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Lorenc+Yoo Design boasts a broad skill set, specializing in “environmental communication graphic design,” a genre that includes exhibits, museums, signage, and graphics. Founded in 1978, the firm’s philosophy includes exploration, inquisitiveness and a commitment to design excellence and innovation executed on every project. For over 35 years, Lorenc+Yoo Design has practiced design for the world\'s finest brands in China, Korea, India, Ukraine, Japan, UAE, and the United States.



2. Lorenc+Yoo Design boasts a broad skill set, specializing in environmental for tight quality control, efficient fabrication, and important cultural connections. communication graphic design, a genre that includes exhibits, museums, signage, Lorenc+Yoo Design has introduced its innovative design vision and expertise to and graphics. Founded in 1978, the firms philosophy includes exploration, China in 2011 by completing projects for VANKE SKY PRAISE in Longgang, Shenzhen, inquisitiveness and a commitment to design excellence and innovation executed on and VANKE DREAM TOWN - FISH IN THE GARDEN in Qingyuan, Guangdong. every project. The firms years of experience working internationally are a realized ambition of its LYD specializes in creating spaces for some of the worlds most well known brands, principals. Jan Lorenc and partner Chung Youl Yoo are both immigrants to the United including Georgia-Pacific, Mayo Clinic, UPS, Haworth and Sony-Ericsson. The team States. Lorenc came to the U.S. from Poland, and Yoo immigrated from South Korea, develops unique messages for each project that convey the clients individual storyliving for a time in Latin America. Their respective immigrant experiences inform and help customers truly experience the clients brand through sculpture, graphics,their sensitivity to cultural context and history, and entice them to seek new and and space. Our job is to set the stage for the clients message by creating richdifferent environmental graphic design challenges throughout the world. environments that communicate on the human level, says principal Jan Lorenc.Our mission is to use design tell the clients story beautifully.Environmental graphic design is versatile and varied, says Lorenc, but gooddesign is consistent in its ability to blend form and function seamlessly and Strategic alliances with firms in the U.S., Dubai, and Korea allow the firm be elegantly. This is the secret formula of what weve done for over 30 years in the involved in a number of design areas simultaneously. These partnerships also United States and abroad, and we look forward to new opportunities to tell people provide the firm with access to local talent on international projects, allowing about our clients through valuable design. 3. DESIGN SERVICESLorenc+Yoo Design provides a wide range of design services, from wayfinding or a permanent museum exhibit, the firm transforms a space into a platform tosignage programs, to permanent corporate museum exhibitions. The firms communicate brand, history, and value. The firms exhibits have launched brandsversatility is possible because of its diverse employee and consultant talent thatlike Sony-Ericsson, and provided rest and comfort for customers of UPS at the 2008includes architects, graphic designers, landscape architects, industrial designers, Olympic Games in Beijing. The firms design for the Mayo Clinics headquartersand branding and marketing specialists. The firm employs this range of expertisemuseum tells the story of a medical institution so well that its elements have beenwhenever appropriate to contribute to a successful design for its clients.replicated at Mayos other locations in the United States. LYDs designs for Mayocommunicate its high-quality services, organizes its history, and fits perfectly withThe firm offers superior wayfinding and signage services, produced throughits architecture and marketing.intense study of pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns, understanding of therelevant space, and attention to creating beautiful designs. Wayfinding programsSculpture is an important art form that can not only be pleasing to the eye, but alsofor hotel convention centers like Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center bringcommunicate an important message. LYD uses sculpture to display informationdirection to guests within the 400,000 square foot meeting space. The signage in bold, eye-catching ways. The design for Samsungs Rising Hand, for example,program for Florida Hospitals Health Village in Orlando guides individuals where advertises the technology firms mobile phone business to international businessthey need to be at particularly vital moments. And in many cases, the firm createstravelers in Frankfurt, Kiev, and Toronto. It is modern, sleek, and upgradeable whenwayfinding systems that are modular in nature, allowing for easy replacement, new products come to market. LYDs lobby directory piece for Hines at Perimeterrepair, and movement. Summit 3003 in Atlanta is a 24-foot-tall piece of art made of stacked glass, lit fromthe inside to produce a high-tech feeling.Exhibition design is the heart of LYDs business. It allows the