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Living Wellness, inspiring you to embrace your happiest, healthiest life in 2012!


  • Welcome to our second editionof Living Wellness !Here we are in 2012! What is it Life is callingyou to as this New Year begins? I believe whatLife wants is for us all to be our best, brightestmost joyful, vibrant, happy, healthy selves.The question is, how we make this kind ofwellness our everyday lived experience.

    With this new year we have a new beginning,a fresh chance to start over; Forgive and forget,let go of old hurts and our fears and livelike our happiness depends on it.

    Its time to get focused; Get clear on what trulyis most important to you in your life and putyour most important things first. Its time tosay no to all the shoulds and have tos;stop letting guilt and obligation rule your life.

    With this New Year an opportunity to developthe art of wellness; Gratitude; Drink plenty offresh water; Get enough sleep; give the toxicpeople and habits the flick; say kind things toyourself. Now is the best time to takeresponsibility for yourself and your life,to change what isnt working andto embrace and celebrate what is.

    2012 is the year to be who you truly want to bein the world, to be who you truly are at heart.

    Living Wellness magazine is here to supportyou in living a healthy happy life you love.In this edition youll find lots of inspiring andhelpful articles. There is a directory full ofpassionate local wellness professionals toexpand your experience of health and wellness.Our calendar pages are filled with fun andinteractive workshops, classes and eventsfor you to enjoy.

    May your year be everything you candream of and more!

    Be well,

    PS Thanks to all the passionate local wellnessprofessionals who attended the launch of ourvery first edition of Living Wellness. You arethe people bringing Living Wellness to life!



    Age: 37

    Weight Lost 52.5kgin 12 months

    Centimetres Lost 230

    Starting Dress Size 26

    Current Dress Size 12

    Lost 7 dress sizes

    (Danielle before)

    Curves Success Story:Danielle HooperAustralia and New Zealand Curvette of the Year 2012Elizabeth, South Australia

    Thanks to Curvesmy life is totally different.For the first time everI am truly proud of who I am .

    Spring Living Wellness Launch Attendees pictured above

  • I am Woman - the art of being youBy Minda Lennon - Queen of WellnessHave you ever dreamed of living a lifeof purpose with an abundance ofenergy, vitality and health; and anopen heart, loads of self love,

    self respect, selfforgiveness selfesteem and abucket full of fullof laughter?

    If so, this book isfor you!

    You can get your copyat:

    Connect with Minda on

    In this edition........................................................................................Contents



    4 Inspiring wellness - From down & out to out & out awesome!5 A word from the Good Doctor - The Happiness Trap6 The path to wellness - Fibromyalgia wellbeing7 Stress cures - Fab feeling feet, fab feeling life.8 Wellness service directory - The best people in wellness10 Water vs Soft drink - Are your drinking habits making you fat?11 Whats on in wellness - Calendar of events12 The truth about Chiropractic - Is it safe?13 Whats on in wellness - Ongoing groups & classes14 New Year wellness - Making your future bright.


    Living Wellness MagazinePublisher: The Wellness HubEditor: Soli GoodesEmail: [email protected]: 0413 926 653PO Box 296, Sandy Creek, SA, 5350Distribution: 1200 copies distributedthrough practitioner network, medicalcentres, complimentary & natural therapycentres, pharmacys, health shops andother local community wellnessorganisations and businesses.

    Opinions and views expressed by the contributors and advertisers are not necessarily theopinions and views of the editor.

    Material in Living Wellness is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in anyform with out the permission of the authors.

    While every effort is made to ensure accuracy Living Wellness takes no responsibility forinadvertent errors or omissions.

    The articles in the magazine are for your interest only and are not meant to replace expertadvice from your Medical or Health practitioner.

    Advertising and Editorial InformationPublished Quarterly. Editorial & Advertising submissions due 11th of May 2012Next published 7th of June 2012

    Interested in submitting an article contribution? please email:liv[email protected] for submission guidelines. All welcome.

    Advertising available from $30-All enquiries phone 0413 926 653 or email: [email protected]


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    Best books in wellnessA Modern Womans Guide to A NaturalEmpowering BirthBy Katrina ZaslavskyA collection of Inspiring Birth stories & practical insightsfor women to reclaim their natural birth power andovercome fears in a modern world. Get your copyat:

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    Inspiring WellnessFrom down & out to out & out awesome!

    Hello, my name is Kate, Im34 yrs old, I have three children 14,13 and 10, Im a single mum, I workpart time, run my own business andam studying a Dip in Life Coaching.If someone had of said to me6 years ago that this is where Iwould be in my life now, I wouldnot have believed them. Thereason being, I used to be in apretty dark place.

