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  • What would happen

  • We must constantly look at things in a different wayWhen you read, dont just consider what the author thinks, consider what YOU think.

  • What is Literary Theory/Criticism?Studies devoted to the comparison, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of works of literature. The term "criticism" is derived from the Greek word kritikos, meaning a "judge." Simply, a method for readers to judge/interpret what they believe a text is about, states or represents

  • Why Literary Criticism?Literary theories provides readers alternative ways of seeing or reading/interpreting a text (Roethkes My Papas Waltz)Stimulates readers and deepens meaning in a text by showing how there may be multiple interpretations of the same textSharpens ones critical thinking skillsEmpowers readers to find their own interpretations/readings of a text

  • Literary Criticism ExamplesF. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby (Historical/Sociological)William Goldings Lord of the Flies (Sociological)Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper (Feminist)Nathaniel Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown (Mythological/Hero Journey)Victor Flemings The Wizard of Oz (Psychoanalytical)

  • Other ExamplesIn Film and Image

  • Reading The GodfatherGood escapist fun/action (aesthetic)Spin on the mafia/gangster genre (archetypal)Greek tragedy/Tragic Hero (mythological/archetypal)Dysfunctional families (sociological)The failure of the American Dream & its leaders (historical/sociological)Trying to live up to your fathers example (psychological)Showing mafia as ordinary people with real problems (mimetic)

    Try the same with The Sopranos or Scarface

  • Reading The Lion KingAction/adventure (aesthetic)Good vs Evil (archetypal)Coming of age tale (archetypal/mythological)Hero journey (mythological)African culture (sociological)