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Name : Gohil Hetalba I.Roll No : 08M.A. 1st Sem -2Paper no : 07 ( Literary theory and Criticism )Topic : Digital humanity & computer Assisted Literary Criticism with case studiesSubmitted to : Dr. Dilip BaradDept. Of EnglishM.K. Bhavnagar University

The digital humanities is an area of research of computing and the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities .

Methodologies from the traditional humanities disciplines

Digital humanities incorporates both digitized and born digital materials . It also combines the methodologies from the traditional humanities disciplines.

English DepartmentEnglish Department

Without the traditional Lower Criticisms , just as without the traditional .Higher Criticisms interpretation of text there can be no contexts within which Lower Criticism can identify facts .

There is a long association between computer and composition. Jerome MeGann is main person . He put forward the Rossetti Archive , which he has repeatedly described as a vehicle for applied theory , standing as paradignatic.Parameters between ( a ) Literary studies ( b ) Humanities computing

Matthew Jockres In3,592 books in my corpus span from 1780 to 1900. Authors from: Brtain Irlend America Door in The White Tiger By Arvind Adiga 100 times recuring the word Door You were looking for the key for years ! But the door was always open.


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