    My real downward spiralgained momentum in my earlytwentys, I had two daughtersunder two and I was all alone. SureI had family and friends but when Iwas by myself it was just me andmy demons. I had been a bit of aparty girl, I didnt exercise and paidlittle attention to what food mychildren and I consumed. Skipforward a few years, add anotherchild and a toxic relationship andwhalla you have a recipe fordisaster. I gained a huge amount ofweight, drank more, smokedmore, ate more and cared lessabout any of it than I had before.I had already suffered from anxietyand depression but now itconsumed me.

    After five years of this self-abuse I worked up the strength toleave my then partner and embarkon a new chapter of my life. Youknow the saying hitting rockbottom? It really does exist andit has no mercy. I was broke,depressed, scared, overwhelmedand had no idea what I needed todo to get better, there was noquick fix. Most days you couldfind me curled up

    in the foetal position in acorner of my kitchen sobbinguncontrollably or self-medicatingmyself with some cheap cask wine.This was actually a blessing as nowI had no choice but to claw my wayback up.

    It took firstly admitting I had aproblem then accessing help froman agency that provided supportand counselling, joining a womenswriting group, seeking professionalhelp with my addictions, a lot ofsoul searching, wrong turns,hurdles and a lot of mistakes alongthe way. Each one bringing mecloser to where I yearned to be,healthy, happy and the best mum Ican be.

    It wasnt one thing thatchanged my life it was acombination of things.

    With all that behind me I standhere today with more dreams andgoals than ever before. What I haveachieved so far is I am now anon-smoker, I have control overthe alcohol I consume it no longercontrols me, I am 30 kilos lighter inweight and probably lost doublethat in emotional baggageJ.

    1 am a fitness instructor and Iam physically, emotionally andmentally available for my childrenand myself.

    In the words of Emerson Lifeis a journey not a destination andI know I have so much more tolearn. I hope by reading my storythat a spark of inspiration ignites inyour soul. Whoever you are andwhatever positive, life changing,inspirational dream you desire,what are you waiting for?? A sign?Someone else to do it for you? Amiracle? And just think you may beblessed enough to touch someoneelses life along the way.

    Kate QuinnSoul 2 Sole DanceFind Kate on Facebook ~Soul 2 Sole Dance(Zumba & Bellydance)

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

    A Top Tip for Wellness

    Try getting to sleep in a verydark room by 10pm, & notice

    how much better you feel!

  • Working as a General Practitioner for the pastfifteen years, I have become aware of the highdegree of anxiety and stress in our society. One of thebiggest causes of stress and unhappiness I have found isthat people get caught up in the treadmill to get biggercars, bigger houses, and other stuff. Once caught in thisrat race, its harder and harder to get out and its oftenthe recipe for long-term misery.

    Many people stuck on this path and intent on putting inlong hours to make money to fund these goals may infact be neglecting their family, friendships, their hobbiesand their creative pursuits in the process, the thingsthat actually make them happy.

    There is a popular notion that happiness means feelinggood and being in a state of pleasure and contentment.I like the analogy that happiness is like having children:they make you happy some of the time, but theresalsoa lot of frustration getting there. Happiness is aboutexperiencing the full range of emotions and having a lifewith meaning.

    How you can escape the trap:

    By becoming aware of your true values and goals, youcan enter a state of mindfulness. This is a mental stateof existing in the present that has you empoweredto engage fully, get more out of your everydayinteractions, and acknowledge any feelings of anxietyand stress but not allow them to overwhelm you.

    I have found that it helps tomake space for negativethoughts, learn to breathe through difficult feelings andlearn that struggle is part of attaining your goal, to bethe person you want to be, to live a full human life.

    Finally, be prepared to change those aspects of your lifethat arent contributing to your happiness and that arewithin your control: downsize your working hours andmaterial expectations, and upgrade the time you spendwith family and friends or volunteering.

    Forget about keeping up with the Jones and make yourlifes work being happy.

    1. Reassess your values and goals

    2. Change stressful aspects of your lifethat are within your control

    3. Improve your interactions with friends,family, staff and colleagues

    4. Brighten your environment

    5. Downsize your stress and upgradeyour enjoyment

    6. Live in the moment and practise mindfulness

    7. Acknowledge negative thoughts and feelingsbut dont let them overwhelm you.

    8. Practise gratitude and appreciation

    9. Lighten up and have some fun.

    10. Eat healthily, exercise and sleep enough

    Dr Sandra Marshall

    General Practitioner and Cosmetic PhysicianGawler Medical Clinic and Gawler Cosmetic ClinicT elephone: (08) 8522 1844

    A word from the Good DoctorThe Happiness Trap







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    To live a healthy lifestyle we need to clear andcleanse our environment as well as working on


    Alison specializes in ~

    Land & House Blessings and Clearings.Alison Gilgen - Reiki Master, Healer, Teacher.

