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    Local Food & Drink in Northamptonshire Local Food & Drink in Northamptonshire


    Northamptonshire Enterprise PartnershipEnterprise House30 Billing RoadNorthamptonNN1 5DQ

    [email protected]_NorthantsEP01604 609393

    To be featured in revisions of this directory please contact Made in Northamptonshire by email [email protected]

  • Local Food is a fantastic new guide for all you foodies out there. Nothing processed. Just lots of great tasting food and drink. The freshest, finest quality produce youll find in Northamptonshire. All made locally, with passion.

    This comprehensive guide is packed full of top class eateries and award-winning producers. From master butchers and fine bakeries to delicious farm-fresh produce and breweries.

    Its the perfect way to find the very best in local food and drink.

    Northamptonshires Local Food & Drink Guide


  • Bakes, Cakes & Treats


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    Its a fact cakes are deliciously tasty. Eat one and life instantly feels better.

    The perfect pick-me-up for ravenous locals and visitors alike, Northamptonshires fine bakers and sweet-makers create all manner of exquisite bread, buns, tarts and muffins. From the delectably tempting to the wonderfully exotic.

  • Bakes, Cakes & Treats

    Bakes, Cakes & Treats



  • Meat and Lean CutsIf your taste buds love great food, you cant go far wrong here.

    Northamptonshire is renowned for its master butchers. Why? Because theres nothing hands-off when it comes to how they produce and package their choicest cuts. Tender cuts and succulent slices, all packed full of delicious melt in your mouth taste.

  • Meat and Lean Cuts


  • Local Drinks

    If you like a drink that hits the spot, youre in the right place.

    For decades, weve been making drinks that have been quenching peoples thirst around the world, and closer to home. All thanks to a blend of long-standing traditions, popular recipes, and a spirited entrepreneurial culture that mixes inter-national brands, old sake breweries and up-and-coming independents.

    Come and soak it up.


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  • Local Drinks


  • Local Drinks

  • Local Drinks


  • Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards Here in Northamptonshire we make lots of great tasting food and drink.

    In fact, its a sector thats worth a delicious 1.5bn and packed full of more than 46,000 local food heroes. And seeing as they put so much effort into creating food and drink of outstanding quality, its only fair to give them a very public pat on the back for a job well done.

    So each year we get together to celebrate the very best the sector has to offer. No matter what they make. Set up in 2008, we call it the Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards. Were mighty proud of it. And our winners

  • Images: Awards Dinner, November 2012, The Wing @ Silverstone

    Young Chef of the Year:William Mountain The Saracens Head, Little Brington

    Booker Chef of the Year:James Ingram Mercedes Benz AMG, Brixworth

    Restaurant of the Year:The Exeter Arms, Easton on the Hill

    Pub or Bar Restaurant of the Year: The Saracens Head, Little Brington

    Community Pub of the Year Town:The Swan and Helmet, Northampton

    Community Pub of the Year Rural:The George, Tiffield

    Awards Winners 2012/13Northamptonshire Jubilee Breakfast: The Church Restaurant, Northampton

    Artisan Local Product/Drink of the Year:Home Cured Bacon Sauls of Spratton, Spratton

    New Local Product of the Year:The Hot Runner The Pickled Village, Bulwick

    New Local Drink of the Year:Golden Russet Apple Juice The Village Orchard, Flore

    Local Food Hero of the Year:Gerald Bailey of Newlands Farm, Hannington

    Spice Chef of the Year:Bodrul Islam Saffron, Northampton


    To find out more about how NEP loves to support Northamptonshires Food & Drink sector please visit www.northamptonshireep.co.uk

  • www.lovenorthamptonshire.com/food

    Farm Shops & Delicatessens Some people think shopping around for your food is pretty weird.

    The local supermarket has it all, right? But being adventurous has its rewards. Use your imagination and take a trip to one of our many great delis and speciality shops.

    Theyre full of wonderful ingredients that make for some very tasty dishes. Go on, get out and bag yourself something deliciously different.

  • www.love-northamptonshire.co.uk

    Farm Shops & Delicatessens

    Farm Shops & Delicatessens

  • Farm Shops & Delicatessens

  • www.lovenorthamptonshire.com/foodFind out more:www.lovenorthamptonshire.co.uk/Creative

  • Local ProduceIf you enjoy savouring something a little bit special or slightly more exotic, all lovingly produced by people who love what they do, youll love Northamptonshires delights.

    And because weve strived to search out the best specialist producers we could possibly find, youll know that youre tucking in to the best tasting produce out there.

    Northamptonshire is responsible for 10% of the UKs total wheat storage, milling and processing capacity

  • www.love-northamptonshire.co.uk

    Local Produce

  • www.lovenorthamptonshire.com/food

    Local Produce

  • www.love-northamptonshire.co.uk

    Were extremely proud of what we make in our county.

    But one of the biggest challenges has always been spreading the word. So

    guess what we did? We launched Made in Northamptonshire a local networking group for everyone who makes the food and drink industry their business.

    Perfect for people thirsting for new contacts and hungry for advice on buying local. Its a refreshingly simple idea but one thats already proved to be hugely satisfying.

    Made in Northamptonshire

  • Farmers MarketsDelicious, fresh and just plain tasty. Forget pre-packed, mass produced foods.

    Discover real food at our farmers markets. Youll find them in market town squares all over Northamptonshire. Like the historic market places of Towcester and Brackley. Or maybe a trip to Daventry, Oundle or Higham Ferrers is more your thing?

    A combination of fresh produce, succulent meats, the fruitiest jams and tempting cakes, theyre guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds. Its why food fans find Northamptonshire produce so moreish.


  • www.love-northamptonshire.co.uk

    Farmers Markets

    Dates and locations:

    1. BrackleyMarket Place

    Third Saturday of every month 9.00-1.00

    2. Burton LatimerMillenium GardenFirst Saturday of every month, 9.00-1.00

    3. DaventryHigh Street First Saturday of every month, 9.00-1.30

    4. Higham FerrersMarket Square Last Saturday of every month, 9.00-1.30

    Dates and locations:

    5. NorthamptonMarket Square

    Third Thursday of every month, 9.30-1.30

    6. OundleMarket PlaceSecond Saturday of every month, 9.00-2.00

    7. TowcesterRichmond RoadSecond Friday of every month 9.00-1.00

    8. WellingboroughMarket SquareLast Thursday of every month, 9.00-2.00








  • Northamptonshire Enterprise PartnershipEnterprise House30 Billing RoadNorthamptonNN1 5DQ

    [email protected]_NorthantsEP01604 609393

    Local Food & Drink in Northamptonshire


    Northamptonshire Enterprise PartnershipEnterprise House30 Billing RoadNorthamptonNN1 5DQ

    [email protected]_NorthantsEP01604 609393

    To be featured in revisions of this directory please contact Made in Northamptonshire by email [email protected]