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Anamosa, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Waterloo



    Winter 2016


    Comprehensive heart care

    Heart Rhythm clinic opens in Dubuque PAGE 2

    Collaborative cancer care

    Supporting patients on their journey PAGE 4

    Life after open-heart surgery

    Learn the symptoms of a heart attack PAGE 10

    Providing babies with a high level of care PAGE 6

    Anamosa | Cedar Rapids | Dubuque | Waterloo

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    1 Health clips Health news you can use. 2 - 3 Comprehensive heart care Heart Rhythm clinic offers local, coordinated heart care in Dubuque.

    4 - 5 Cancer journey A Cedar Rapids nurse experiences the care and support offered at UnityPoint Health hospitals.

    6 - 7 Keeping NICU families close to home UnityPoint Health hospitals work together to provide babies with a high level of neonatal care.

    8 - 9 Rural outpatient surgery Jones County residents are grateful for the expert care in their community.

    10 - 11 Life after open-heart surgery A La Porte City man shares his story of recovery from a heart attack and surgery.

    12 Ask the expert Planning your health care wishes.

    13 For your health Timely health and medical news.

    LiveWell magazine is produced by UnityPoint Health.

    P.O. Box 3026 | Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-3026 (319) 369-7395 |

    Winter 2016

    Whats Inside

    HEART HEALTHY EATING BASICSLower the total fat in your diet by limiting saturated and trans fat. These are the types of fat that stick to your artery walls and cause them to clog.

    DO NOT ADD SALT TO YOUR FOOD Salt can raise blood pressure. It can cause fluid retention, making your heart work harder.

    EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that can help manage or prevent chronic disease. EAT FISH TWICE A WEEK Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that can decrease the risk of heart rhythm irregularities and decrease triglyceride levels. It can also slow plaque formation in your arteries and lower blood pressure. EAT WHOLE GRAINS TO INCREASE FIBER IN YOUR DIET Whole grains can help lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy digestive tract.

    Take control of your heart

    February is National Heart Month. Its a time to bring about awareness of cardiovascular disease including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, which is responsible for one out of every three deaths. It is the number one killer of American women and men and it is a leading cause of serious illness and disability.

    Nutrition is one of the risk factors for heart disease individuals have the power to change or modify. It can be as simple as taking control of the way you eat.


    More moms are choosing Finley Hospital in Dubuque to deliver their babies for a second straight year.

    In 2015, 733 babies were born at Finley beating the previous years record of 730.

    2014 marked the highest number of births at Finley since 1949 with 794 babies delivered. In addition to 2014 being a record year, Finley saw a 10 percent increase in births.

    We are honored more families continue to choose Finley as the place to grow their families, said David Brandon, President and CEO of Finley Hospital. Finley provides great care for families and their newborns, in a recently renovated facility. We focus on providing an excellent birthing experience and a great environment for our new families.

    Schedule your tour of Finley Birth Suites today, call (563) 557-2837.

    Health Clips

    St. Lukes named a 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospital for the sixth timeThe Truven Health Analytics study, now in its 17th year, singled out 50 hospitals like St. Lukes that achieved superior

    clinical outcomes in this critical area of hospital care. The Top Hospitals study is widely regarded as the leading program for evaluating leadership impact in a hospital, as well as for evaluating quality indicators and efficiencies.

    The Truven Health 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals study measures performance in key areas: risk-adjusted mortality, risk-adjusted complications, core measures (a group of measures that assess process of care), percentage of coronary bypass patients with internal mammary artery use, 30-day mortality rates, 30-day readmission rates, severity-adjusted average length of stay and wage- and severity-adjusted average cost. The study has been conducted annually since 1999.

    UnityPoint at Home Waterloo named to 2015 HomeCare Elite

    LiveWell|Winter 2016| 1

    UnityPoint at Home Waterloo has been named to the 2015 HomeCare Elite, which is a compilation of the top-performing home health care providers in the United States.

    Now in its tenth year, HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of agencies based on performance measures in quality outcomes, process of care measures and financial performance.

    UnityPoint at Home implements innovative clinical strategies that improve patient care, decrease unnecessary hospitalizations and reduce costs.

