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London Trip 28 th January 2016

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London Trip 28th January 2016

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Summery of the Trip

The trip to London was interesting and informative. In the morning I decided to go up Camden Market to get a different location in London. I took photos of life in London before making my way to the Science Museum. I enjoyed the Alec Soth exhibition and liked looking at all the different photographs that he had taken however I didn't like the Julia Margret Cameron exhibition as it wasn't the kind of photography that I like. After we left the museum we went on to Trafalgar Square and to the Thames to take photos for our Forth Plinth Project.

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Alec Soth

• The exhibition showed 4 of his major works.• Mississippi (2004), Niagara (2006), Broken Manual

(2010) and Songbook (2014)• Exhibition title – Gathered Leaves, refers to one level

of photogrpahy as simple as sheets of paper being brought together.

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Alec Soth – Artist Statement

• Alec Soth is a magnum photographer. He explores different form of photographer in the world and works to create different types for his audience to encounter from museums to live workshops led from his Winnebago.

• The exhibition is aimed to show the evolution of Soth’s work and his movement from page to wall.

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Alec Soth – Niagara

• Niagara Falls is a site associated with suicides and honeymoons.

• He said ‘when I think of the falls as a metaphor, I think of a kind of intensified sexuality and unsustainable desire’

• He met people in bars and wedding venues and persuades them to pose for him.

• He juxtaposes his photograph of the water with his portraits of the hopeful and heart-broken.

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Alec Soth – 1• This photograph comes from Alec Soth’s

Songbook collection from (2014)

• I like this image because I feel like it has two meanings. It looks like the boy is protecting the girl from the world around them but also from himself as she is looking away from him as he is smoking.

• I like the composition of the photograph and the use of black and white as I feel like it gives a really clean and clear representation of the people in the in the photograph as the person viewing the photograph isn’t distracted by the colour in the photograph

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Alec Soth – 2• This photograph comes from Alec Soth’s

Niagara collection from (20O6)

• I like this image as a lot is implied without really seeing much. You assume she is a swimmer even though you can only see the hat on her head and it also suggests that she has something else to do as well as she is wearing a full face of make up.

• I like the background is completely blurred and you can not see anything that is in the back ground as it is completely blurred out.

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Alec Soth – 3 • This photograph comes from Alec Soth’s

Broken Material collection from (2010)

• I like this image because it is very simple but works well and therefore looks really shows off the detail in the in the beard of the subject. The use of the grey background helps to show this off and means that the detail in the photograph can really be appreciated.

• I like that even though the person being photographed is showing no emotion what so ever it still looks as though he is smiling as his beard goes to one side.

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Julia Margret Cameron – Artist Statement

Cameron took up photography is 1863 aged 48 when she was give her camera as a gift. Her photographic career only lasted 15 years. Her photographs combined an unorthodox techniques with a deep personal vision.

She used a lack of sharp focus which became her hall mark style despite criticism at the time.

Cameron is recognised as one the pioneers who established photography as a art form in its own right

Page 10: London Photography Trip

Julia Margret Cameron

• I didn’t like her style of photograph as I found it very old and it isn’t the style of photography in which I am particularly interested.

• I did enjoy looking at the photographs and appreciating how old they are however I don’t think I fully appreciate exactly what she was trying to portray with them