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A presentation for current Public Relations students about using social media for a brand and/or client.


  • 1. Listen. Engage. Build Relationships. Allison Matherly Coordinator of Digital Engagement Texas Tech University #PR3315 @allisonmatherly

2. For each yes, give yourself three points. For each maybe, give yourself two points. For each no, give yourself zero points. Are You Addicted to Social Media? Pop Quiz! 3. You have a Facebook account. You have a Twitter account. You use hashtags in your email. You check in on Foursquare, everywhere you go! You follow or have a profile for your pet. You like your own posts. Pop Quiz! 4. You dream in 140 characters. Its the first thing you do in the morning. You update your status while out with real people. You share everything. Klout becomes your social currency. Pop Quiz! 5. Whats it all about? Listening to a conversation Engaging with stakeholders Building relationships 6. 32% of people have no idea companies are listening to them Make that 38% of Millennials 40% think listening online intrudes privacy 50% say companies should listen to improve their products 60% want companies to respond to complaints 7. Tools to Monitor Hootsuite Argyle Social Radian6 Social Mention Tweetdeck Hashtracking Topsy 8. What to Look For# Keywords @ 9. Dash- boards 10. Identify conversations Know audience Look for points of pride Give customer service Take Advantage of Opportunities Catch Mistakes Monitoring for a Client 11. Opportunities 12. Opportunities 13. Opportunities 14. ...and mistakes 15. I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In... or maybe it was tweeted in! As Taylor Swift Would Say Maybe T. Swizzle isnt your thing ITS A TRAAAAAP! 16. There is nothing you can say to satisfy a troll Dont feed them... especially after midnight... Trolls 17. Real Life: Amys Baking Company 18. Real Life: Amys Baking Company 19. Real Life: Applebees By around 2 am, there were around 17,000 comments on Applebees original Facebook status. Then began the most bewildering move in corporate social media/public relations that I have ever witnessed. At 2:53 am, the middle of the night, whoever manages Applebees Facebook page started making comments on their status update. In response to the over 17,000 comments, the following statement appeared not as a new status update, but as a comment on the status update. 20. Real Life: Applebees Holy Facebook Comment, Batman! 21. Real Life: Applebees Next up: Applebees starts repeatedly tagging people in the middle of the night and repeating their same comment over and over and over. Its now about 3 am in the morning: 22. Real Life: Applebees Hiding Blocking Deleting Banning Responding to Negativity 23. High-intensity Fast Passion-filled Opinionated Rapidly Evolving Crisis Comms 24. Real Life: Mike Leach 25. Real Life: Mike Leach 26. Real Life: Mike Leach 27. Real Life: Winter Weather 28. Real Life: Winter Weather 29. Real Life: Winter Weather 30. Early and Late Writing Content Scheduling Strategizing Training Assisting Other Departments Day to Day 31. Day to Day 32. Day to Day 33. Questions? 34. @allisonmatherly 35. Sources Social Listening vs. Digital Privacy, JD Power & Associates & Netbase, 2013 media-meltdown-a-photo-essay/


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