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Longbow InfiniBand Extension. Dr. David T Southwell President & CEO. Agenda. The fundamentals of InfiniBand flow control InfiniBand range limitations – two mechanisms Longbow InfiniBand range extension technology Potential applications at CERN. InfiniBand flow control. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Longbow InfiniBand ExtensionDr. David T SouthwellPresident & CEO

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • AgendaThe fundamentals of InfiniBand flow controlInfiniBand range limitations two mechanismsLongbow InfiniBand range extension technologyPotential applications at CERN

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • InfiniBand flow controlInfiniBand is credit basedOn initialisation, each fabric end-point declares its capacity to receive dataThis capacity is described as its buffer creditAs buffers are freed up, end points post messages updating their credit status

    InfiniBand is therefore lossless data is never thrown away, sinceInfiniBand flow control happens before the transmission, not after it!

    Note the buffer credit mechanism applies to every point-to-point link (not end-to-end)

    This mechanism is in contrast to Ethernets loss-based flow control :On network over-subscription, packets are simply thrown awayDetected packet loss triggers retransmissions and adjustments to the injection rate

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • InfiniBand range limitationsAs commercialised today, InfiniBand addresses the cluster/ supercomputer market

    High equipment packing density (rack-to-rack connections are short)InfiniBand switches cascade easily (very low latency), so multi-hop is okHigh port count switches (large ICs)

    NASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Mechanism (1) physical layerNASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    These applications are served by standard InfiniBand cables:Balanced copper cables (twin-axial, shielded & tight impedance control)Cheaper than optics, but with a range < 20m (RF losses) @ 2.5GBits/s (SDR)

    At DDR (5Gbits/s) and QDR (10Gbits/s) rates per channel, cables get even shorter

    There exists a parallel optic multi-mode fibre solution (simple E-O-E)More expensive (especially the parallel fibre bundles themselves)Self-limits @ ~200mA good solution for longer inter-rack runs or for links between floorsMPO will see more use at DDR/ QDR rates


    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Mechanism (2) link layerNASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    Optimised for a short signal flight time; small buffers are used inside the ICs: Facilitates switch IC implementation, but limits effective range to ~ 300m

    Undersized buffers restrict the sustained data flow rate in this case data is only moving in phases 1 and 5!The inefficiency is caused by an inability to keep the pipe full by restoring the receive credits fast enough to avoid a break up of the burst.The longer the flight time, the lower the effective transfer rate is.This limits the useful length of an InfiniBand link no matter what the physical transport is capable of.(Nb. this has no impact on copper InfiniBand links receive buffers >> 2x wire data capacity).

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Longbow TechnologyNASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    Obsidian has developed a technology that performs InfiniBand encapsulation over 10GbE, Packet Over SONET/SDH and ATM WANs at 4x InfiniBand speeds: Longbow XR.

    Looks like a 2-port InfiniBand switch to the InfiniBand fabric Designed for 100,000km+ ranges, prototypes publicly tested over 1,500km and 8,500km OC-192c networks (SC|04, OFC05, SC|05)

    950+ MBytes/s sustained performance in a single logical flow~ 4% CPU load (Opteron 242s using RDMA transport)IPv6 Packet Over SONET & ATM modes

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Longbow TransportNASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Longbow @ SC|05NASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • The Obsidian Longbow XRNASAs Columbia 10,240 Itaniums (NUMALink+InfiniBand interconnect)

    Transparent to InfiniBand hardware, stacks and applicationsVery user-friendly long-haul wire-speed InfiniBand data pumpCompatible with all InfiniBand equipment and stacks, including OpenFabrics

    High availability architecture telecom grade equipmentA managed device (HTTP GUI, SSH CLI, SNMP) 10/100 Ethernet/ serial consoleAlso encapsulates two GbEthernet channels along with the 4x SDR InfiniBand channel

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Potential ApplicationATLASIn collaboration with Dr. Bryan Caron (University of Alberta, Canada), Bill St.Arnaud (Canarie Inc. - Canadas high performance research network) and others, Obsidian will soon launch a multi-stage Long Haul InfiniBand project which will demonstrate reliable, 10Gbits/s transfer of bulk data back & forth across the Atlantic:CERN would be the preferred end point for such a demonstration - Canarie has confirmed that the entire lightpath would be available for sustained streaming demonstrations.

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • Longbow Campus and MetroObsidian also sees application for the range extension technology over SONET/ SDH networks for Metro Area Networks (up to 120km), and for dark fibre campus applications (up to 10km).

    Remote InfiniBand storage (replication, distributed SAN)Visualisation applications; tap directly and natively into distant clustersAggregate remote InfiniBand clusters into larger compute resources

    Campus and Metro versions are currently in development. They will be optimised for latency and the more efficient use of smaller networks.

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN

  • ConclusionsInfiniBand is becoming a critical element in high performance computing architectures.

    With demonstrated uncompromising long haul capability, InfiniBand and Longbow technology may represent an excellent long term platform for globally distributing the relentless data streams LHC will emit during its lifetime.

    InfiniBand, global optical network transports and Longbow technologies will scale in performance over time to continue to offer a compelling system-level solution that will present a stable interface to the applications software.

    Thank you for your attention.

    http://www.obsidianresearch.com(P.S. Thanks for Web too!)

    Obsidian Research Corporation - CERN