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  • History Of Locksmith LOCKSMITH IN MIAMI


  • Locksmith: A

    ProfessionLocksmithing is art of designing andproducing locks and other mechanismsused to secure buildings, storage, objects,safes, rooms and other places. Locksmithsare talented metal-workers with theknowledge of shaping the meta pieces ofthe locks, and doing much of the hard file-work.

  • Ancient Locksmiths

    Traces of Locksmithing have beenrecovered from the Ancient Egypt andBabylon, estimated 4000 years ago. Atthat time Locksmiths used createdwooden devices in which tin tumblerprinciple was used to prevent freemovement of the door bar.

    The Lock was in the shape of modern

    toothbrush that was to lock the doors. Oneof those simple locks was discovered in theremains of the Assyrian Empire, in the cityof Khorsabad near Nineveh. The lockfound has been estimated to be around704 BC old.

  • Introduction Of

    Metallurgy in

    LocksmithingIn 18th century after the Metallurgy wasadopted, Locksmiths were now able tomake more durable locks and keys.

    New Design of Locks were alsointroduced, which were more durableand safer than before. People starteddemanding for Metal Locks for bettersecurity for their houses, safes and otherbuildings.

  • Famous Locks

    made in 18th


    In 18th Century many new locks were

    deigned which changed the meaning ofLocks and Locksmithing.

    Now here is the glimpse of few of theLocksmith who really challenged the theway the Locks were made and were verydurable and tough to break-in.

  • Locksmiths Of 18th


    Joseph BramahIn 1784, Joseph Bramah made Bramah Locks, the one of the very first and best locks ever known.

    He threw an open challenge to open break his lock. For 67 years nobody was able to break the lock, until in 1851, an Americal Locksmith did it,

    but it took him 51 hours (in 16 days) to open his Lock.

  • Locksmiths Of 18th


    Jeremiah Chubb

    Inventor of first of its kind of lock, which detects ifsomeone is trying to break in the lock, it will jamitself.

    The lock mechanism was so made that ifsomeone tried to break the, and touch thespecial lever it will jam the whole process, andwill not open until the original or special Masterkey is used to unlock in other direction.

  • Locksmiths Of 18th


    James SargentThe First one to introduce a Combination Lock. This Lock was also widely used as Safe locks. He started manufacturing locks under the company

    name S&G Locks, and are still selling their products through various associated Distributors.

  • Locksmiths Of 18th


    Samuel Segal

    Its when a police officer thought of protecting its people from thieves. Samuel Segal invented a lock which was tough enough to be broken by any thief.

  • Locksmiths Of 18th


    Harry Soref

    Inventor of very first PadLock. He wanted to make an affordable Lock which is not just handy and easy to use but is also hard to


    So every-time you lock your door with an handy lock say thanks to Harry Soref.

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