    For further information

    please ring Alison on 0417 865 971

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

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    The Path to Wellness

    My `diagnosis` of Fibromyalgia (FMS) just over 4years ago, jolted me into a new reality. FMS hasprovided opportunities I`ve chosen to use in a positiveway, to enhance self acceptance and personal growth.I eventually began to make choices that focused onbalancing the physical psychological spiritualaspects for ME.I`m not a qualified Health Professional and encourageindividuals to seek appropriate guidance, advice andsupport. I also encourage people to find their ownpath, one that is right for them. Remain positive andhopeful. Believe in yourself and trust that the strengthyou`ll need will be within you to help you throughthis journey.FMS is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletaldisorders (affecting around 2% of population); andaccounts for approx. 25% of new referrals torheumatologist specialists. Diagnosis can be complexand drawn out. Sometimes termed `CMI= chronicmulti-system illness, with far reaching symptoms. Thepainful effects on the individual(s) are greatlyunderestimated and often misunderstood.Although this systemic/multi system disorder has noknown cure, there are a range of ` Pharmalogical` and`Non Pharmalogical approaches available to assist withlong term management.I continue to use a combination of approaches toboth improve poor health (under functioning systems)and address long term management. My GP has openlyembraced an `integrative` approach and worksalongside my Naturopath.For a while (in my case) the medical term`hypopituitarism` was utilised. Replacement of allpituitary hormones was implemented (thyroid,ovaries, adrenals etc). Sleep disorders were also ofprime importance. Alongside this, nutritionaldeficiencies and infections were targeted.However, I realised that my recovery had to reachfurther than medicine. Stabilising and correctingmy physical health was a slow process andrequired patience.I needed more than medicine alone, to improve myability to cope. I gained many useful skills via apsychologist (mindfulness, self awareness/acceptance,

    enhanced communication skill etc). I worked withmyself to change my thinking to becomemore optimistic.Over time, I also sought out a range of interventions,which enhanced my energy levels, decreased stress(physical and emotional) and began to give me peaceof mind. My sense of calm increased and I continue tofollow this new path. I realised I had nothing to loseand much to gain by exploring many options.These `complementary` options include pilates,yoga, Tai chi, kinesiology, massage, meditation,uplifting music, crystal therapy, physiotherapy,acupuncture, angel therapy (Doreen Virtue), positiveaffirmations and self healing (Louise Hay),positive andenlightening reading (books, quotes etc), developingmy spirituality, Reiki, mindfulness, prayer, stressmanagement aromatherapy, incense, candles etc.My greatest realisation has been that we can remainempowered. We can be active participants in our stateof wellness.I discovered that whilst we may need the help ofmedicine and `pharmalogical approaches`, it is oftenin addition to other therapies and interventions. Mostimportantly, our greatest assets are our strength, oursense of self or character and our spirit. These will bethe source of our greatest power and healing. Nobodyor nothing can take these away. We may just need tolook deeper within to find them!

    DEE CAMPBELLConnect with Dee on Facebook`fibromyalgia wellness

    FIBROMYALGIA WELLBEING A personal account.

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

  • Summer ~ Autumn 2012

    Stress CuresFab feeling feet, feb feeling life!

    Page 7

    stretching, kneading, rotating andapplying pressure to achieve amazinghealth benefits. They will ask youabout your physical and emotionalhealth and focus treatments on theareas of the foot that correlate with

    is an ancient form ofhealing, providing the body with somuch more than therapeutic touch.You will experience a walkingthumb pressure over your entirefoot, with each area of the footcorresponding to various bodilyorgans and functions. By applying aseries of techniques involving touchand movement, the treatmentoffers healing to the correspondingareas. Reflexology not only feelsgreat but also offers a subtle formof healing for the physical,emotional and energetic well being.

    The reflexologist tunes into your energy and performsa series of physical manipulations to the foot, including

    your health issues. The sensationsyou feel can be very surprising,sometimes even slightly tender as thepressure is consistent and firm.Rarely does it tickle in even the mostsensitive of feet. The experience andresults can be quite individual foreach client. Most however, find itvery relaxing.

    Take a moment to think about yourfeet. They are our stability and directconnection with the earth, providingthe grounding aspect in life. Eachfoot has millions of nerve endings,energy lines, many bones and

    circulatory vessels. We all know just how good a footmassage feels! Reflexology takes this one step furtherby providing not only the therapeutic sensations butalso specific healing techniques to assist the body toheal and promote wellness.

