lorie eber wellness boot camp: how to get your stress under control

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  • 1. Wellness Boot Camp Seminar Get Real. Get Healthy.

2. How to Get Your Stress Under Control 3. Important Points Some amount of stress is good Stress is in the eye of the beholder Constant stress causes illness Second hand stress Experiment and find techniques that work for you 4. I Was a Workaholic Perfectionist 5. Stress and Worry 6. Stress Hormones are for Survival Fight or Flight: For Life Threatening Emergencies 7. Chronic Stress Leads to Illness Anxiety Depression Digestive problems Heart disease Sleep problems Weight gain Memory and concentration impairment 8. 90% of ER Visits Triggered by Stress CDC Estimate 9. Never Enough Hours in the Day? 10. Do You Toss and Turn All Night? 11. Are You Constantly Multitasking? 12. Are You a Stress Eater? 13. Once a Year or Not Even? 14. How to Manage Daily Stress 15. Tip #1: Journal Your Stress Level Identify your stressors 16. Tip #2: Turn off Tech Are you being paid to work 24/7? 17. Tip #3: Learn to Say No Stop being super-mom or super-worker 18. Tip #4: Schedule Relaxation Make an appointment on your smartphone 19. Tip #5: Go Drug-Free Ditch the caffeine, alcohol, and other drugs 20. Tip #6: Practice Mindfulness Try mediation, tai chi or yoga 21. Tip #7: Exercise Work out your stress 22. Examine Your Priorities Is paying attention to your kids more important than your job? 23. Make Your Health Your Priority Nothing matters when you are in the hospital 24. Regrets of the Living Not getting educated or not applying myself in school Failing to pursue my dream career Marrying the wrong person or not paying attention to my spouse Not spending enough time with my kids when they were young 25. Regrets of the Dying Not having the courage to fulfil my dreams in life Working too hard Not having the courage to express my feelings Not staying in touch with my friends Not letting myself be happy 26. Get Real. Get Healthy. Plan to Be Healthy