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Local Act Team - Final presentation - CITIZEN ACT 2011


<ul><li> 1. 10 YEARS of LocalActCitizen Act XV April 2021Le Defanse, France</li></ul> <p> 2. Content1Situation in 20112 Local Act and SocGen Today3How Local Act works4The Website5 Beginnings of Local Act6 Business plan7 Conclusion 3. Back in 2011 4. The Year 2021 5. Introduction How it works Website Beginnings Business Plan ConclusionLocal Act Todaythe main tool for all citizen projects and actionsSociete Generale bankbank of trust that cares and helps our familyand community 6. Introduction How it worksWebsiteBeginnings Business PlanConclusionIssueProjectCitizen action Initiative How it worksCommunity boardconsideration SocGen Foundation AdditionalExecutionconsideration CriteriatodayAcceptanceDocumentationVolunteers DonationsDepositsExecution 7. What is theinterest for the bank? 8. DEPOSITSSocGen VOLUNTEERS INVOLVMENT SPREADING TEAM SPIRITCONNECTION WITH NGOsNEW CLIENTS USER BASE 9. Introduction How it works Website Beginnings Business PlanConclusion Features of the website Active projects IssuesdiscussionsCommunitynewsletter Commitment E-learning NewsletterSG productsand services 10. Lets see how it started 11. Introduction How it works Website Beginnings Business Plan ConclusionImplementation steps Team developmentFoundation developmentWebsite developmentNGO conference Community board establishing Web site launchingActive promotion Further development of E-learning materials Local act seminars 12. IntroductionHow it works Website BeginningsBusiness Plan Conclusion 7 monthscontinue Pre Launch phase Post Launch phase Focus: NGOs Focus: CitizensDirect promotion Contacting NGO Officials Target group: 15-65Internet promotion NGO portalsNGO ConferenceWord-of-mouthSocGen BranchesViral marketingInternet promotion - PaidSeeding marketing strategy:Use influential group to gain publicityamong other groups 13. IntroductionHow it works Website BeginningsBusiness PlanConclusion Financial Resources Financial RecoursesAmount Notes Website development*20.000Pre - launch Phase*Website development costs areone time globally, same website NGO Conference Promotion 2.500Pre - launch Phasewill be replicated everywhere withNGO Conference 10.000Pre launch Phaseminor adaptations. Pre Launch Phase total32.500 One time Internet Promotion 3.000Post Launch PhasePrinted Materials 2.000 Post - Launch Phase Community board Materials2.000 Post - Launch Phase Website Maintenance2.000 Post - Launch Phase Post Launch Phase total9.000 Per year Human ResourcesHuman RecoursesNotesRequired number of peopleTeam that will set up whole project. This team Local Act Teamwill eventually transform into Foundation.5All FiguresConsists of SocGen employees and volunteers.are projected Foundation Leading officials are full time employed.2 full time + 5 volunteerson theEvery community will have assigned board that example of will be governing body for local projects. ThisCommunity boards board consists of NGO activists, proactive citizens 5-10 per community Serbia.and SocGen volunteers. They are volunteers from SocGen and they are Trainersassigned to develop E-learning materials and train5people on seminars.Total 25 14. DEPOSITSSocGen VOLUNTEERS INVOLVMENT SPREADING TEAM SPIRIT LOYALTYCONNECTION WITH NGOsNEW CLIENTS USER BASE 15. But. Its not 2021There is no LocalAct 16. There is no online systemfor citizen action 17. Inventing responsible practicesfor the bank of the future 18. Are you the Bank of the Future? 19. Thank you for your attention</p>