    If you havent tried it already give Reflexology a go.Not only will it make you feel great and give you alittle spring back into your step, it might just improveyour health in ways you have never before imagined.Do your feet and your body a favour and book anappointment with a qualified Reflexologist. You willbe left wondering why you waited so long!

    Christine SpencerReflexologist

    Ph 0412 813 700











    Professional Counselling Services(some health benefits covered)

    Need a new direction in your life?

    Mention this advertand receive 10%


    Feel like you lost yourself somewherealong the way?

    Listening Ears ServicesPAME PRICE

    ph: 08 8242 1783m: 0419 038 434e: [email protected]

    Pame can help you find yourself andget your life moving in the right

    direction again.

    HypnosisTarot / NumerologyReiki and Seichim Master healingand courses available.

    Crystal HealingPast Life therapy.Weekend RetreatsMeditation Classes

    Full service Hair, Beauty & Wellness salon

    Happiness Is...........a day at the Sanctuary.

    Phone 85 235 011

    Relaxation Massage, Reflexology & more!

    10 Union St, GawlerPackages & Gift Certificates available

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    All Areas

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012


    PRODUCTSfor the whole family.Melissa 85244389 or

    Wellness ServiceDirectory

    Grass Fed Beef, Chicken, Dairy,Dry goods and grocery items.

    Huge range ofFruit & Veg,

    Do you have a sensitive child whois struggling to cope ?

    No matter the cause of your childs stress,Janice Haugen has the ability to help.

    Drawing on a range of skills from various modalities & yearsof experience, Jan offers a depth of wisdom and compassion

    that is rare to find.

    A gifted healer Jan is also a devoted mother and grandmotherand understands the everyday challenges families, especially

    children and teenagers face.

    Jan offers support that will make a real andpositive difference for your child.

    For more information orto book

    Janice of Modbury Heightscan be contacted byPh: 8396 6461 orM: 0408 819 826E:[email protected]

    Reiki Master, Reconnection & JourneyPractitioner, Spiritual Counsellor.

    Find us onFacebook.

    We LOVE toconnect

    The Wellness Hub&

    Living WellnessMagazine.








    Food for thoughtIf you always do whatyouve always done,

    youll always get whatyouve always got.

    Ladies, do you feel tight and tensethrough your back, neck & shoulders?

    elaxation massage is the ultimate in stressRand tension relief for tight, sore muscles.

    Treat yourself to a divine 45 minute back, neck& shoulder massage for only $50

    Phone Soli 0413 926

    Gift Vouchers available

    We do it outdoors.

    Get fit & Have fun!

    Call now 0414 455 802

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    Barossa Valley& Surrounds

    Wellness Service Directory

    PlayfordArea &


    The Best People in Wellness Locally

    CHIROPRACTORLisa Brown Bsc (Chiro). B.Chiro

    Back In Health Centre18 Adelaide Rd Gawler

    Phone 08 8522 3233

    INTUITIVE ANIMAL THERAPYFor All Creatures Great and Small

    Please phone Ilona McQueen0427 053 275

    Email: [email protected]

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

    Naturopath, Acupuncture ,Reiki& Massage

    Synergy Holistic Health55 Fosters Rd Greenacres

    Ph 8261 6062$15 Voucher to trial any


    Massage & Pyschic PartiesLadies only. GAWLER

    Phone Skye [email protected]


    Meditation ClassesKAPUNDA

    Phone Jy 0409 131 038


    Aromatherapy included free whenyou mention this ad

    Gift vouchers availablePhone Vera: 0412 474 233


    Meditation Classes, Healing WorkshopsReiki & Soul Affirmation Work

    Based In TanundaPhone Sarah on 0417 859 029

    Sandy CreekPh Soli Goodes 0413 926 653.

    HEALING ON ALL LEVELSReiki Master, Energy healing,

    Development Classes, Palm readings, Kidshealing workshops, Spiritual advisor.

    Janice Ph 8396 6461 Modbury

    A divine bridge to healing the selfReiki Master, Spiritual Healer,

    Land & House clearings,Teaching Reiki, Meditation,

    Psychic Development & ChannellingAlison Gilgen 0417 865971

    To live & love the life you truly deserve:WOMENS & CHILDRENS WORKSHOPS

    Counselling & guidance for all agesReiki, Bush Flower Essences, MeditationABUNDANCE OF LOVE Williamstown

    Please ring Carolyn 0411410453

    BOWEN THERAPYAttunement, Reiki, Meditation,

    Stress Management.Cynthias Bowen Energy Greenock

    phone Cynthia 0409 908 235Email:[email protected]

    Gawler &Surrounds



    Call Deborah : 0466 831


    HARMONISE YOUR FAMILYFREE phone consult guaranteed to

    make YOU FEEL fabulous in lessthan 15 minutes.

