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  • KIA ORA / hello (in Māori)


    RASMUSSEN ingoa / name

    UX DESIGNER mahi/ job

    TE ĀTI AWA iwi/ tribe

    AOTEAROA whenua/ country

    I'm Logan, a UX designer with supplemental technical skills. Having mostly worked for governments in Aotearoa New Zealand, my strength is in designing web and mobile apps. I'm known for finding simple solutions for complex problems. What sets me apart as a designer is my functionality first stance, considering not only usability but also optimisation, accessibility and security.


    UX/UI Designer

    Freelance (3 organisations)

    Jan 2020 - Jul 2020

    Designed a web app that’s being used by Forestry Managers and Local Government in New Zealand to improve regulation. Created the design system based on Semantic UI and based functionality on React Native components.

    UX/UI Designer

    Wellington City Counci l

    Apr 2019 - Dec 2019

    Helped design a UX process for the service improvement team to map the user journey for 700+ services more efficiently. Prototyped parts of the new job dispatch system to replace an outdated custom desktop application.

    UX/UI Designer The Massive Collective

    Aug 2018 - Oct 2019

    Collaborated in a remote agile team to deliver responsive web apps. Designed a machine learning stock management app for hotels, quality assurance SaaS web app and the Pacific Games 2019 website for the Samoan Government. Created interactive prototypes, collaborated with engineers and remotely pitched design ideas to stakeholders with confidence.

    Web Dev/ Designer Launch Design

    Oct 2015 - Dec 2018

    Designed, developed and optimised websites, completing 50 projects for over 30 clients. Some websites were coded from scratch using HTML/CSS. Ensured websites load instantly, passed accessibility requirements and were mobile friendly.

    UX/QA Tester Careers New Zealand

    Sep 2014 - Jan 2015

    Designed website interfaces, documented the new Silverstripe CMS and taught the content management team how to use it. Assisted QA testing and learned the Agile Development SDLC.

    Interactive Designer Apollo 13 : Mission Contro l

    Nov 2013 - Feb 2014

    Designed interactive experiences for a replica NASA 1970’s mission control setup.

    Designed prototypes, ran user testing sessions and wrote documentation to hand over to engineers.


    UX Prototyping

    User testing

    Journey mapping

    Product validation

    Service blueprints

    UX research

    Running workshops

    Design sprint process

    Design thinking process

    Lean UX process

    UI Design sketching

    Design systems

    Data visualisation

    IOS/ android

    Website applications

    Complex interfaces




    Smart spreadsheets


    Massey University 2010 -2013

    Bachelor of VCD Digital Media

    Graphic design and typography

    Interactive and web design

    3D + 2D Animation

    Major research project

    Interactive design major project












    40 hrs

    2010 2014201320122011 2019 2020 20212018201720162015

    I worked in several agile teams and the key thing people appreciated about me is that I don’t get attached to ideas. So my design work is always about the ‘user needs’, not myself.

    7 years of designing digital products taught me to lend my skills to everyone around me and ask for help. So we can reach our destination faster rather than get competitive.

    Working in large government organisations helped me learn how to bridge the gap between creative and technical people and lead the UX process rather than try own it.

    FOLIO www.uxui.nz EMAIL logan@uxui.nz LINKEDIN /in/loganrasmussen


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