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<ul><li> 1. Mary Nzeh</li></ul> <p> 2. Road side scene- shots 7&amp;8Shot 7Intended location for huntsman motorbike scene-Camberwell, London Borough of Lambeth, London SW9Shot 8 3. This documentation was one madeduring times of visiting Camberwellroad. This documentation would betransferred to the director (Kianna)aswell as the producer (Elizabeth)General observations of this location:Practicality: as this is a location for a motorbike scene,we need to ensure that the actors health and safety is apriority. This is why this location would be perfect. I say thisbecause it is very quite and less busy location for a middle ofthe road scene.Distance: As there is a station- Loughborough junctionstation just opposite Loughborough road, we crew could justget an underground tube straight to Loughborough junctionfrom Clapham common this would take approximately15minutes. By bus this journey would take approximately30minutes.Comments: I personally think this is a perfect location for thisshot as it helps to ensure that the actors health and safety as wellas the camera crews health and safety are in check 4. Forest scene 1: Streatham commonIntended location for our forest scenes No1.-Streatham commonMore of Streatham common documentation in next slide &gt;&gt;&gt; 5. This documentation was one made during times of visiting Streatham common. This documentation would be transferred to the director (Kianna)as well as the producer (Elizabeth)General observations of this location:Practicality: This location is practical to work with as it is ableto contain all crew members. As well as this, it includes somecafes and shops around for any light refreshments which any crewmember may need. However, there are no electric sources aroundthis area (just in case the camera power may run out)Distance: From Clapham south this location takes approximately45minutes to get to by bus. However Clapham south station ittakes roughly 2minutes to get to.Comments: I do not believe that this is the perfect location forthis scene, however, it does have some qualities of the forestwhich my both my director and producer are looking for.Qualities such as an open space symbolising isolation, tall andlong trees. Despite this, I believe it does not add that realismof a forest to the scene. 6. Forest scene 2: forest hillAnother intended location for forest scene-Forest hill honor oakMore of forest hill documentation in next slide&gt;&gt;&gt; 7. This documentation was one made during timesof visiting forest hill. This documentation wouldbe transferred to the director (Kianna)as wellas the producer (ElizabethGeneral observations on this location:Practicality: Due to the magnitude of this location, we mayhave some practical problems to deal with. Problems suchas: getting round and not getting lost, navigation in andout of the forest.Distance: From Clapham south this location takesapproximately 54- 50minutes to get to by bus.Similarly, it takes roughly 40minutes by tube and trainform Clapham south station.Comments: unlike the rest of the locations which I havejust analysed, this location, to me, is the one that holdsmore practical and health and safety issues. This is becausethis location is in fact very woody and clustered with trees.This means that we, the company have to make sure nocrew member gets lost or injured. 8. Grandmothers house: Exterior viewMore documentation of Brixton library in the next slide&gt;&gt;&gt; 9. This documentation was one made during times of visiting Brixton library. This documentation would be transferred to the director(Kianna)as well as the producer (Elizabeth) 10. Due to the fact that this is a much more private location compared to the previous ones which I have juststated; we would need some permission in the form of a contract with the council to ensure that we have theright to film in or outside this location. So I have carried out a contract form which I have given to the councilto sign. This documentation in below for you to take a look at. General observations on this location: Practicality: This is another location that hold very little or no practical problems. This is only when permission has been confirmed. as we have been granted permission to this location; it holds very little practical problems. Distance: This location takes approximately 20minites from Clapham south by bus while it takes roughly 10minutes by tube Comments: I believe the only problems which we may have with this location is the ambient sounds surrounding this location. When I visited this location, I noticed that traffic levels were at times very high, which could disrupt our filming. 11. Church location 1: St Matthews churchIntended location for church scene-St Matthews Church BrixtonMore documentaion of St Matthews Church in next slide&gt;&gt;&gt; 12. This documentation was one made during times of visitingBrixton. This documentation would be transferred to thedirector (Kianna)as well as the producer (Elizabeth)General observations on this location:Practicality: This is a location which hold very little or even nopractical problems. This is because as well as it includes a church, italso include a small park where crew members are bale to sit and havea rest. It also includes several shops, ensuring that snacks areprovided. It is also very easy to locate from Clapham south as astraight bus could take us there.Distance: it only takes about 20miuntes by bus while it only takeapproximately 10mintes by train or tube.Comments: this location could be classified as very stress free asall which would be needed surrounds the church. For instance, shopsfor food. Library for electricity (however, permission must be takenfirst) in addition, bearing in mind travel costs, this location is literallyopposite another intended location- Brixton library which means lesstraveling and lower costs. 13. Church scene 2: St LeonardschurchAnother intended church location-St Leonards church in Streatham.More documentation of st leonards church in next slide&gt;&gt;&gt; 14. This documentation was one made during times ofSt Leonards Baptist church in streatham. This documentation would be transferred to the director (Kianna)as well as the producer (Elizabeth)General observations on this location:Practicality: this location allows very easy accessas well as shops and cafes forrefreshments, however, very little space for luggagesand items which may need to be put down. Althoughthis is a minor problem it is still a factor toconsider.Distance: this location only takes roughly30minutes to get to be bus while it takes 40minitesby tube.Comments: Although I do believe this locationis perfect for our church scenes as it adds thatspook and thrill which is needed; it holds manyethical problems as it includes a grave yard. Whichmay not be appealing to some of the cast members. 15. THE END</p>