    Clinicians are trained in integrated care management, with the

    knowledge and tools necessary to deliver interventional care in the home to patients with conditions such as heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

    Learn more about UnityPoint at Home services, by visiting

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    After a successful bypass surgery in 1980, the Earlville resident and Korean War veteran went back to work and continued everyday life as a husband and father; that is until February of 2015.

    Three decades later, Salow experienced yet another heart attack, this time requiring him to undergo an atherectomy procedure with UnityPoint Clinic Cardiologist Tauseef Khan, MD, at Finley Hospital.

    This minimally invasive procedure the first of its kind performed in Dubuque removed plaque and calcium from Salows artery, prior to a successful coronary stent placement.

    The lifesaving care Salow received didnt stop there. After a pacemaker and defibrillator implantation this past spring, Salow woke up one morning with a familiar chest pain.

    I had an aching in my chest, he explained, and then I felt my defibrillator give me four shocks.

    These shocks halted yet another heart attack for the retired John Deere employee. After undergoing an additional procedure and stent

    It was over 30 years ago when Clarence Salow, 84, experienced his first major health scare a heart attack not only nearly took his life, but affected him for years to come.

    Clarence Salow and his wife Phyllis, just celebrated 32 years of marriage.

    Heart Rhythm clinic Offers local, coordinated heart care


  • LiveWell|Winter 2016|

    placement this past fall, Salow was then referred by Dr. Khan to Mohit Chawla, MD, an electrophysiologist at the new UnityPoint Clinic arrhythmia clinic in Dubuque.

    Electrophysiologists, or specialists that study and treat heart rhythms and arrhythmias, assist patients who experience both life threatening and non-life threatening rhythm issues.

    Were rhythm doctors; electricians for the heart, said Dr. Chawla. We often implement and tailor devices that help patients who have abnormal rhythm processes, as well as protect those who are prone to cardiac arrests.

    Finleys new heart rhythm and device clinic, which opened in early November, benefits patients like Salow, who no longer need to travel outside of the Dubuque area to receive comprehensive and local heart care. Salow, who used to travel over 70 miles to receive care for his defibrillator and pacemaker devices, saw firsthand

    the collaboration and coordinated care among Finleys heart care providers. Both Drs. Khan and Chawla work together to determine which patients will benefit from the heart rhythm services.

    A majority of the patients Im seeing have been referred to me by Dr. Khan, who recognizes the potential for the specialized heart care we offer from an electrophysiology standpoint, said Dr. Chawla.

    Clarence is a perfect example of someone who had high potential of benefiting from our services. He has a complex cardiac history with a defibrillator that recently saved his life. Hes the perfect patient for us to fine-tune his device and tailor his therapy, and he can stay in Dubuque for his care.

    Thats just what Salow plans to do, who recently celebrated his 32nd wedding anniversary with his wife, Phyllis.

    Clarence is a perfect example of someone who had high potential of benefiting from our services.

    Mohit Chawla, MD, electrophysiologistUnityPoint Clinic Cardiology, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque

    UnityPoint Health Heart Care

    To learn more about UnityPoint Health Heart Care Services near you go to at

    Would you know what to do if you thought you or someone you know were having a heart attack?

    WATCH: Three things you should do if you think youre having a heart attack

    Find the video at: livewelltv

    This LiveWell with UnityPoint Health educational video is one of many, which air Mondays during the KCRG-TV9 and KWWL-TV news. Or find them on one of our social media channels.

    I feel great. If it werent for this defibrillator, he said, patting his chest, I wouldnt be here. Both doctors are great.

    Finleys new heart rhythm clinic is one example of how UnityPoint Health collaborates to provide patients and their families with specialized, coordinated care, close to home.

    3LiveWell|Winter 2016|

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    Cancer journeyAndrea Watkinson has been working as a care coordinator at St. Lukes Nassif Community Cancer Center in Cedar Rapids for four years.

    Bobby Koneru, MD, radiation oncologist St. Lukes Nassif Radiation Center in Cedar Rapids and Finleys Wendt Cancer Center in Dubuque

    Fortunately, we had the expertise and technology to treat her cancer with precision.

