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Live Green, Love Green, Think Green, Go Green!. Amanda, Chris, Dorian, Jimmy & Ronnie Contact : Group 7 Oct 6 2011 Danilo Diaz Ist 110. Page 1 of 10. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Live Green, Love Green, Think Green, Go Green! Amanda, Chris, Dorian, Jimmy & RonnieContact : @psu.eduGroup 7Oct 6 2011Danilo DiazIst 110Page 1 of 10Only after the last tree has been cut downthe last river has been poisonedthe last fish caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. - Cree Indian ProphesyPage 2 of 10Contact : Date : 10/10/2011

Our Earth

.orgEvery year we throw away 24 million tons of leaves and grass. Leaves alone account for 75% of our solid waste in the fall.By turning down your central heating thermostat one degree, fuel consumption is cut by as much as 10%.63,000 square miles of Rainforests are being destroyed each year.Every year approximately four billion tons of carbon accumulates in the air each year, about 30% of this comes directly from the continued burning of the rainforests.40% of America's rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life.In any given year, about 25% of beaches in the US are under advisories or are closed at least one time because of water pollution.Asian rivers are the most polluted in the world. They have three times as many bacteria from human waste as the global average and 20 times more lead than rivers in industrialized countries.

Date : 10/10/2011 Page 3 of 10Contact : Our Earth right now

Our Earth .orgThe website began as a simple idea to make it easier for the public to find environmental information. The founders had realized that there were indeed outstanding programs, activities, initiatives, ideas, and grassroots efforts across the country but the public wasnt aware of it.

Page 4 of 10Contact : Date : 10/10/2011 Introduction

Our Earth .orgOur Mission is to endorse, engage, and to educate the future leaders by providing knowledge about saving Our Earth.Date : 10/10/2011 Page 5 of 10Contact :

Our Mission

Our Earth .org


Ways to save Our Earth Contact : Date : 10/10/2011 Page 6 of 101) Reduce (water, energy, fuel)2) Unplug unused electronics 3) Recycle 4) Look for Energy Star labels5) Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs6) Fix Leaks7) Buy Recycled8) Computer Power Management9) Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste10) Fresh, Local, Organic

Our Earth .orgThe price of energy keeps rising.The cost of food and basic necessities keeps rising because of the price of energy and energy related products.The earth's atmosphere gets more polluted.Global warming raises sea levels and sea temperature, causing climate changes and rendering inhabitable large areas of low lying land.Environmental damage from energy production changes the balance of nature, with unpredictable consequences.Date : 10/10/2011 Page 7 of 10Contact : If we dont change Our Earth

Our Earth .orgHelp us change Our Earth into this

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Our Earth .org

Our Earth .orgContact : Date : 10/10/2011 Page 8 of 10Lets take care of Our EarthJoin Us today andhelp save the EarthReference

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.org Our Earth