firms many disciplinesto merge into a unified environment that tells a clients story to customers, partners,and employees. Whether a temporary tradeshow exhibit meant to stand for a week, 4. Although every project is different, Lorenc+Yoo Design approaches each one scientifically, beginning with a discovery process that unveils the clients mission and project priorities. The process for designing signage systems will be different than designing an exhibit, however, the goal is always to create the most beautiful, functional designs for our clients. Following the initial discovery phase, the team begins an analysis, measuring the traffic flows, entry and exit points, and space restrictions. Then the programming begins, planning design element locations, sizes,DESIGN PROCESS and hierarchy. The concept design is next, providing a vision of the end product to the client. Once the client approves the direction of the design, the firm begins design development. The design intent process is next, documenting all the details of the product. Next is the bid/award process, followed by an administration process in which the firm ensures the highest standards of detail and finish for the final product. 5. WAYFINDING ANALYSIS NALYSIS EXT ERIOR SIG NAGEDESTINATIONS LOBBY,BALLROOM AND SECOND LEVELSG CODE A HRIOR SIGNAGE EXTELEVEL TINGEXISThe purpose of a signage program isplace, and measure that against how PRIMARY N DESTINATIOPrimaryshoulddestinations be listed on onal signs,SECOND A most directi on otherto communicate a clear, consistent we want to direct traffic through theeven F perhaps levels. SECONDARYN DESTINATIOmessage that directs users through a space. We take into account all major destinationsSecondary onlybe listedonshouldonal signs on directi and level. the samesign is undersizedReaderboardbeing to the point ofdifficult to read, vehicular passersby. only from a secondaryunusable for Sign is visible route, andspace. The simpler the messaging, theand minor destinations, amenities, TERTIARY N vehicular approach awkward.and sculpture is dated DESTINATIOEdestinationsall Tertiary at be listed may not onal signs, Bon directi be shownbut willry mapsmore enjoyable the experience. Signage entry points, and public safety routes to11 on directoall other along with .destinations 11, 2008JULY 08.24508such20Destinations ATMDESIGNoms,+YOO withas restroLORENC boration INC.s are notin colla OCIATES, and phone and may ASS ELshould fade into the background of the develop a clear plan. CK &OM LEV shown here, listedNBAof an appropriate not be This sign, though is located too farBALLROSTAIor mayTULETT, onal signs.ON, VEN scale for its context, Street to serveDon direction away from Peachtree THOMPS4 be shownas a visible building identity. They willNTA directo ry maps. JULY 11, 2008 ATLA 08.245 DESIGNCY C+YOO 2008GENC LOREN ration withoverall architecture, bolster the brandLEVELin collabo IATES, INC. T RE LOBBY ACK & ASSOCHYATLETT, STAINB SON, VENTU YSIS TA THOMP ANAL Y ATLAN NDIN GHYATT REGENC FI WAY ANALYSISand identity of the project, and work so The information we gather during this 10TINGINGWAYFIND JULY 11, 2008 EXIS DESIGN LORENC+YOO 08.245 EXISTINGn with2008in collaboratio , INC.ASSOCIATESSTAINBACK & VENTULETT, NCYATLANTATHOMPSON, YSIS HYATT REGEINDING ANALthe user expends limited effort. process helps to graphically generate EXISTING WAYF the analysis that serves as a guide to DOCUMENTATIONIn an existing space, our first step is to move forward with the programminginventory what pieces are already in process. ACCESS TO WOODRUFF SUITE& HOSPITALITY SUITESMAINENTRANCEINTERNATIONALTOWERCONCIERGE & RESTAURANTS BELL STANDINVENTORY OF EXISTING SIGNAGE REGISTRATION ACCESS TO MARRIOTT MARQUIS LOBBY LEVEL BARPOOL ACCESS TO FITNESS CLUB& RADIUS TOWERACCESS TOPEACHTREE CENTER CENTENNIAL BALLROOMTHE LEARNING CENTER BALLROOM LEVELINTERNATIONAL BALLROOMREGENCY BALLROOM GRAND HALL ACCESS TO LOBBYVIA ATRIUM ELEVATORS HOSPITALITY CHICAGOSUITES A-D EXHIBIT LEVEL EMBASSY HALLHANOVER HALL ACCESS TO LOBBYVIA ATRIUM ELEVATORSMOTOR COURT WOODRUFF SUITE CONFERENCE LEVEL ATLANTACONFERENCE CENTER TRAFFIC FLOW ANALYSIS 6. SITE APPROACH & IDENTITYOPPORTUNITIES B A K E RS T .PROGRAMMING A V E .Once we establish the needs in theconstraints, available space, electrical MOTOR COURTspace, we begin the programming needs, and natural and artificial lighting.ENTRANCE BELOWT .process, defining the constraints ofThis initial analysis helps to determineS R .the program. This entails creating awhat locations offer the most value forE E C T MAIN HYATT REGENCYMARRIOTThierarchy of sign types that can includethe overall program.R ENTRANCEMARQUIS ATLANTA ETidentity, informational, and wayfinding EH RA Csignage.The plan we create in this stage will T HEbe the location plan delivered to A CP EDuring this stage, we evaluate a series contractors for preliminary pricing and, P INTERNATLof factors to generate the specific later, final implementation. TOWERdesigns, including visibility, heightH A R R I S S T . NPEACHTREE CENTERSIGNAGE LOCATION PLAN 15 Atrium Elevators/Telephones ID 20 Restroom ID 22 Grand Hall ID 23 Hanover Hall ID 43 24 Chicago ID 22 3232 22 30 25 Conference Level ID2043 30 DirectoryPATH TO C