    In May of 2015, Watkinson discovered she was dealing with a health issue of her own. As she was drying off with a towel after a shower, she noticed a lump above her left elbow. Initially she didnt think much of it, until she began feeling numbness and tingling in her hand.

    Thats when Watkinson decided to have it checked. She called the office of John Vander Zee, MD, and scheduled a biopsy, which determined she had a myxofibroma sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, in her tendon or muscle. Watkinson was shocked, as this type of cancer is mostly found in the elderly.

    After speaking with Bharat Jenigiri, MD, an oncologist at Physicians Clinic of Iowa (PCI), Watkinson had a PET scan and MRI to determine if the cancer was invading the tendon in her arm. The results of the exams

    showed it was not, but they couldnt be positive until they examined the area during surgery. If there was involvement with her tendon, she could possibly lose functionality of her left arm.

    As part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, UnityPoint Health Cedar Rapids has access to Mayo Clinics knowledge and expertise when providers feel additional resources will be helpful to patients. Before her surgery, Watkinson had a Mayo Clinic consultation.

    Because of my age and what I had to lose, we wanted to make sure we were on the right pathand we were, explained Watkinson.

    Watkinson underwent two separate surgeries last August. She has since recovered and has full use of her arm.

    RADIATION THERAPYAfter surgery, radiation was needed. On October 21, she was one of the first patients to receive radiation therapy at

    the new St. Lukes Albert G. and Helen Nassif Radiation Center in Cedar Rapids.

    I wasnt really nervous about being one of the first radiation patients, said Watkinson. I knew the people taking care of me are top-of-the-line. They had my best interest at heart, not just because I am an employee, but because they genuinely care about their patients.

    Andreas treatment was complex because of the location near her elbow joint, said Bobby Koneru, MD, radiation oncologist at St. Lukes Nassif Radiation Center. Fortunately, we had the expertise and technology to treat her cancer with precision. Both the UnityPoint Health St. Lukes Radiation Center in Cedar Rapids and UnityPoint Health Finley Hospitals Wendt Regional Cancer Center in Dubuque have well trained staff, top notch treatment and the technology to deliver high quality radiation therapy.


  • LiveWell|Winter 2016|

    Cancer services at UnityPoint Health hospitals

    Having gone through this experience herself, Watkinson believes she is even more understanding of her patients and what they are going through.

    Knowledge is power to some extent, but when I was diagnosed I found myself doing the same thing I tell my patients not to do, said Watkinson. I was quick to jump on Google. Obviously, I saw the worst case scenarios. You cant get the that could be me idea out of your head.

    COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CAREFor Watkinson, having all her care at a UnityPoint Health hospital was the perfect patient experience.

    I like to think all of our patients have the same experience I had really feeling like the doctor is vested in you and having the support of our care coordinators, dietitians, exercise specialists and more, said Watkin-son. That is one of the benefits of going to UnityPoint Health hospitals we tie all of the pieces together with diagnosis, treatment and support services. We learn a patients story and we learn it once. We get to know each patients family on a first name basis, and I think that can be comforting for someone who is probably in one of the worst spots they will be in their entire life.

    I wasnt going to let cancer define me, and everyone was there to get me to the next step to get me back

    to being Andrea, not Andrea the cancer patient.

    And thankfully Watkinson made that final step in her cancer journey. She completed her radiation on December 9.

    Did I think I was going to have cancer at thirty? Never, said Watkinson.

    But I am so happy with where I am. I work for a great place,

    I have a wonderful family and an adorable little boy

    at home. Im great.


    Andrea Watkinson with her husband Chad and son Everett last fall at Morgan Creek Park in Palo.

    Learn more

    about cancer services at a

    UnityPoint Health hospital near you at


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    sy o

    f Luk

    es P




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    We lost our first child when I was 20 weeks along, Sarah said. For this pregnancy we were prepared and the doctor placed a cervical stitch, which reinforces the weak cervix. The bed rest was another precautionary measure to help carry the baby to term.

    Despite everyones best efforts carrying this baby to full term wasnt meant to be.

