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  1. 1. Location recce: Central London
  2. 2. Location: Central London - The main location we are going to use is going to be Central London, we have selected this setting because the fast pace movements, lights and diverse atmospheres. We think that that nature of the different cultures and various lights/advertisements/displays will portray the variety in the conventions of a stereotypical dance music video. The quality of the camera will enable us to capture high quality shots that will aid us in making our final product look more sophisticated. - Filming at night will enhance the effect of the surrounding bright lights, as the bright lights are a key concept of a dance music video. - This is also an idea we intent to incorporate in to various shots we are possibly going to use coloured filters or lettering to ensure the whole product looks stylized. - In addition to our plans to film in London I have researched into permission to film in areas of London, and I have emailed the council to clarify that we are allowed to film in our planned locations and I am currently awaiting a reply.
  3. 3. Location: Limo -We have filmed footage inside a limo to use in our music video, we think this is a good location as it emphasizes the celebration/party elements of the video. -The occasion was for of our group members birthday so it was an ideal situation to film as we didnt require any permission or additional funding in order to do so. - There will select a small amount of footage from the limo to used in the video as the shots are fairly repetitive as we was in a confined space and we want to avoid over using the same scenery. Location: Fun fair - We hope to include footage of a recent day at our local funfair, we feel this will incorporate the elements of light and movement similar to the scenes shot around Central London. We filmed at night to enhance the atmosphere we intend to create. - Furthermore the vibrant colours and bright flashing lights are conventions of a dance music video, and including these scenes in our production will ensure we are covering the key conventions. - Fun fairs are a thrilling place where people are considered to enjoy themselves and be happy, this is the impression and atmosphere we aim to portray in our video through energetic youths.
  4. 4. Location: House parties - We aim to use a variety of locations for our production, the reason for this is so that our audience remain engaged with the video and shots are too frequently over used as the video would then appear to be boring. - One of the main location settings through out is going to be house parties, this is the fundamental footage that we aim to have consistently running through the video. This will portray a realistic atmosphere as we are filming in real life situations and will suit the genre of dance because of the energetic movements and fast pace. We plan to film these shots by the end of October/ beginning of November, we will be using the Sony HDV 1000e camera as this captures high quality image and as the setting will be predominantly dark with flashing lights we need to ensure that the footage we capture is of a good standard. - In our production we desire to portray a similar vibe to the scenes in movie Project X which present footage of wild partying and arguably out of control teens- this is the stereotype that we appear to be conforming to however in fact the message we truly want to present subverts the medias reflection of contemporary youth and the teens are in fact just being young and free.
  5. 5. Equipment -The basic and essential equipment that we require to use is the camera, tripod and Apple Mac + Final Cut Express software tools for editing. Other equipment includes props such as: Sparklers Alcohol General party scenery (food, drinks, lights) Cigarettes ( to use the smoke as a feature) Appropriate clothing for dance genre - We want to make our video look as realistic as possible to create a nature and stylized final product, so as a result we have chosen to not over use a variety of props. The scenes that we have selected to film are all real events that we had been invited too and we are going to utlise our advantages as this is an ideal situation and have asked for our friends permission to film at their houses. - All the characters that appear throughout the video are all aged 18+, although we want to present youth in a energetic and joyful light we understand that there is a legal requirement and we ensure that we following this. This is an example of the camera we are going to use We aim to use sparklers in our music video