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  • 1. Unit 2Trends


  • Part One
  • Listening-CenteredActivities
  • Key to Exercises
  • 1.D2. C3.A4. D5. B
  • II. 6.B7. D8. A9. C10. A
  • III.
  • 11. For many different reasons
  • 12. by rich cultural life
  • 13. traffic is slow and difficult.


  • 14. plenty of money
  • 15. thousands of visitors


  • Part Two
  • Reading_centered Activities
  • TextOne
  • Previewing
  • Warm up questions:
  • 1). Can you define the word trend ?
  • 2). What are the new trends in clothes / hairstylesthis year?

Back 5.

  • Background information
  • Elvis Presley:
  • Born January 8, 1935, in East Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley was the son of Gladys and Vernon Presley, a sewing machine operator and a truck driver. Elvis Presley was the first real rock and roll star. A white southerner who singing blues laced with country and country tinged with gospel, Presley brought together music from both sides of the color


  • line. Presley performed this music with a natural hip swiveling sexuality that made him a teen idol and a role model for generations of cool rebels.

7. Key points Words and expressions you name it3.all in all4. alternative5. diverse 6. embody7. exotic8.flatter 9. inspire10. transform11. visual12. have done with Back 8.

  • Examples of the above key words and expressions:
  • :follow the new trend of fashion.
  • -wise (withn s formingadj s andadv s): in the manner or direction of.
  • e.g. Turn the handleclockwise.
  • to walkcrabwise.
  • 2.You name it : (infml) every thing, place, etc you can name or think of.

9. e.g. She can make anything: chairs, tables, cupboards----you name it. Clothes, furniture, books ----you name it , they sell it! 3 . All in all :when every thing is considered . e.g.All in all , it was a lot of fun for everyone who went. His reaction to the doctors treatment was,all in all , satisfactory. He has his faults, butall in allhe is a conscientious man. 4.Alternative: n. a chance to choose or decide between two or more possible things, courses or action. 10.

  • e.g. You have thealternativeof fighting or beingtaken prisoner.
  • I had noalternativebut to walk out.
  • adj. That may be used , had, done instead of another; other
  • e.g. We returned by the alternative road.
  • Have you got an alternative suggestion?
  • 5.Diverse :adj.of different kinds; varied
  • e.g. The wild life in Africa is extremelydiverse .
  • People of Europe speakdiverse languages.
  • The programme deals with subjects as diverse as pop music and ancient Greek drama.

11. return 6.Embodies:v. express or give visible form to(ideas, feelings, etc.); include or contain sth. The new modelembodiesthe latestrefinements. The testimony isembodiedin the courtrecord. 7.Exotic:introduced from another country, not native; striking or attractive because unusual. e.g. She travels to all kinds ofexoticlocations all over the world. 12.

  • praise too much or insincerely in order to gain advantage; to make look better or more beautiful.
  • e.g. I guess he was justflatteringme.
  • The newspaper wrote about his performance in veryflatteringterms.
  • The black dressflatteredher figure.


  • 9.Inspire sb.with sth / inspire sth in sb :fill sb. with thoughts, feelings or aims
  • e.g. His speechinspiredus to try again.
  • Youinspiredme to greater efforts.
  • A fair and kind employerinspiredloyalty.
  • 10 .t ransform:v. completely change the appearance or character of sth./ sb.
  • e.g Water cantransforma desertintoa garden.
  • Fatherhoodtransformedhimintoa more responsible person.


  • 11.Visual: adj. Connected with or used in seeing.
  • e.g. The animalsvisualorgans are different from ours.
  • Thevisualarts include painting and dancing, as opposed to music.
  • 12.Trend:n. general tendency or direction.
  • You seem to have set a newtrend .
  • There has beena trendtowardssimpler styles in womens dresses.


  • 13.Be / have done with sth / sb. : no longer work at sth or be involved with sb/ sth.
  • e.g. Lets spend another hour painting and then have done with it.
  • Have you done with the newspaper?


  • 1 Designers seem to be at their most inventive and visually stunning when producing their spring collection:
  • Designers seem to have the greatest inspiration and are able to design extremely new and attractive styles when producing their spring collection.

Difficult Sentences 17.

  • 2 Thisspring, bright, bold, eye-catching colors are your ticket to being the most fashionable gal:
  • This spring, clothes with very bright colors are essential things you need to make yourself the most fashionable girl .


  • 3. All walks of designers went on an African odyssey this spring:
  • This spring , designers of different styles and from different places designed clothesof similar feature -----wild African style.


  • 4 Also popular were sequins and metallic embroidery adding dazzle to basic T-shirts, vests, skirts and dresses and show-stopping glamour to eveningwear.
  • adding dazzle to sequins and metallic embroidery.


  • 5.They stopped just above waist, and were seen in a multitude of bright colors:
  • They just reached above the waist and were available in many different bright colors.


  • 6. Theres no need for a shopping spree, a few key items or accessories can transform your wardrobe into a spring sensation.
  • You dont have to buy a lot of clothes; add a few accessories to the clothes you already have and you will look very fashionable .


  • I. Comprehension of the Text
  • 1. The designers seem to be full of creative ideas and are able to design the most attractive clothes in spring.
  • 2. By wearing very bright and eye-catching color clothes.
  • 3. Yes. Big and bold prints are in fashion this spring.


  • 4. Metallic colors are suitable for any skin tone and go with many colors.
  • 5. No. A few key item and accessories will make you look attractive and fashionable.
  • II Vocabulary
  • 1.flattering2. tropical
  • 3. revealed4. alternative
  • 5. Visual6. transform
  • 7. all in all8. conservative


  • 9. trend10. stripes
  • 11. inspired12. featured


  • III. Translation
  • Task 1
  • Translation from English to Chinese
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.


  • 4.
  • 5.


  • Task 2
  • Translation (from Chinese to English ).
  • 6 The childrens age range from 5 to 15.
  • 7 His noble example inspired the rest of us to greater efforts.
  • 8 The countrys constitution embodies the ideals of freedom and equality.


  • 9 Clothes, furniture, books ----you name it, they sell it !
  • 10 He has his faults, but all in all he is a conscientious man.


  • Text Two
  • I.Background Information
  • SOHO In i nformation technology, SOHO is a term for the small office or home office environment and business culture. A number of organizations, businesses, and publications now exist to support people who work or have businesses in this environment. The term "virtual office" is sometimes used as a synonym.


  • II. Comprehension of the Text
  • 1. Many people are out of job and those who are having jobs have to accept what they are given .
  • 2. It permits you to separate your personal life from business. You can leave your work where it is without the trouble of clean-up for other home activities.


  • .3.They drive Americas economic growth and have created most of the new jobs in the past 20 years.
  • 4. By working at home they can balance between work and family. Moreover, they earn 28% more than the average office workers.
  • 5. They can have more independence, more challenge and more results; they have the freedom to grow, experiment and learn.


  • II Vocabulary
  • 1.necessity 2.measure3.distraction4.expansion5. solely
  • the long run
  • 8. make do with9. identified
  • 10. represented11. due to
  • 1


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