    I remember I was supposed to attend a birthday party but I didnt because I wasnt feeling well, recalled Sarah. My water broke and I started panicking because I had been on bed rest for 10 weeks and had nothing ready in the babys room.

    EMERGENCY DELIVERY Once they arrived at UnityPoint Health Allen Hospital things happened quickly and Sarah had to have a C-section to deliver her baby.

    I remember being scared, said Andy, Sarahs husband. I couldnt help but think of the baby we had lost at 20 weeks. It was nearly the same but we were more experienced and aware this time. To calm their nerves Andy said he started talking to Sarah during the delivery about what to name their baby. They didnt know if they were having a boy or a girl. I barely recall hearing the doctor tell us we had a baby girl, recalled Andy. I remember she wasnt crying initially and the nurses and doctors coming

    Sarah Holbachs second pregnancy was anything but typical. The Hudson woman was put on strict bed rest after she was only 20 weeks along full term is 40 weeks. Thats because Sarah had a weakened cervix also known as cervical incompetence, which can lead to premature birth of an otherwise healthy pregnancy.

    The Holbach family in their Hudson home.

    Keeping NICU families

    close to home


  • LiveWell|Winter 2016|

    in and taking her directly to the NICU after she was born.

    NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where premature and sick infants receive specialized care.

    And thats where Tenley Jean Holbach would spend the first days of her life. She arrived 10 weeks early on Dec. 15, 2014 at 3:57 a.m., weighing 2 pounds, 14 ounces and measuring 14 inches long.

    I remember Dr. Nagaraj came to see me after he checked her over and said she is a rock star, recalled Sarah. Hearing that from him was so reassuring.

    Tenley did well during her first week in the NICU, said Pankaj Nagaraj, MD, Allen Hospital NICU medical director. Then she started having, what we call apnea and bradycardia spells or brady spells, when the breathing stops for a short period of time and causes a drop in the babys blood oxygen level. We also noticed a heart murmur we had not heard before these two issues were a concern for us so we decided it was in everyones best interest to transfer Tenley to St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

    SPECIALIZED NICU CARESt. Lukes is the only Level III NICU as determined by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in the Cedar Rapids area. Four years ago Allen and St. Lukes, started collabo-rating to bring babies born under 30 weeks gestation or babies in need of a higher level of care to St. Lukes with the goal of keeping them as close to home as possible.

    St. Lukes offers advanced NICU care, the hospital staff has cared for over 10,000 babies and has a comprehensive NICU team of neonatologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical, occupational and respiratory therapists all of whom are specially trained to care for premature and critically ill babies.

    Dr. Nagaraj had all intentions of keeping her at Allen but they wanted to err on the side of caution and get to the bottom of things, said Sarah. Everyone at St. Lukes was so good to us and we felt very confident with the team they had in place.

    Allen and St. Lukes NICUs collaborate on everything so its virtually seamless care if a baby needs to be transferred.

    Pankaj Nagaraj, MD, medical director Allen Hospital NICU

    NICU care at UnityPoint Health hospitals

    Allen and St. Lukes NICUs collaborate on everything so its virtually seamless care if a baby needs to be transferred, said Dr. Nagaraj. Our NICUs all maintain similar standards of care and because there is a familiarity of faces we know working styles and collaborate on neonatal care at various levels. This relationship between the UnityPoint Health NICUs allows for very high standards and we follow the same protocols, which we all created together.

    After a few weeks at St. Lukes Tenleys issues resolved and she was transferred back to Allen for three more weeks. Today shes a healthy, happy one-year-old.

    The communication between the two hospitals was excellent, said Sarah. I was happy St. Lukes provided that higher level of care

    for her and it wasnt far from home. Shes doing really

    well and both hospitals had a big part in that.

    Learn more

    about delivering your baby at a

    UnityPoint Health hospital at


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    As soon as I retired I started working on the many projects that had been on the back burner for all these years, said Schoon. It was almost as if I thought I was only on vacation because I over did it after 15 years of being on the road.

    A hernia Schoon had noticed over the years but never bothered him, started to cause discomfort.

    The pain was pretty intense, said Schoon. It was to the point where I had to either sit down or lay down.

