Looking Back on the 2009-10 Year

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<ul><li> 1. A Year in Review<br />2009-10 Major District Accomplishments<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Leadership &amp; Visioning<br />Jay Marino<br /> 3. Continuous Improvement Focus<br />Teamwork, Collaboration and Shared Leadership!<br />Opportunities for stakeholder input<br />360 feedback for cabinet<br />P.D.; The continuous improvement classroom<br />Weekly administrative team meetings; focus on instructional leadership<br /> 4. 3-5 Year Structure<br />2009-10<br />2010-11<br />2010-11<br />2011-12<br />2012-13<br /> 5. Creation of the District Strategic Plan<br />38 representatives<br />Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff<br />Dunlap Education Association<br />Board of Education<br />Parents, Students, Community Members<br />Governmental Officials from the City of Peoria and the Village of Dunlap<br />6 committee meetings during the year<br />All information posted publicly on District site<br />3 opportunities for stakeholder input<br /> 6. 21st Century Learning!<br /> 7. Long Term Facility Planning/Visioning<br />Reviewed student enrollment historical trends and 5 year predictions<br />Collaboratively (Board and Administrative team) reviewed all facility needs and used quality tools and processes to identify prioritized, long-term solutions<br />Proposed referendum in November, 2010<br />New Elementary School<br /> 8. Facilities &amp; Technology<br />Lisa Parker<br /> 9. Elementary Core Planning Group<br />Representative group of stakeholders met five times to provide input<br />Developed mission, beliefs, and values<br />Collaborated in design of new elementary building<br /> 10. Facility Projects<br />High School Phase 1<br />10 New Classrooms<br />Renovated District Office space<br />Computer labs and science lab<br />Demolition of two houses<br />Relocation of Unit Office<br /> 11. Technology Updates<br />Alert Now System for parental notification<br />New Data ManagementSystem PowerSchool<br />Over 40 new SmartBoards purchased district wide<br />Implementation of web 2.0 tools<br />Schools using blogs, wikis, multimediabroadcasting and social networking sites<br /> 12. Network Upgrade<br /></p> <ul><li> Centralized data center at Dunlap Middle School </li></ul> <p> 13. High speed wireless links connecting all schools 14. 50 megabit fiber internet connection 15. Fiber connection from DGS to DHS 16. Network monitoring and alerts to achieve 99.999% uptimeExpanded View<br /> 17. Curriculum &amp; Instruction<br />Lonna Anderson<br /> 18. Implementationof Continuous Improvement<br />Developing a group of teacher trainers to build internal capacity<br />Fall Training will begin in September 2010<br />Trained 50 K-12 staff members in the winter of 2009-10<br />Trained 52 K-12 Staff Members during June 2010<br /> 19. 2009-10 Curriculum Accomplishments<br />Created Elementary &amp; Secondary Curriculum Councils which identified priorities and began taking action on needs<br />Reviewed and aligned science curriculum, purchased new science materials for K-5<br />Developed a consistent K-2 Handwriting curriculum to be implemented in 2010-11<br />Completed a draft of a district Gifted Plan<br /> 20. Curriculum Mapping Software<br />K-12 Science Committee Members created collaborative maps (core curriculum maps)<br />Identifying Illinois Learning Standards<br />Content<br />Skills<br />Assessments<br />http://dunlapcusd.rubiconatlas.org<br /> 21. Curriculum Mapping for all<br />Goal: All secondary teachers will enter one course in the mapping software by the end of the 2010-11 school year.<br /> 22. Science Committee<br />To Do.<br />Completed <br />HS Course recommendations<br />Common Assessments<br />Recommend resources for secondary science courses<br />Identified Core Science Curriculum per grade level<br />Created Collaborative Maps using software<br />Purchased new materials for K-5 teachers<br /> 23. Business Services<br />Kelly Funke<br /> 24. Funding &amp; Finances<br />Obtained a Moodys Rating of Aa2<br />Completed the transition from Variable Rate Bonds to Fixed Rate Bonds<br />Completed the transition for a $10 M Debt Certificate to a $10 M Funding Bond<br />Worked with District Treasurer, to diversify District Investment strategy<br />Developed a levy that met all financial requirements set forth by the Board<br /> 25. Bid Processes Completed<br />Busses<br />Suburban<br />Kitchen Equipment for DGS<br />New Furniture for DHS Addition<br /> 26. Participation with Committees and Groups<br />SEAPCO<br />PERFECT<br />CIE Insurance Group<br />FOIA Officer for the District<br /> 27. Reporting and Monitoring<br />Grant Expenditure Reports<br />Title I<br />Title II<br />Title IV<br />Reading Improvement<br />ARRA<br />RtI<br />General State Aid Report<br />Teacher Service Record<br />Administrative and Teacher Salary Benefit Report<br />Administrative Compensation Report<br />Administrative Cap Waiver<br /> 28. A Look Forward<br />2010-11 Major District Goals<br />August Board Meeting<br /></p>