    Looking for a LIFE COACH?Turn your potential into progress.

    FREE hour sample sessionby phone

    Call Soli 0413 926 653


    For an appointment phoneChristine on 0412 813 700

    Email: [email protected]

    COUNSELLING SERVICEHypnosis, Meditation classes,weekend retreats and more.

    Listening Ears ServicesPame Price Phone 08 8242 1783

    Clairvoyant Tarot readings,Development classes, meditation,

    workshops and more

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    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

    Water Vs. Soft DrinkAre your drinking habits making you FAT?

    Many of us use soft drinks to quench our thirst rather thanwater. This includes coke/cola, lemonade, lemon squash,energy drinks (Red bull, Mother Etc), and Sports drinks (e.g.Powerade) to name a few.

    These drinks contain a large amount of sugar, or energy(calories), which over time can contribute to dental issues andweight gain. Most people can have a small amount of softdrink occasionally in conjunction with a healthy diet, but theyare unhealthy to drink every day especially for people whoare inactive or trying to lose weight. Just like we have JUNKfood, so these sugary drinks that dont provide essentialnutrients can be considered JUNK drinks!

    Check out the Sugar content in Coke!

    T otal Calories: 160 T otal Calories: 260 T otal Calories: 430

    Water, better for your waistline, better for your budget!When thirsty, its good to remember the body really onlyneeds water to survive which is the cheapest andhealthiest option! It contains no calories (Energy, sugar,and fat free!).T o be at our best its ideal we drink approximately six toeight glasses of water each day.Did you know that approximately 75% of us aredehydrated right now? Are you making the commonmistake of confusing your bodies feeling of thirst forhunger? Next time youre feeling hungry after having eatentry a good glass of water.If youre struggling with your weight, give junk drinks theflick and add some extra water to your day.Plenty of fresh water everyday makes maintaining yourhealthy weight so much easier.

    Image above care of

    260 Calories provides almost 1/5 of our daily energy needs all in one drink! Roughly the same amount of calories in:

    Its enough to make youThink before you drink!!

    Jacki EvansDietitian,Playford [email protected]

    Mars Bar (53g)

    6 Chicken Nuggests

    Small French Fries

    Small iced donut

    One day, someone showed me a glass ofwater that was half full. And he said,

    "Is it half full or half empty?" So I drankthe water. No more problem.

    Alexander Jodorowsky

    Top Tips to add some spark toyour water intake!

    Consuming an extra* 260 Calories every day,could lead to 13kg of weight gain in only one year!

    * An extra 260 Calories in addition to your dailyrecommended energy intake

    Water T otal Calories 0 !

    - Add some sliced citrus(lime or lemon), fruit(sliced berries, melon)or even cucumber

    - Add some of yourfavourite spices (e.g. ginger)or herbs (e.g.) mint, andtry different flavourcombinations with fruits

    - Make Juice blocks freeze juice rather thatwater for a refreshingflavoursome ice block

    - Add a splash of juice to plainor sparkling mineral water

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    Whats On in WellnessCalendar Of Events



    ry 2



    ril 2



    y 20



    10-11am Playford Library CivicCentre Branch FREE! Ph 82560334 Junky

    Overcomeemotional eating



    JANICE ON 0408 818 826

    Look good feel better!

    Reiki 1 Workshop, Modbury HtsJanice, Tel 8396 6461

    0408 818


    Free make over day forwomen facing cancer

    10.30 - 2.30pm$ 50 including food and handouts

    WilliamstownPlease ring Carolyn 0411410453

    Come try Zumba! Still PointGuided Day Retreat

    BeyondMaturity Blues

    Vision BoardWorkshop

    Do you have awellness event

    coming up?Let us know.

    Free events listfor free.Contact

    [email protected]

    18thChildrens workshopBoys aged 6-8 years

    10.30 - 2.30pm$ 50 including food and handouts

    WilliamstownPlease ring Carolyn 0411410453

    Come tryBelly Dancing

    Clearing Emotional Clutter

    Mothers withoutMothers Workshop




    Awakening Inspired Livingand Healing Conference

    Passions & PurposeWorkShop

    Start living a life that excites you!6pm-9pm Gawler $50 or callSoli 0413 926 653

    AHHA Full MoonConnections

    Belly Dancing

    1 1th & 12th

    19th18th Sound Elixir

    2pm, Riverdell Spiritual CentreSacred Sound Meditation &Feelgood Drumming Circle

    Marie after hours on 0417 827 287

    Childrens WorkshopGirls aged 5 -8 years 20th

    25th 26th& Learn 28th 29th

    1st 2nd Chakra 3rd

    5th 1 1th 18th

    19th 26th

    6th Wellness Workshop 17th3rd

    20th 27th 31th

    Over two Sunday afternoonsMarch 11th & 25th 1.30-4.30pm

    Reikieffortlessly with group support.

