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  • 1. A Year in Review
    2009-10 Major District Accomplishments

2. Leadership & Visioning
Jay Marino
3. Continuous Improvement Focus
Teamwork, Collaboration and Shared Leadership!
Opportunities for stakeholder input
360 feedback for cabinet
P.D.; The continuous improvement classroom
Weekly administrative team meetings; focus on instructional leadership
4. 3-5 Year Structure
5. Creation of the District Strategic Plan
38 representatives
Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff
Dunlap Education Association
Board of Education
Parents, Students, Community Members
Governmental Officials from the City of Peoria and the Village of Dunlap
6 committee meetings during the year
All information posted publicly on District site
3 opportunities for stakeholder input
6. 21st Century Learning!
7. Long Term Facility Planning/Visioning
Reviewed student enrollment historical trends and 5 year predictions
Collaboratively (Board and Administrative team) reviewed all facility needs and used quality tools and processes to identify prioritized, long-term solutions
Proposed referendum in November, 2010
New Elementary School
8. Facilities & Technology
Lisa Parker
9. Elementary Core Planning Group
Representative group of stakeholders met five times to provide input
Developed mission, beliefs, and values
Collaborated in design of new elementary building
10. Facility Projects
High School Phase 1
10 New Classrooms
Renovated District Office space
Computer labs and science lab
Demolition of two houses
Relocation of Unit Office
11. Technology Updates
Alert Now System for parental notification
New Data ManagementSystem PowerSchool
Over 40 new SmartBoards purchased district wide
Implementation of web 2.0 tools
Schools using blogs, wikis, multimediabroadcasting and social networking sites
12. Network Upgrade

  • Centralized data center at Dunlap Middle School

13. High speed wireless links connecting all schools 14. 50 megabit fiber internet connection 15. Fiber connection from DGS to DHS 16. Network monitoring and alerts to achieve 99.999% uptimeExpanded View
17. Curriculum & Instruction
Lonna Anderson
18. Implementationof Continuous Improvement
Developing a group of teacher trainers to build internal capacity
Fall Training will begin in September 2010
Trained 50 K-12 staff members in the winter of 2009-10
Trained 52 K-12 Staff Members during June 2010
19. 2009-10 Curriculum Accomplishments
Created Elementary & Secondary Curriculum Councils which identified priorities and began taking action on needs
Reviewed and aligned science curriculum, purchased new science materials for K-5
Developed a consistent K-2 Handwriting curriculum to be implemented in 2010-11
Completed a draft of a district Gifted Plan
20. Curriculum Mapping Software
K-12 Science Committee Members created collaborative maps (core curriculum maps)
Identifying Illinois Learning Standards
21. Curriculum Mapping for all
Goal: All secondary teachers will enter one course in the mapping software by the end of the 2010-11 school year.
22. Science Committee
To Do.
HS Course recommendations
Common Assessments
Recommend resources for secondary science courses
Identified Core Science Curriculum per grade level
Created Collaborative Maps using software
Purchased new materials for K-5 teachers
23. Business Services
Kelly Funke
24. Funding & Finances
Obtained a Moodys Rating of Aa2
Completed the transition from Variable Rate Bonds to Fixed Rate Bonds
Completed the transition for a $10 M Debt Certificate to a $10 M Funding Bond
Worked with District Treasurer, to diversify District Investment strategy
Developed a levy that met all financial requirements set forth by the Board
25. Bid Processes Completed
Kitchen Equipment for DGS
New Furniture for DHS Addition
26. Participation with Committees and Groups
CIE Insurance Group
FOIA Officer for the District
27. Reporting and Monitoring
Grant Expenditure Reports
Title I
Title II
Title IV
Reading Improvement
General State Aid Report
Teacher Service Record
Administrative and Teacher Salary Benefit Report
Administrative Compensation Report
Administrative Cap Waiver
28. A Look Forward
2010-11 Major District Goals
August Board Meeting