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A handful of fun ideas for a kid's birthday party in London.


<ul><li><p>Game Day in Hyde Park </p><p>No computer games, no mobile phones just one day of good old fashioned fun! And what better setting than </p><p>London s Hyde Park? </p><p>Great game ideas include: Gunny Sack Race, Egg Toss, </p><p>Bobbing for Apples and Tug-of-War </p><p>Hotel Slumber Party </p><p>Perfect for a teen </p><p>or pre-teen </p><p>birthday, a </p><p>chaperoned hotel </p><p>slumber party is </p><p>just the coolest. To </p><p>make it extra </p><p>special, go </p><p>somewhere on the </p><p>outskirts of the city. </p><p>Chelsea, Harrow or </p><p>Ealing hotels will </p><p>make it feel like a </p><p>proper getaway! </p><p>Kids Party Bus </p><p>Hop aboard a super fun party bus just for kids! </p><p>Party guests can take in the sights of Greater </p><p>London, while being treated to cake, on-board </p><p>entertainment and various prizes throughout the </p><p>journey. Check out for </p><p>more info. </p><p>Image by Whatsername? </p><p>Museum Tours </p><p>Treat the crew to a day </p><p>at Londons best kid-friendly museums, such </p><p>as the V&amp;A Museum of </p><p>Childhood, the </p><p>Horniman Museum, the </p><p>Science Museum or the </p><p>Royal Air force </p><p>Museum. Many offer </p><p>special days for kids </p><p>and even have event </p><p>space for parties. </p><p>A Day At the Farm </p><p>Despite being one of the largest urban </p><p>areas in the world, London has a </p><p>surprising number of city farms still in </p><p>use. Spend the day at Belmont </p><p>Childrens Farm, Hackney City Farm, Kentish Town City Farm or any of the </p><p>other nearby farms. Party guests can </p><p>enjoy petting the animals and maybe </p><p>even taking a pony ride. </p><p>Image by Fort Vancouver National Trust </p></li></ul>