loopingthrutime, inc. would like to wish everyone happy st. patrick’s day and wonderful spring

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The Journey has begun!. Loopingthrutime, Inc. would like to wish everyone Happy St. Patrick’s Day and wonderful Spring. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Loopingthrutime, Inc. would like to wish everyone Happy St. Patricks Day and wonderful SpringLet us begin in 2010! Beyond the Loop is set to make its official debut March 29, 2010! You can pre-order your copy of the 2nd installment of The Loopingthrutime Trilogy from Publish America TODAY! Let the luck of the Irish lead you down the right path, unlike October, to good fortune and steadfast joy!With this edition of the Loopingthrutime, Inc. newsletter, I will focus on the character of Willis October, showing some of the mystery and intrigue that has led this man to a crossroads. From the ashes of disaster this mans new myth was born. What happened after his demise turned him into a legend!The endwas only the beginning.

    The Journey has begun!October is back! Beyond the Loop went to print back on January 29, 2010, allowing for an official release date of March 29, 2010. Ive already received copies for a book signing most likely in May 2010 in lieu of some recent additions to my own family.On February 27, 2010 my daughter Abigail Kelly Thrift was born. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and measured 20 inches long, having been born at exactly 10:00 PM that evening.Now shes a bouncing, lively baby girl that just cant get enough food it seems. Mommy and Daddy have had many long nights getting acclimated to our new bundle of joy. As a consequence, any book signings for Beyond the Loop had to be adjusted to allow us time with our baby girl. But take heed, not even a new baby cant stop Octobers rampage! As you might recognize, Abbys name closely resembles that of one of the characters from The Civilization Loop, one Kelly Abigail St. Claire Thrift. Honestly, Kelly, minus the British accent, is how I picture Abby may look one day when she is older. A beautiful baby that will one day mature into an even more beautiful woman. Lets just hope it doesnt happen too fast!October, however, will never lay a hand on this precious baby girl. Hes a fictitious character, or is he? Thats the thing about myths and legends, they all are grounded in some sort of historical fact. So who knows, October may be out there now waiting on all of us to let down our guard. 2

  • The Journey of Willis October.Willis October was his name and manipulating history was his game. In The Civilization Loop you read about some of this maniacal rogue time traveler's back story, the places he went, the possibilities he encountered. In Beyond the Loop you will live this mans back story.Just how did he come to acquire his cylindrical time traveling device in the first place?What were his reasons for not trying to save humanity, rather than allowing them to die time and time again?What did October experience after his life came to an end?Now you will learn the answer to these questions and many more as October runs a gauntlet throughout history and takes us all on a journey we wont soon forget.Willis October, the end was only the beginning as his journey begins!

    3The Man, The Myth, The Legend!How does the world lookthrough his eyes?The Eyes of OctoberIf we all have a destiny, then how are our lives ever truly our own? October ,to some degree, didnt believe in fate, but yet had a fateful end that even he began to wonder about.We all share the same fate which is death. When, where, why, and how are always answered later at a time that is not of our choosing. However, October knew when the end was coming, just not for himself.One hundred ninety-nine times this man allowed fate to fulfill its purpose for us all, culminating in the destruction of literally everything on May 5, 2012. That WAS the end date for us all, a true catastrophe that could have been prevented. But Octobers fate was not sealed there.Octobers demise would only come in one of the most unlikely set of circumstances ever imaged. On a mythical island by a being thought no longer to exist, even in that time.We felt his bloodcurdling scream and agony as the life he once had was taken away from him. We felt his unrelenting defiance to all known things throughout his encounters with Dr. Bobby Peterson and so many others. But we never truly understood the man or even why he chose to do what he did. 4

  • 6The TIME has finally comeThe Clock is ticking!On the new cover for Beyond the Loop, you might be wondering what the top part of the image is suppose to represent.Obviously, the circular formation is a top angled view of Stonehenge, in the design utilized for the cover of The Civilization Loop. The warped structure in the center is the time traveling cylindrical device, known as the Collider, used by Willis October. Of course the pin wheel motion is that of time itself beginning to pull the Collider into its vortex of mystery.But theres more.With the Collider warped, it represents the two hands of a clock. Obviously the top view of Stonehenge would be the face of the clock. The two hands are pointing to the exact time the world comes in an end on May 5, 2012, at approximately 5:46 PM Eastern Standard Time. A simple way to provide a little bit of trivia from The Civilization Loop right on the front cover of the second novel. Enjoy!Destino de Octubre.Now, in Beyond the Loop, you will finally learn the reasons for why October chose to be the way he was. Youll attempt to understand his purpose, albeit one of pure evil and hate. Youll see why even bad people must exist in this world because without them none of us would ever reach our ultimate destiny.Willis October only kneeled once, perhaps twice (as illustrated below), but he would not bend or break his own perverse will to do as he pleased and leave humanity wondering for all time just what was the destiny of this man?To find out just what his destiny isYoull have to read the book!Go to www.beyondtheloop.net to learn more about this man.


  • Loopingthrutime, Inc.Attn: Jason R. Thrift150 Paulan RoadWilliamston, SC 29697RecipientAddressCity, State Zip CodeThe Future is Bright!With Beyond the Loop set to release on March 29, 2010, I will begin the editing process for The Eternal Loop, the final installment of The Loopingthrutime Trilogy. After that I may begin the prequel/sequel trilogy Is Real about the story of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis, inspired by The Civilization Loop. Only the outline has been drafted at this point, but the stories are there and ready to be written. This will introduce a new assortment of characters all having to deal with the formerly mythical island coming to life.Things of interestDid you know?Some scientists now believe that volcanism, along with extreme climate change may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs and that the K/T Event (meteor impact 65 million years ago) was only icing on the cake to finish them off.Adolf Hitler believed that the Aryan Race was once a supreme humanoid culture that may have originated from the Island of Atlantis. He heavily studied the occult throughout his adult life, particularly during his Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s. However, he also pursued some ancient Judeo-Christian relics such as the Ark of the Covenant, Spear of Longinus and the Holy Grail, all in an effort to extend his power to control the masses and conquer the world.ContactLoopingthrutime, Inc.Jason R. Thrift150 Paulan RoadWilliamston, SC 29697Phone:(864) 940-8536E-Mail:Loopingthrutime@therecreant.com

    Web Sites:www.beyondtheloop.netwww.thecivilizationloop.comwww.therecreant.com