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  • Living OnlineIC3

  • Networks & TelecommunicationIC3- Living Online

  • What is a Network?2 or more devices connected together

  • Client-ServerClient-ServerSchool or Large BusinessServer(s) as dedicated resources to client PCsPrint, Web, File Storage

  • Peer-to-Peer

    No Server

    All PCs share resourcesHome network

  • LAN & WANLANLocal area networkCommon location

    WANWide area networkNetworks connected in distant locations

  • Network BenefitsShare information

    Share hardware devicesPrinters, scanners

    Communication/ collaboration

    Centralized servicesStorage of files, web, mail

  • Network DisadvantagesCan you think of any disadvantages?DependencyExpensiveSecurity riskLoss of privacyViruses

  • Communications MediaWhat does data transmit on?

    Twisted-Pair CableCoaxial CableFiber-Optic CableWirelessSatellite

  • Network HardwareModemBits per second56kbps

    NIC (Ethernet Card)

    Cable/DSL Modem1.5Mbps 16Mbps


  • Network DevicesRouterConnects networksRoutes traffic to/from networks or InternetSwitchConnects devices within networkFaster & smarter than hubHubSimple deviceSlow

  • NetworksNeed Network OS tooRuns on serverAdmin, security, file & print servicesNovell

  • ReviewTrue or FalseCoax cable is the most expensive.

    Fiber optic cable is made from flexible glass tubing.

    Sharing software is a benefit of networking.

  • ReviewThe least expensive type of cable isTwisted pairWhat device changes analog signals to digital & reverse?ModemWhich networking device connects many computers to share one Internet connection?Router

  • The InternetMany connected networks

    WANs connected together

    Designed from DoD

    No one owns the Internet

  • Accessing the InternetISPComcast, Verizon DSLOnline ServiceAOL

  • How to ConnectNeed an ISP or Online ServiceConnection to themTelephone linesCableSatelliteModemBrowser or Software

  • Connecting to the InternetModemChanges analog to digital & reverseCan be internal or external

    Dial-UpOccasional connectBroadbandAlways on connectWi-FiWireless

  • Dial-UpTelephone lines


    56kbps (56k)

  • BroadbandCable, ADSL, SatelliteFast, 1.5Mbps 16Mbps or more!DedicatedDownload/Upload speeds are different Networked computers use it

  • Speed Differences

  • Online CurriculumC1.1 C1.10C1.2 RS Topics 2, 6-8Skip C1.4, C1.5, C1.9

  • ReviewA _____ is a network over a small area.LANAsynchronous means the speeds areDifferent download and upload8Mbps download/ 1.5Mbps uploadWhich connection is the slowest?Dial-up, 56kbpsDescribe a network.Two or more devices connected together

  • ReviewWho owns the Internet?No oneWhat does an ISP do?Connects you to the Internetfor a price!

  • Intranet & ExtranetIntranetUsed within a businessHas internal documents, forms, HR info, etcUses a browserCant be accessed outside of networkExtranetAllows outside user to access internal infoUses browserNeeds username/password

  • Online & HomeworkOnline C1.11- C1.12Take the Quiz on C1.13 until you score a 100

    Look up and describe what a computer firewall isWrite 2-3 sentences about what it doesName 2-3 pieces of firewall software

  • Email & Effective CommunicationIC3- Living Online

  • Email & CommunicationName some email programs

    Email advantages?Speed, Cost, Easy Access, Share Info/Collaborate

    Web Access (Gmail) or Program (Outlook)

    Standard featuresRead, send, attach files

  • How Email Works

  • Understanding an Email AddressMailbox NameDomain NameDomain Category

  • Whats the Email Address?Samantha Murray works for IBMIBMs web site is username is smurray

    What would be her email address?

  • Whats the Web Site?You know a guy named Bills email addressbillg@gcsssd.orgYou cant remember where he works

    What would be the web site to find out the companys name?

  • Which is Correct?Raquel works at MTVMTVs web site is www.mtv.comWhich could be her email address?

  • Outlook

  • AddressingCC:


  • Accessing EmailEmail Program on PC

    Web Based Email like Comcast or Google

    Cell or PDA

  • TeknimediaC2.1- C2.7C2.2 RS (Only read Advantages & Accessing)

    Review Handout

  • Receiving Email

  • Sending EmailTo, From, Subject, CC, Body, BC

    Use Address Book

    SubjectBrief & Descriptive

    Add Attachment or add in a web link (URL)

    Spell Check & check email address

  • Handling Emails

  • Other Messaging

  • OnlineDue Date:

    Teknimedia C2.8 - C2.24

    Take the quiz on C2.13 & C2.24 until you score a 100.