    6 weekly evenings,starting Tues Feb 28 $30 for series

    Ph 8523

    Change your life

    Wise Moves1-2pm Playford Civic Centre, Function Room10-12 week lifestyle program for women to

    set goals and enjoy being active.Book at the Library on 8256 0334 or go to


    FREE!10-11am Playford Civic Centre,Function Room. PH 8256 0334

    Soul 2 Sole Dance

    Drumming Class7-9pm, Riverdell Spiritual Centre

    No Prior experience neededBookings essential $15

    Marie after hours 0417 827 287

    Take time to slow down, reflect &renew. 9.30am - 5.30pm $100

    Ph 8523

    Understand anxiety & Depression1- 2pm Playford Library,

    Civic Centre branch. FREEph 8256 0334

    10-11am Playford Civic Centre,Function Room. PH 8256 0334

    Soul 2 Sole Dance

    FREE!Journal Writing workshop. Learn to

    release whats been weighing you down.6-9pm $50 Gawler ph Soli 0413 926 653

    Colour TherapyAll welcome $5, Gawler$50 including nibbles,Gawler

    Learn about yourmind ~ body connection

    1-4pmThurs evening May 17 to Sat May 19.Inspiring presentations and workshops

    Ph 8523

    Mothers &DaughtersWorkshop

    10.30 - 2.30pm$ 50 including food and handouts

    WilliamstownPlease ring Carolyn 0411410453

    10.30 - 2.30pm$ 50 including food and handouts

    WilliamstownPlease ring Carolyn 0411410453

    Tanunda ClassesThursday Night - 8wk courseBeg 5:30-6:30 - Inter 6:30-7:30

    $12 casual / $10 con Call Kate - 0411384027

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

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    The Truth about ChiropracticWhy Visit Your Chiropractor?

    Every day I see patients in direstraits because they have put-off Chiropractic is drug-free and non-treatment due to a misconception invasive and a very safe form ofabout Chiropractics. Here I will treatment. However there are alwaysaddress some of these common risks associated with treatment, as withmisconceptions so that you can make any form of medical informed decision about whether it Chiropractic has an excellent safetyis appropriate to visit the Chiropractor. record with the risk of stroke from

    Chiropractic is a cervical manipulation estimated at

    complementary healthcare profession approximately 0.0001% . T o put this

    concerned with the diagnosis, in perspective for you studies have

    treatment and prevention of conditions shown Chiropractic treatment to be

    affecting the muscles and joints. It is 250 times safer than the use of anti-

    characterised by manual adjustments inflammatory drugs for the treatment

    to the spine or joints which acts to of back or neck pain.

    improve the function of the nervoussystem and facilitate healing.

    Chiropractors study for a minimum of5 years at university and much of ourtraining is focussed on conditions ofthe spine. Chiropractors are typicallyassociated with treating back pain,neck pain and headaches butChiropractic is effective at treating anyjoint in the body. The benefits ofChiropractic can also include improvedsleep, decreased tension, injuryprevention, improved posture andincreased energy levels.

    Chiropractic adjustments may be, onoccasions, uncomfortable but theyshould not be painful. About one inthree patients experience somepost-treatment soreness after aChiropractic adjustment. This istypically described as a mild ache thatlast 1-2 days and is a normal side-effectof treatment that occurs as the body isadjusting to the changes occurringin the muscles and joints.

    Thisreally depends, some patients are fixedin 1 or 2 visits and other patients maytake several weeks or months toimprove. Generally the longer youhave had the injury/pain, the moresevere the pain is and the older youare, the more treatments you are likelyto need.

    There are many benefits of regularchiropractic care, like servicing yourcar, maintaining the function of yourspine helps to improve your overallhealth and prevent injury so dontbe surprised if your Chiropractorencourages you to come back formaintenance or wellness care butthe decision to continue with this typeof care is entirely up to you.

    The crack is simply gas releasing fromthe joint as the tissues are placed undertension .The misconception thatcracking the joints will lead to arthritisis absolutely false. Chiropractic actually

    has many benefits for arthritissufferers.

