location technology solution - spirent 2017-11-09¢  location technology solution spirent...

Location Technology Solution - Spirent 2017-11-09¢  Location Technology Solution SPIReNT 8100 MOBILe
Location Technology Solution - Spirent 2017-11-09¢  Location Technology Solution SPIReNT 8100 MOBILe
Location Technology Solution - Spirent 2017-11-09¢  Location Technology Solution SPIReNT 8100 MOBILe
Location Technology Solution - Spirent 2017-11-09¢  Location Technology Solution SPIReNT 8100 MOBILe
Download Location Technology Solution - Spirent 2017-11-09¢  Location Technology Solution SPIReNT 8100 MOBILe

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  • spirent 8100 MOBiLe DeViCe test sYsteM

    Location Technology Solution


    Device/Chipset Manufacturers:

    • Research & Development • Design verification • Performance analysis • Benchmarking • Regression test • Conformance/

    certification test


    • Pre-launch evaluation • Acceptance test • Mobile applications test • Software regression test • End user and network

    KPI analysis

    The success of location-based services is highly dependent on a positive user experience, which in turn depends on the performance of the enabling location technology. Spirent’s Location Technology solution offers the industry’s greatest breadth and depth of testing capabilities to ensure optimal A-GNSS (A-GPS and A-GLONASS) and hybrid positioning performance for GSM, UMTS and LTE devices.

    Capabilities include protocol verification, RF and Over-the-Air (OTA) performance, conformance/certification testing and a baseband option for chipset testing. Spirent’s global leadership in GNSS test, with the largest installed base, assures full interoperability with A-GNSS chipsets, since almost all were developed using Spirent test solutions.

    The Location Technology solution is a key test area of Spirent’s 8100 Mobile Device Test System, offering an open, scalable, multi-purpose system expandable beyond initial testing needs. It helps meet a range of high-value mobile device testing requirements. It makes use of highly capable components including an SR3420 Network Emulator for UMTS/GSM/GPRS, an E2010S Network Emulator for LTE, and industry-leading GNSS Satellite Simulators with network-grade protocol stacks for full control of the GNSS environment.

    BeNefITS • Reduce time to market – all industry-standard protocols and

    A-GNSS modes in a single, automated platform with advanced algorithms that minimize test execution time

    • Reduce device returns and customer churn through improved device quality – fully-validated conformance testing, plus performance testing under real-world conditions helps pinpoint performance issues

    • Address the entire lifecycle of testing needs with a single solution – R&D, DVT, Conformance/Certification, Benchmarking/Evaluation, Acceptance, Applications, and Regression

    • Purchase only the capability you need, when you need it – the widest range of configurations and options; upgradeable to data throughput or call reliability

    Delivers a flexible and controllable lab-based Assisted GNSS (A-GNSS) and hybrid positioning test environment that is fully compliant with A-GNSS testing standards to help deliver quality Location-Based Services.

    SimGEN software allows complete control over the GNSS environment

  • Location Technology Solution


    ADVANCeD AUTOMATION AND POWeRfUL USeR INTeRfACe Spirent’s advanced software test executive allows fully- automated control of all software and hardware components from a single platform, making A-GNSS testing a straightforward task. Even the most complex A-GNSS test suites can be quickly and easily set up, controlled and reviewed. Comprehensive test results and test parameters are stored to ensure traceability of test data.

    GNSS eNVIRONMeNT SIMULATION Set up GNSS scenarios using one of Spirent’s 12-channel Simulators: GSS6560, GSS6700 or GSS8000. All Simulators employ advanced all-digital techniques for exceptional RF signal generation performance, low phase noise and code/carrier coherence.

    SimGEN GNSS scenario configuration software offers users unparalleled control over the GNSS environment including satellite constellation, individual signal power levels, multipath, atmospheric effects, and receiver motion.

    KeY feATUReS • Proven, industry-leading GNSS simulation with fully

    user-definable scenarios and configurable environments

    • Fully supports GCF and PTCRB standards-based A-GNSS

    conformance testing (see separate Coverage Grid)

    • Available full support for CTIA A-GPS OTA test requirements

    • Advanced automation and powerful user interface

    • Full Control Plane and User Plane testing capability

    • Programmable SMLC and SUPL server emulation

    • Supports both Coarse and Fine Time Assistance

    • Supports both UE-Based and UE-Assisted modes

    • Available baseband option for chipset/module development

    • Supports hybrid GNSS positioning testing with simultaneous

    A-GPS and A-GLONASS capability

    • Upgradeable to LTE LBS test capability

    • HTTCN 3 support for SUPL 2.0 ETS tests

    • SUPL 2.0 conformance and performance for GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE interfaces


    Simulator GSS6560 GSS6700 GSS8000

    Replay GPS satellite scenarios for performance and conformance testing

    X X X

    Advanced GPS scenario creation for testing real-world performance

    X Optional X

    Simultaneous 12-channel GPS and 12-channel GLONASS

    Optional X

    * Shown are UMTS supporting platforms. For LTE platforms, refer to LTE Location Technology Solution data sheet. ** GCF/PTCRB validated platform.