    I really couldnt do much. I went to my family doctor who diagnosed my hernia and referred me for surgery.

    Dan actually had three hernias, said Robert Keating, MD, Physicians Clinic of Iowa (PCI) general surgeon. He had the one that was bothering him and two others we discovered upon further examination. I always check both sides of the patients abdomen and the belly button because Ive found enough of them over the years. You would hate to operate and discover you need to go back and do another surgery a short time later.

    After decades of working, first at the familys long-time farm equipment and auto dealership, then later as a semi driver, its safe to say Dan Schoon was happy to give life living on the road, a rest. The Monticello man hit 65 last summer and retired. He was looking forward to doing all the things he loved like getting back to his musical roots and working on his acreage.

    Dan Schoon is back to enjoying retirement after surgery last fall.

    Rural outpatient surgery options

  • LiveWell|Winter 2016|

    Learn more about surgery at a UnityPoint Health hospital near you, at


    Surgical services at UnityPoint Health hospitals

    SURGERY RECOMMENDEDA hernia is a hole in the body wall. Surgery is recommended as soon as the hernia is discovered, even if it isnt bothering the individual.

    If you have a hernia the worst thing that could happen is part of the intestine could poke out and if it gets trapped it can kink off and cut off the blood supply, which is life-threaten-ing, said Dr. Keating. Small hernias are generally more dangerous because if the intestine sticks out through a small hole its more likely to get stuck than if it protrudes though a big hole.

    Dr. Keating is one of three PCI surgeons that perform general, outpatient surgery three half days a week at Jones Regional Medical Center in Anamosa.

    We have been doing surgeries at Jones Regional for a number of years, said Dr. Keating. We do a whole range of outpatient surgeries; hernia, gallbladder and breast biopsies to name a few. Its a great, new facility with up-to-date technology. Some of the staff working in Jones Regional Medical Center operating room have actually worked in Cedar Rapids so they are very skilled.

    When I found out I could have surgery at Jones Regional I thought it was so great, said Schoon. I wouldnt go anywhere else. We are very lucky to have this beautiful hospital here in Jones County.

    FAST RECOVERYAll told Schoons hernia surgery took less than half a day and his recovery

    lasted only a couple of weeks with minor restrictions.

    I was healed in three weeks, Schoon said. The care was fantastic. All of the nurses at Jones Regional were excellent. Overall it was a very pleasant experience.

    I really enjoy working at Jones Regional, said Dr. Keating. Its a great hospital and the patients are so grateful and appreciative we are there.

    Nowadays you can find Schoon driving around town in his classic car. Hes also slowly making more time to play music, a passion he had in the 60s and 70s.

    Im feeling great, said Schoon. I highly recommend Jones Regional for surgery. It was so convenient and the care was top notch.

    I really enjoy working at Jones Regional. Its a great hospital and the patients are so grateful and appreciative we are there.

    Robert Keating, MD, general surgeonPhysicians Clinic of Iowa

    Specialty Clinics at Jones Regional Medical Center

    Cardiology Infusion Center Diabetic education Eye care

    Pain management Podiatry Pulmonology Wound Clinic

    Gastroenterology General surgery Kidney care OB/GYN Orthopedics

  • | unitypoint.org10

    Don Loveless chest pain was the result of cardiovascular disease that wouldnt get better on its own. The heartache came from wondering what might have been if the medical opportunities of today were available to his father, who passed away from heart disease 30 years ago.

    Combined, those factors were enough to convince the 68-year-old from La Porte City now was the right time for open-heart surgery. Loveless first met James Wright, MD, Cedar Valley Medical Specialists cardiothoracic surgeon on a Wednesday and was at UnityPoint Health Allen Hospital for triple bypass surgery on Friday.

    Following surgery, his dedication to cardiac rehabilitation has opened the door to a bright future that includes four grandchildren and his wife, Marlene.

    It definitely altered my life as far as feeling better, Loveless said. It has also caused me to appreciate life a lot more. The grandkids, especially, family means a lot when you go through something like this.

