dealers Need To Become VDP Experts </li><li>VDP Merchandising Priorities First, you must understand why all new and used cars should have their own Vehicle Detail Page. A great VDP has at least 20+ photos, a video, pricing, and a customized description of the vehicle. Then we need to measure the marketing investments we are making and the VDP traffic that they generate. We will define a shopper as someone who visits at least one VDP. </li><li>Two New Terms Cost per Shopper (CPS) Cost per VDP View (CVV) </li><li>Adwords using Cost per VDP View </li><li>Adwords using Cost per VDP View </li><li>Adwords using Cost per VDP View Display Campaign </li><li>Adwords using Cost per VDP View </li><li>Note To Self Adwords Has Limits In Generating Shoppers </li><li>Total Website Traffic 11,674 visits in 30 days </li><li>Cost per Shopper (CPS) 5,214 shoppers in 30 days </li><li>Note To Self Stop Focusing On Traffic Focus on Shopper Traffic </li><li>Third Party Classified Websites Autotrader.com Cars.com KBB.com Affiliates expose your inventory to in-market shoppers and you hope that this investment drives phone calls, showroom traffic, and leads. </li><li>42% 32% 22% 13% INVENTORY MODEL INFO REVIEWS LOCATE DEALER Search inventory most-used 3rd party tool. source: Google/Compete 2011 Auto Shopper Behavior Study </li><li>What Dont You Like About 3rd Party Classified Website Advertising? </li><li>IRM </li><li>Live Test: Shopping For Cars http://bit.ly/EwaldVenusFord - Autotrader Local Search http://bit.ly/EwaldFordCarsDotCom - Cars.com Local Search http://bit.ly/EwaldFordCarSoup - CarSoup Local Search </li><li>Your Ad NOT Your Ad NOT Your Ad </li><li>NOT Your Ad NOT Your Ad Consumer Reviews </li><li>NOT Your Ad NOT Your Ad Consumer Reviews </li><li>How Many Places? Will You Get The Exclusive Lead? </li><li>JN8DR09Y31W585076 </li><li>Over 15 Websites Have This Car Listed On Their Inventory Search </li><li>200 SERPs: 1 LEAD SITE REVENUE/LEAD: $2 - $3 AGGREGATOR REVENUE: $15 - $24 RESOLD RATE: 3 - 5 X </li><li>Judgments About Your Price </li><li>Note To Self Inventory Syndication Is Not Dealer Centric </li><li>Is There An Syndication Alternative? </li><li>LotLinx Network </li><li>How It Works Consumer Clicks </li><li>They Land On Your VDP </li><li>How Does It Work? 1. Your inventory is syndicated to 130+ websites for free. 2. It Directs Consumer Clicks to Vehicle Detail Pages On Third Party Websites to the specific VDP on your website! 3. You Get Charged Per De-Duped Click by Website at $4.00 a click. </li><li>Its Simple 1. No long term contracts 2. Online reports 3. Validated In Google Analytics 4. Direct Integration with ROI-BOT 5. Increase funds at any time </li><li>AGGREGATE AVERAGED PER DEALER VDP Views/Sale 15 VDP-New 11 VDP-Used 22 Saved Days +3 Views Saved Days +6 Views -9.7 -12.4 Monthly Units Sold 154 + 3 (20%) + 6 (40%) VDP/Incremental Sale -12.2% -15.6% 9 24 163 178 51 + 6 (40%) ROI + 3 (20%) 38 +3 +6 $1,848 $3,969 9X 12X </li><li>35 LotLinx VDP Views </li><li>$140 Per Sale </li><li>Note To Self LotLinx Is Dealer Centric </li><li>How to Get Started Call 732-450-8200 Ask For Matt OSuch </li><li>LotLinx </li><li> Are you committed to being #1 in your market? Are you willing to maximize your marketing investments by creating processes that increase sales? Will you measure marketing dollars differently in 2014? </li><li>Lets Connect Online Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brianpasc h Twitter: @AutomotiveSEO Brian Pasch, CEO PCG Companies brian@pcgmailer.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brianpasch </li></ul>