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  • Literature Project

    Exploring History Through Literature

  • 19th Century England

    Topics for Research Child LabourSocial ClassesPoverty Industrial DevelopmentSchools and EducationSocial Conventions regarding Women

  • Great Authors, Great Books Charles Dickens described life in London in the 19th century, as the industrial revolution was taking place; many children were sent to work, while no laws were aimed at protecting them. He described the misery and distress of the poor people.

  • Oliver Twist by: Charles Dickens

    The life of a boy in London in the 19th century

  • David Copperfield The life and growing up of a boy in 19th century England

  • Jane Eyre by Sharlotte Bronte

    The life story of an orphan girl who lived in England in the 19th century and, her hardships, education, her growing up and love. Among the other things, you can learn about the education and the expectations from women.

  • Angelas Ashes Learn about the history of Ireland through the eyes of Frank McCourt who tells you his life story!

  • Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

    Read about the adventures of Hucklberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, two good friends who lived in America in the 19th century. You will meet Jim, the runaway slave, and many other characters. You can learn about the slavery and education in that period.

  • Uncle Toms Cabinby Harriet Bitcher Stew Learn about the slavery in America, meet Eliza, the runaway slave who didnt want to be separated from her baby. You can explore the history of slavery the differences between the south and the north and the background for the civil war.

  • Braveheart Explore the history of Scotland through this story of the brave man who sacrificed his life for Scotland. Learn about William Wallace the great brave warrior and the bloody fights between the British and the Scotts.

  • The Titanic Learn about the tragic historical event. The story reflects the lives of the different social classes.

  • The Diary of Anne Frank Learn about the holocaust through the eyes of a Jewish girl who lived in a secret annex with her family

  • For Solo VoiceFiction: A woman tells her life story and how she survived the holocaust

  • Border Friends The story of an impossible friendship between two teenagers who lived on the two sides of the border of Jerusalem before the Six- Day War

  • In this project you will explore history through literature.use different sources of information: authentic books, simplified readers, literature files including essays, reviews, encyclopedias, videos of films and interviews and the Internet fill in an information card write your essay, revise and edit itexperience the assessment process

    Enjoy your work!!!