    SCALABLe SOLUTIONS* A400 A750 A500** A600


    A-GNSS Performance (GPS, GLONASS) X X X X

    3GPP RF Minimum Performance X X X X

    3GPP Signalling Conformance X X X

    CTIA A-GPS OTA Test Plan X X X

    A-GPS OTA Performance X X X

    OMA SUPL 1.0 ETS X X X X

    OMA SUPL 1.0 ENH X X X X

    OMA SUPL 2.0 ETS X X X

    Radio Access

    Development Library X

    Call Reliability X

    Throughput X

    Mobility X

  • Location Technology Solution


    SMLC AND SUPL SeRVeR eMULATION The Spirent SMLC Emulator (SSE) presents a simple yet powerful tool to manage the content of messages exchanged between the SMLC and the UE. The user has full control over the Information Elements (IE) to be used during a positioning session.

    The Spirent SUPL emulator and application server supports both OMA SUPL V1.0 and V2.0 and allows the user to configure the call flows (Network Initiated or SET Initiated) as well as other parameters.

    The SSE is capable of implementing a wide range of message formats and call flows

    TeST CAPABILITY (Part #) TeST DeSCRIPTION TM-LBS-OMA-SUPL-v1.0-ENH OMA SUPL v1.0 Enhanced (Performance)


    TM-LBS-SP-PERF Spirent A-GPS Performance

    TM-LBS-SP-AGLO-PERF Spirent A-GLONASS Performance

    TP-LBS-LTE-VZW-TP1 Verizon LTE LBS Standalone GPS Test Pack 1

    TS-LBS-3G-CP-TMO* T-Mobile 3G A-GPS Control Plane Tests

    TP-UDL-TMO-SI-R01* T-Mobile A-GPS Service Interaction Tests

    TS-LBS-2GCP-AGPS-PERF-ATT* AT&T 2G Control Plane A-GPS Performance

    TS-LBS-3GCP-AGPS-PERF-ATT* AT&T 3G Control Plane A-GPS Performance

    TS-LBS-E911-REDIRECT-ATT* AT&T E911 Cell Redirect

    TS-LBS-SUPL-REL-ATT* AT&T SUPL Performance tests

    TS-LBS-SUPL V1.0 -ADV-ATT* AT&T Advanced SUPL 1.0 Performance tests

    8100-CFG-LBS-OPEN-API A-GPS API for Custom Test Development

    8100-CFG-LBS-OTA-API A-GPS OTA API for Custom Test Development

    8100-CFG-LBS-ADS A-GNSS Chipset Development platform option

    8100-CFG-LBS-EE1 Predicted Orbits GPS platform option

    8100-CFG-STA- GPS Standalone GPS platform option

    8100-CFG-LBS-OTA-APP CTIA A-GPS OTA Conformance platform option

    TP-UDL-A-GPS** A-GPS Development Library for Service Interaction testing

    TM-LBS-OTA Spirent OTA Test Pack 2.0


    TM-LBS-3GPP-TS34.171 3GPP 34.171 UMTS A-GPS Min. Performance

    TM-LBS-3GPP-TS51.010-MP 3GPP 51.010 GSM A-GPS Min. Performance

    TM-LBS-3GPP-TS34.123-SIG 3GPP 34.123 UMTS A-GPS Signalling

    TM-LBS-3GPP-TS51.010-SIG 3GPP 51.010 GSM A-GPS Signalling

    TM-LBS-OMA-SUPL-V1.0 OMA SUPL ETS 1.0 Test Pack

    TM-LBS-OMA-SUPL-V2.0-TP1 OMA SUPL 2.0 ETS Test Pack 1

    TM-LBS-OMA-SUPL-V2.0-TP2 OMA SUPL 2.0 ETS Test Pack 2

    Advanced antenna pattern editor enables complex GNSS scenario generation

    OVeR-THe-AIR TeSTING The A-GPS Over-the-Air option supports the CTIA A-GPS OTA test plan and custom procedures via an easy-to-use API, or via automation software available from the leading chamber manufacturers. Advanced algorithms minimize test execution time. The OTA option is an easy, cost-effective upgrade to the standard conducted solution.

    • Fully supports the CTIA A-GPS OTA Test Plan • Uses standard cellular signaling channels for direct over-the-

    air measurements • Allows easy integration of a combined CDMA and UMTS

    A-GNSS OTA test capability • Supports easy-to-configure OTA performance tests

    CHIPSeT DeVeLOPMeNT The ADS Baseband option enables automated testing for A-GNSS chipset/module development, where a cellular air interface may not be present, by offering:

    • Baseband interface • Spirent ADS Router interface software that translates the

    control/signaling protocol to chipset-specific protocol • Software Development Kit (SDK) to assist users in developing

    their ADS Router component to interface with the A-GNSS development platform under test

    CONfORMANCe TeSTING Fully supports A-GPS GCF/PTCRB RF Minimum Performance and Signaling Conformance testing as well as OMA SUPL.

    PeRfORMANCe TeSTING User-defined SMLC and SUPL server parameters, customized GPS sa


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