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A handful of fun ideas for a kid's birthday party in London.


  • Game Day in Hyde Park

    No computer games, no mobile phones just one day of good old fashioned fun! And what better setting than

    London s Hyde Park?

    Great game ideas include: Gunny Sack Race, Egg Toss,

    Bobbing for Apples and Tug-of-War

    Hotel Slumber Party

    Perfect for a teen

    or pre-teen

    birthday, a

    chaperoned hotel

    slumber party is

    just the coolest. To

    make it extra

    special, go

    somewhere on the

    outskirts of the city.

    Chelsea, Harrow or

    Ealing hotels will

    make it feel like a

    proper getaway!

    Kids Party Bus

    Hop aboard a super fun party bus just for kids!

    Party guests can take in the sights of Greater

    London, while being treated to cake, on-board

    entertainment and various prizes throughout the

    journey. Check out for

    more info.

    Image by Whatsername?

    Museum Tours

    Treat the crew to a day

    at Londons best kid-friendly museums, such

    as the V&A Museum of

    Childhood, the

    Horniman Museum, the

    Science Museum or the

    Royal Air force

    Museum. Many offer

    special days for kids

    and even have event

    space for parties.

    A Day At the Farm

    Despite being one of the largest urban

    areas in the world, London has a

    surprising number of city farms still in

    use. Spend the day at Belmont

    Childrens Farm, Hackney City Farm, Kentish Town City Farm or any of the

    other nearby farms. Party guests can

    enjoy petting the animals and maybe

    even taking a pony ride.

    Image by Fort Vancouver National Trust