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  • Single hub for your daily work

  • Single hub for your daily work

  • Is a note taking & document collaborating

    tool for individuals, team & business.

  • Everyday, you and I read, write,

    do research and work with others.

  • Writing: structure & focus

    Researching: easy to tag & search

    Team work: collaborate in real-time

    Business: spreadsheet & flexible workflow

    We created an application for your daily work!

  • Individual Team Business


    Taking notesWriting documents

    Organizing information

  • for individual

    Personal notebook

    - Structure & minimal: focus on writing

    - Well organizing: easy to tag and search

  • Personal wiki

  • Minimal & focus

  • for team

    Team collaboration

    - Real-time editing

    - Tasks & calendar

    - Kanban board

  • Workspace for team

  • for business

    Organizing information

    - Spreadsheet

    - Data template

    - Flexible workflow

  • Spreadsheet

  • Record template

  • Single hub for your daily work