    Long-term repetitive self-manipulationcan lead to instability and weakness ofthe joint making them moresusceptible to injury so it is advisablenot to try and crack your own jointsbut Chiropractors do not adjust thejoints frequently enough to causedamage.

    Patients who are nervous of beingcracked should be reassured thatthere are many techniquesChiropractors can use to improve thefunction of the joints that dont involvecracking the joints.

    I hope I have managed to addressmost of your concerns regardingChiropractic treatment and open youreyes to some of its many benefits.Chiropractic helps thousands of peopleeveryday so please dont put offseeing your Chiropractor, make amove to better health today and makeyour appointment.

    Dr Lisa BrownBSc (Chiro), B.ChiroWeb Site:

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

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    Whats On in WellnessOngoing Groups & Classes

    Barossa Valleyand surrounds

    AHHA Full Moon ConnectionsNetworking, speakers, meditation & a cuppa

    Monthly -Thursday evenings 7-9pm - $5Gawler area, All welcome!

    Call Deborah 0466 831

    More than Meditation Groupevery Monday night

    7pm -8pmABUNDANCE OF LOVE Williamstown

    Ph Carolyn for info and to book0411410453

    MEDITATION GROUP7pm TuesdaysKapunda $10

    Jy [email protected]

    Attunement CircleBe inspired and share a spiritual

    energy balancing1st Sunday each month at Riverdell

    Spiritual Centre Ph 8523 132910 11 am followed by morning

    Gawler and surrounds

    Yoga for WellbeingHoly Trinity Church Hall, Penrice Road,

    Nuriootpa Tues & Wednes 6pmHamley Bridge Mon 6pm

    Practices to bring balance,harmony & vitality to life

    Telephone: Elaine 0418 847 993


    Synergy Holistic Health55 Fosters Rd GreenacresMon 10am &Thurs 7pm

    Ph 8261 6062


    Tanunda ClassesThursday Night - 8wk course

    Beg 5:30-6:30 - Inter 6:30-7:30$12 casual / $10 con or student

    Full term $80 / $64 con or studentCall Kate - 0411384027

    MEDITATIONFortntly -Monday nights 7pm - 9pm

    Evanston Park $10Call Deborah 0466831709

    Awakening Hearts & Healing Assoc

    Health and Healing 2012Monthly presentations on health topics with

    Dr Andrew Horwood and others3rd Thurs each month (starting March),

    7.30 9pm Ph 8523 1329CWA Hall, Tod St, Gawler. Gold coin donation.


    Gawler ClassesTues 5:30-6:20pm Thurs 9.30am

    $8 per classCall Kate - 0411384027


    Gawler ClassesTues 6:30-7:30pm Fri 11am-12pm$10per class / $8 con or student

    DO 10 CLASSES GET ONE FREE CallKate - 0411384027

    Playford and surrounds


    55 Fosters Road Greenacres SA 5086Ph 08 8261 6062 Fax 08 8261 1726

    [email protected]

    Debra AshtonN.D, R.N. .M.A.N.P.A., MFNTT

    Adv Dip Nat Med (Naturopathy) B. Nurse

    Synergy Holistic Health Pty Ltd

    Eczema/Psoriasis Immune Disorders Digestion / Weight loss Stress/ Anxiety/Depression Headaches/Sinus/Hay fever Womens & Childrens Health. Life Coaching/ Flower Essences Herbal Medicine/Nutrition/Iridology


    ... ........................

    Like to list your wellness group orclass? Listing from $30

    Contact: [email protected]

    Dear Deb

    I really want to lose weight. Ive been tryingto diet and exercise and my clothes arestarting to get a little loose but Im just notseeing the results I expected! It doesntmatter what I do, I just cant lose weight!Im getting really angry and frustrated and Iwant to give up. What am I doing wrong?

    Michelle Oakden

    Hi Michelle

    For some people there is quite a bit more thandiet and exercise to lose weight. This has to dowith how well our digestion works and how wellour liver is working, how well our pancreas isworking, and how well our metabolism isworking. If diet and exercise alone is not havingthe desired effect then I think if you explorethese options with yourPractitioner you will find asolution that works for you.

    Debra Ashton NaturopathND RN MANPA

    Questions for ourNaturopath ?

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

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    New Year Wellness.Making your future bright!

    Welcoming the future now! experience, such surrendering

    Ever stop to wonder what thefuture holds for you? If we createour own realities, including ourfuture, how can I do that mostartfully? What will 2012 holdfor me?

    Many people have secret fearsabout the future, worrying that itmight contain a repeat of pastdistressing events. Many pray fora future different from their past.What can we do to ensure that?What are the keys?