    SICK WITH SYMPTOMS The symptoms Loveless was feeling had been present for a while. Some open-heart patients have problems that fly under the radar. Some open-heart patients require surgery in order to live longer but not necessarily feel better. Loveless is one of the lucky ones who had ongoing chest pain and chose surgery in order to rid him of daily discomfort and improve his overall health.

    I remember when my dad had open-heart surgery he came out in terrible shape, he said He never really did regain any quality of life that was worth much. But now Im definitely feeling better and, hopefully after some rehab, Ill be ready to enjoy life again.

    Loveless had already returned to normal activities about a month after surgery. The timeline is important,

    Don Loveless and his wife, Marlene at cardiac rehabilitation at Allen Hospital.

    Life after open-heart surgery

    There was a pain in his chest and an ache in his heart.

  • LiveWell|Winter 2016| 711

    Heart Care services at UnityPoint Health hospitals

    Learn more about UnityPoint Health Heart and Vascular Services at or call: Cedar Rapids: (319) 364-7101 | Dubuque: (563) 589-2557 | Waterloo: (319) 235-5045

    Heart attacks have beginnings

    THESE BEGINNINGS OCCUR IN MORE THAN 50 PERCENT OF PATIENTS. Most importantly, if recognized in time, treatment can begin before the heart is damaged.

    Early heart attack symptoms include:

    Pain thattravels downone or both


    Feeling of Fullness

    Nausea JawPain

    Fatigue Anxiety

    Chest pressure,

    squeezing, burning, aching,

    tightness ordiscomfort

    Back Pain Shortness of Breath

    If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms call 911 or go to a UnityPoint Health hospital.

    Watch an

    open-heart surgery video, at

    considering timing was perhaps the biggest decision of all.

    In this case, he had symptoms for a long time that didnt necessarily have to be fixed immediately, said Dr. Wright. Some people, when you ask when can you do it? They say they want to do it as soon as possible. Other people need to think about it. Its always important to have their mind in a good place and be convinced theyre doing the right thing.

    RAPID RECOVERY Since the surgery, Loveless has been on the fast track to recovery. His hospital stay only lasted three days a day or two shorter than average.

    His three visits per week to the Allen cardiac rehab unit along with his homework have been a success. And a little over a month after surgery, he was cleared by Dr. Wright to return to normal activities.

    Hes what we try to do a perfect example of whats the best about our field, said Dr. Wright. When we can improve symptoms, thats as good as it gets.

    Ive never had anybody tell me I wasnt ahead of the game, Loveless

    added. My family has all been in awe Im in as good

    of shape as I am.

    James Wright, MD, cardiothoracic surgeon Cedar Valley Medical Specialists

    When we can improve symptoms, thats as good as it gets.

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    Think About Your WishesThese questions may help you with your advance care plan and provide you, your loved ones and care givers with peace of mind. Think about the following questions to have meaningful conversations about your future health care choices.

    What gives your life its purpose and meaning?

    What do you value most about your physical or mental well-being?

    Who among your family and friends are important in your life?

    Have you talked about your medical care choices with your loved ones when problems arise or death comes close?

    How would you describe your spiritual or religious life? Do you have a faith community? Do you have cultural or religious beliefs about medical treatment?

    Have you talked with your doctor or health provider about your health concerns and medical treatment questions?

    Advance Care Planningensure your wishes are known and honored

    Brian Lindo, MD, UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine Medical District and Advance Care Planning physician champion

    How do you have the talk with loved ones?

    This isnt just a conversation adult children should have with their parents, said Brian Lindo, MD, UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine Medical District. Its a conversation for all ages. None of us know if and when we may have a serious accident or illness. Thats why we want everyone to know Advance Care Planning is not just for the ill or elderly, its something every adult should consider.

    Advance Care Planning is a way for individuals to think about and decide what kind of medical care they would want, if they were unable to speak for themselves. This information is then documented in an Advance Directive, which is a legal document more commonly known as a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

    Our current process is not ideal, said Dr. Lindo. We are having conversations with people when they are going through possibly life or death decisions and asking them to decide immediately. Its not a good practice. Most people need more time to learn about decisions and talk it over with guidance from a trained facilitator.

