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<ol><li> 1. Cloud-based services for Local Cultural Heritage Kate Fernie, 2Culture Associates LoCloud is funded by the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme </li><li> 2. Project basics Best practice network funded by the EU under the CIP ICT PSP programme 1st March 2013 to 29th February 2016 33 partners in 26 countries Building on the results of CARARE and Europeana Local http://www.locloud.eu </li><li> 3. Huge numbers of local museums, libraries, archives and independent collections with an enormous amount of interesting content increasingly available online. Our starting point Stone idol, Tanderagee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland Wiltshire Heritage Museum </li><li> 4. Main goals To make it easier for smaller institutions to make their content available by removing technical, semantic and skills barriers Exploring the potential of cloud-computing technologies Creating easy to use software services for metadata enrichment and metadata capture Providing support, guidance and training Providing four million items of local heritage content to Europeana </li><li> 5. Why cloud? Cloud-based services can include infrastructure, platform and software Potential benefits for cultural institutions include cost savings, quick deployment and access to resources including technical support </li><li> 6. Services and Applications http://support.locloud.eu </li><li> 7. Lightweight digital library Based on the open source Omeka system Allows users to publish digital objects on-line in a few minutes Scalable, user friendly, with OAI-PMH interface Provides storage for metadata and content in various formats Incorporates web traffic analytics Cloud-based SaaS LoCloud Collections https://locloudhosting.net/ </li><li> 8. LoCloud Collections: adding </li><li> 9. Adding locations </li><li> 10. Creating your website Use standard templates or design your own </li><li> 11. Publishing items </li><li> 12. Example </li><li> 13. Services and Applications http://support.locloud.eu </li><li> 14. Vocabulary services GPL Based in TemaTres Incorporates 29 standard thesauri allows users to add and create vocabularies and add terms add translations http://vocabulary.locloud.eu/ </li><li> 15. Available thesauri for archaeology include: Archaeological objects Archaeological Sciences Building materials Components Event type Monument Type Maritime craft Periods Archives Vocabularies </li><li> 16. Thesaurus Browse </li><li> 17. Linked Data </li><li> 18. Services and Applications http://support.locloud.eu </li><li> 19. A semi-automatic historical geo- information management function and web service. Enables local cultural institutions to collaborate in developing the Thesaurus of HPN and enriching ingested metadata. Enables export of selected LoCloud HPN Thesaurus data sets. GPL Historic Place Names Service </li><li> 20. Services and Applications http://support.locloud.eu </li><li> 21. Developed by DCU, Athena Research Centre Aggregation framework Based on Fedora Commons and Apache Cassandra Storage layer with decentralized and scaleable components Pluggable components Developers area provides REST API and virtual enrichment drivers Cloud-based IaaS MORe http://store.locloud.eu </li><li> 22. MORe User-friendly interface allows data providers to select data sources, manage ingestion, validation, enrichment and publication of their metadata </li><li> 23. Integrating the microservices </li><li> 24. Enriching the metadata LoCloud microservices allow provided metadata to be enriched: Place names and geographical coordinates Historical placenames Concepts from thesauri in the Vocabulary service Language </li><li> 25. LoCloud support portal incorporates user and technical documentation eLearning materials Question-and-Answer service Access to a ticket desk system http://support.locloud.eu </li><li> 26. Summary LoCloud has developed services and aggregation infrastructure in the cloud These new services are being used to publish content online and to supply it to Europeana </li><li> 27. Thank you kfernie27@gmail.com LoCloud is funded by the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission. </li></ol>