    Throughout the ages, spiritualpathways of all kinds describe theattitude of let go and let God asbeing the key to living well. Easyto say how can we do that? Hereare some simple steps:

    WhatIS going on in my life? How do Ifeel about that?

    The facts andthe feelings. There's a lot ofcreative energy locked up in thefeelings, so speaking about thesewith someone who can simplyreceive you is a relief. Stuck energybecomes freed up. This is theessence of confession.

    .A friend described this to me aslaying my life on the altar of theMost High. This involves a layingdown of our lives, a letting go andletting be of facts and feelings as weplace that all safely on the altar.No physical altar is necessary justa sense that there's a safe place tolet a burden go for a time. In my

    happens seamlessly out of theconfession with a trusted friend.

    This has beendescribed as waiting upon theLord - being patient and open toreceive whatever may come.

    Beopen and notice what comes toyou New insights? Thoughts?Feelings? Each noticing has animpact as you let it in. . This opensa space for new thinking theessence of repentence

    At these times, whensomething new is trying to be bornwithin you, it's good to have peoplewho can allow a new baby togrow . Who can provide acontainer for such growth ratherthan question what's going on?

    . This is the fruitof the process, the new baby that'sbeen born from the guidanceyouve received. Now its time fora new direction.

    When these steps are followed,change unfolds in our lives like arose unfurling its beauty. There'san ease, and we can have a senseof trust that Life knows what it'sdoing with our lives. A friendsummarised it like this The deepjourney of the soul is one that isalways about relinquishing whatour will desires and seeks, andallowing the Spirit its way with us.Its that easy!

    Enjoy your future!

    Andrew HorwoodProgram DirectorRiverdell Spiritual Centrenear Gawler, SA, 5116

    At the Riverdell Spiritual Centre,we provide opportunities for

    reflecting, sharing and support withthe aim of assisting each ones life

    to become a rich experience ofawakened, inspired living. Want to

    find out more?

    Summer ~ Autumn 2012







    . .............................Feel Amazing on your big day.

    Gawler Bridal FairSunday 22rd April

    at the Gawler & Barossa Jockey ClubEvanston Gardens

    find us on facebook.

    Or contact Patricia Dent atthe Sanctuary more details

    Ph 85 235 011

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    Summer ~ Autumn 2012

    Contact:Trevor AverayMobile: 0411 427 783Independent Affilate # 13713215

    Get your Gift Bottle

    for more info go

    What are the key benefits of Nopalea?Bioflavonoid antioxidants in Nopaleahave been scientifically proven to help your body:

    Relieve inflammation-related pain Reduce swelling in joints and muscles Add valuable extra antioxidant power Feel energised Achieve optimal cellular function

    through improved body functions

    Naturopath Massage Acupuncture Meditation Bowen Therapy AND MORE

    55 Fosters Road Greenacres SA 5086Ph 08 8261 6062

    [email protected]

    Synergy Holistic HealthPty Ltd

    $15 VoucherTo try Any of our Services

    Call Today!!

    Ready to be Inspired?

    Bring your vision to lifeAt this very special Vision Board Workshop

    Have fun learning the art ofConscious Dream Life Creation &

    take home your very own inspirational vision board.

    Reserve your place online phone Soli 0413 926 653

    Cost $110 (Save $10 when you book before Feb 29th).Includes nibbles & refreshments both days & some craft items, glue,

    scissors, stickers, coloured paper etc will be provided.

    Over Two Sunday afternoons in GawlerSunday March 11th &Sunday March 25th

    1.30 -4.30 pm

  • Are you 18 or over and living in the City of Playford?

    Want some FREE help?

    FREE Health Programs to support you!

    Heart Foundation Walking Its free, fun, social, and bound to be a group that suits yourneeds. Looking for interested Walkers now!

    Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL) Its like having your own dietitian andpersonal trainer! Nutrition and physical activity program run by Adelaide Northern Division ofGeneral Practice (ANDGP)

    AustCycle FREE & FUN! Group Cycling Courses at various levels learn to ride or brush up onthose skills to help build your cycling confidence. Bring your own bike or borrow one for Free! Nocycling experience required.

    Living Longer Living Stronger FREE group exercise and healthy eatingsessions run at the Aquadome

    More Healthy Living Information can be found online!Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Ideas Health Services & Programs

    For more information please contact us:Jenny Campbell, Reshaping Playford CoordinatorPh 8256 0198; Email: [email protected]

    Jacki Evans, Reshaping Playford DietitianPh 8256 0154; Email: [email protected] This initiative was funded by the Australian Government

    *Bookings essential, contact Reshaping Playford for specific program information

    Have you decided to get healthy in 2012?