    UnityPoint Health and UnityPoint Clinics are looking to better assist individuals in Advance Care Planning. A select number of sites are participating in the first wave of an Advance Care Planning program, which aims to identify best practices for gathering Advance Care Planning information in a way that is useful for the family and most importantly for medical providers.

    We want to see a document that changes over time, said Dr. Lindo. Every time there is a life-changing event the Advance Directive should change. Our goal is to make these documents more thorough and created after many discussions regarding medical wishes. It should

    Expert Ask the

    be robust and medical providers should be able to quickly locate it during an emergency and trust it enough to follow what is written.

    Dr. Lindo also says the discussions with loved ones along the way are an important part of the Advance Care Planning process.

    We urge family members to be in on these key conversations so there are no surprises, said Dr. Lindo. This is important work. These documents are not something that should be left to talk about one of these days the time is now.

    Talking about death and dying can be uncomfortable and off-limits for many individuals but its an important conversation everyone should have.

    To learn about Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives, visit advancedirectives.


  • LiveWell|Winter 2016| 13


    LiveWell|Winter 2016|

    Health For your

    NOW OPEN: Peosta Family Medicine and Walk-in Care Family Medicine and Walk-in Care is now available at UnityPoint Clinic Peosta, which is located at 8456 Peosta Commercial Court.

    This new clinic offers patients the convenience of scheduling an appointment with a family medicine provider or individuals can utilize walk-in care for minor illnesses and injuries without having to schedule an appointment.

    Walk-in Care hours are: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. 5 p.m.

    Prairie Parkway campus coming to Cedar Falls

    UnityPoint Clinics in Cedar Rapids and Marion plan expansionsUnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine and Urgent Care offices in Marion and at the Cedar Rapids Westside location are expanding to meet the needs of the areas growing population.

    The Marion clinic, located at 2996 7th Ave., is adding 6,000 square feet. The additional space will be used to separate the Urgent Care Clinic from Family Medicine.

    A similar plan is underway for UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine and Urgent Care Westside in Cedar Rapids, which is located at 2375 Edgewood Road SW. The current facility will become a dedicated Urgent Care Clinic and the Family Medicine Clinic will move to a new location along Williams Blvd., next to Menards.

    Westside Family Medicine Clinic will construct a new building, which will offer new services to the area including:

    X-ray (imaging services) Outpatient physical and occupational therapy Laboratory services by MedLabs 12 providers (This new clinic will bring together the providers at Corridor and Westside Family Medicine and five new providers will be recruited.)

    Both clinics expect their expansion projects to be completed by Spring 2017.

    Construction is underway on a new preventative health campus in Cedar Falls. UnityPoint Health Waterloo is constructing a new, 90,000 square- foot-facility, which will provide patient- centered, coordinated, comprehensive care in one location in a high-growth area of the Cedar Valley. It will be located at 5100 Prairie Parkway in Cedar Falls Pinnacle Prairie development.

    The Prairie Parkway campus will provide one location for UnityPoint Healths coordinated approach to providing health care for all ages:

    Urgent care Obstetrics Pediatrics Family medicine

    Specialty clinics Therapy Mental health services

    Prairie Parkway is slated to open in December 2016.

    Wait times

    for the Peosta Clinic are available at

    dubuque, along with the Cascade

    Walk-in Clinic wait times.

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    Where do I go for care

    Primary Care ProviderIn addition to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, your primary care provider offers routine health screenings and discusses lifestyle changes to prevent issues before they develop.

    Find a doctor at

    Virtual CareGetting sick is never convenient, but getting care should be. Virtual Care offers another option for people with minor illness to see a doctor by phone or secure online video 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Register at

    Urgent CareWhen your primary care provider is not available, go to a UnityPoint Health Urgent Care to treat non-life-threatening conditions such as minor illnesses and injuries.

    Check wait times at

    Emergency DepartmentCall 911 or go to the nearest UnityPoint Health Emergency Department for serious, life-threatening conditions such as: coughing or vomiting blood, chest pain, sudden blurred vision and seizures and difficulty breathing.

    Find the nearest UnityPoint Health ER at