  • Your MessageWeb pagesIf page updates frequently, just give the link to site

    A reply shows original message, indicated by >> marks

  • More on EmailOptions after reading: Reply, Forward, Save, Delete

  • More on EmailIf you get a can not be delivered message, what should you try first?

    Attachment size may be limited on either end

    Document may not be legal without a handwritten signature

  • Special Email FeaturesAdding formatting of text (Bold, etc)May not work if they are using diff email programAutomatic message responsesOut of officeForwards to another emailBlock senders listJunk folder

  • Professional Email EtiquetteInclude a subjectBrief yet descriptive enoughTry to keep to 1 subjectKeep message shortAvoid ALL CAPS!Limit jokes, symbols :-oProofread before sendingDouble check the addressesDONT EMBARRASS YOURSELF!Email sent through company is NOT private

  • Choose One

  • ReviewWhat is cc?What is bcc?Which is faster, Email or IM?

    Due Date: 02/04/2008 Teknimedia C2.25 - C2.38 is due to be completed. Take the quiz on C2.38 until you score a 100.

  • Unwanted EmailIC3- Living Online

  • Whats This?

  • SpamUnwanted e-mail, specifically unsolicited bulk e-mail.

    Typically, an e-mail message is sent to multiple recipients who did not ask to receive it.

    E-mail messagesare not considered spam if a user has signed up to receive them.

  • Spam FactsEstimated 80% of email is spam1978 - An e-mail spam is sent to 600 addresses1994 - First large-scale spam sent to 6000 newsgroups, reaching millions of people. 2005 - 30 billion per day 2006 - 55 billion per day

  • Circle of Spam

  • Prevent SpamKeep anti-virus up to dateDont forward suspect emailsIgnore the virus warning emailReport spam to admin to be blockedDont open attachment from people you dont know

  • HoaxesEmail that tried to convince you to delete a file (it was needed)Also told you to warn everyoneGet money from youPhishing- steals your personal infoSpoofed sites & emailsEmails that appear to come from original sourceAsks you to change passwordLink takes you to copied siteUser collects your info

  • Phishing

  • Differences between Spam & PhishingHow does it arrive?Spam: Sneaks in the back door Phishing: Walks in the front door How does it make its offer?Spam: Looks bad, seems far-fetched Phishing: Looks plausible, seems credible What is it trying to do?Spam: Tries to sell you something Phishing: Tries to steal something from you

  • ReviewWhats worse, spam or phishing?

  • Internet EssentialsIC3- Living Online

  • Background of Internet1962, Cold WarUS wanted to connect labsWanted it reliable; not easily destroyedJCR Licklider of MIT wrote the conceptsARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency)Breaks into small packetsPackets sent using any available connectionArrive at destination; reassembled; put in order; request resend if necessaryTCP/IP

  • BackboneMajor telecommunication companies handle the high-speed backbone

    ISPs connect to backbone

    You connect to ISP

  • Verizon Map- Global

  • Verizon Map- IP NA

  • Browsing the WebIC3- Living Online

  • TermsHTTPRules of how info is packed & transmitted between web serversURL HTMLLang. that makes up a web pageFTPUsed to transfer/download files from a file serverUpload, DownloadHyperlink

  • URL

  • Which are from the same place?

  • HTML Example

  • CookiesSmall text fileStored on your HDContains customer id infoPersonalizes your web visitWhen you visit the site, the ID# in cookie is sent to web site to look up history of your past visitsProfiles are formed from your activitiesMany sites require cookies

  • Cookies for AdsHosting the banner images on its servers and using third-party cookies, the advertising company is able to track the browsing of users across these two sites.

  • Browser & Cookies

  • Plug-Ins & Pop-UpsPlug-InProgram downloaded to allow viewing of an item on web siteAdobe ReaderMacromedia FlashPop-Up AdsAppear in separate or same windowAnnoying; not dangerousUpdate IE/browser or Windows XP SP2 or add in blocking software

  • Secure & Unsecure SitesPassword DOES NOT mean secure

    Secure Socket Layer (SSL)Encrypts the data (credit card #s, etc.)URL will begin with https://

    Log Off after leaving siteWhy?

  • Online CurriculumC1.14-C1.22 including quizGet 100 on the quiz

  • Evaluating a SiteAuth