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<ul><li><p>Aug. 1985 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION 679 </p><p>The candidate making the highest average in the Examination for 1935 is Ferdinand Zienty of Chicago, Ill. His standing was high both in High School and Junior College and he was commended as an energetic young man of fine character. </p><p>The winner of the Fairchild Scholarship for this year was graduated from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy with high honors, receiving A in every subject except one, Physiology, in which he was graded B. the last years subjects included Food Analysis and Microscopy of Foods. The fist-year course is administered as a pre-pharmacy year of 30 semester hours of work in liberal arts and science in an accredited college and including certain specified subjects such as English, General and Organic Chemistry, and Mathematics (Algebra and Trigonometry). </p><p>Mr. Zienty was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science by the University of Illinois. He intends to continue his studies in Pharmacy. </p><p>The Committee desires to thank Director Howard B. Lewis and members of the faculty of the University of Michigan, School of Pharmacy, for their cooperation. </p><p>He graduated from the 4-year course; </p><p>ROBERT P. FISCHELIS, ERNEST LITTLE, </p><p>C. H. EVANS, E. G. EBERLE, Chairman. (Signed) </p><p>LIST OF REGISTRANTS, ANNUAL MEETING, A. PH. A., PORTLAND, OREGON. </p><p>Corrections and additions are respectfully requested; a number evidently failed to sign Please address JOURNAL AMERI- the official Registration Book; the names are given as recorded. </p><p>CAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, 2215 Constitution Ave., N. w., Washington, D. C. ADAMS WALTER D. MR. AND MRS., Forney, Texas. ALLEN: C. F., Reddood City, Calif. AN_?HRSON, CHARLES A,, MR. AND MRS., Litchfield, </p><p>Minn. ARNY, H. V., New York City. ARNY KATHARINE S. Montclair N. J. AVER;, CHARLES H.,Altadena, Calif. </p><p>CAIN, R. A., Seattle, Wash. CALLAGHAN PERRY JAMES Manchester. N. H. CARMODY, MRS. M., SilverSprings, Md. CAREY, H. B., MR. AND MRS.. San Francisco. Calif. CHAPMAN, I. RAY, Portland, Ore. CHILDS, MAC El Dorado Kansas. CHRISTENSEN), H. C., MR: AND MRS. Chicago, Ill CHRISTENSON FRANK L Lewiston, idaho. CLARK R. W: MadisonWis. CLAYTAN. C H ~ R L E S J., Senver, ~ 0 1 0 . </p><p>CLEMMER, JOHN K.. Miami, Fla. CONCHESSA. SISTER M., St. Paul, Minn. COOK. E. F.. Philadelohia. Pa. COOK; ROY BIRD, Ch&amp;leston, W. Va. COOPER, ZADA M., Iowa City, Iowa. COSTELLO. P. H., MR AND MRS. Cooperstown, N Dak. CULLEY, JOHN. San Francisco, Calif. </p><p>DANIELS, ELIZABETH H., San Francisco, Calif. DANIELS, TROY C., Redwood City, Calif. DAY. W. B.. MR. AND MRS.. Chicaro. Ill. DEAN, LEONARD E. C., Pocatello, fdaho. DEBRITT, H F., Portland, Ore. DELGADO, F A , MR. AND MRS.. Washington. D. C DILLON, I. F.. Portland, Ore. DIRSTINR, P. H., Pullman, Wash. DRETZKA SYLVESTER H., S. Milwaukee, Wis. DUBOIS, CHARLOTTE F., Catskill, N. Y. DuMsz, A. G.. MR. AND MRS., Baltimore Md. DUNCAN, E. E., MR. AND MRS., OklahomiCity. Okla. DUNN, MARIN S.. Philadelphia, Pa. DYE, CLAIR A., MR. AND MRS., Columbus, Ohio. </p><p>EBERLE E. G. MR. AND MRS. Washington. D. C. EBY. FLANK H., Philadelphia,Pa. ELWOOD, H. S., Ellenshurg, Wash. EMANUEL, Lours, MR. AND MRS., Pittsburgh, Pa. ENGELKING, MRS. A. G., AND DAUGETER, San Antonio, </p><p>EVANS, CHARLES E., Warrenton, Ga. EVANS, CLAIRE, Seattle, Wash. </p><p>FEEHAN, MARTIN E., Lewiston, Idaho. FISCHELIS, R. P.. MR. AND MRS., Trenton, N. J. FISCHER, E. B.. Minneapolis, Minn. FISCHER. LOUIS. Seattle. Wash </p><p>Texas. </p><p>FUHRMANN, CHARLES J., MR. AND MRS., W&amp;hington. </p><p>FULTON, WM. M., San Francisco, Calif. </p><p>GARVIN. ALICE E.. New Haven. Conn. </p><p>D. C. </p></li><li><p>680 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION </p><p>GILLIS E. Columbus Ohio. GLEAS~N, MRS. E. s.: Stockton, Calif. GLOVER, C. C., MR. AND MRS.. Ann Arbor, Mich. GOODRICH, F. J., Seattle, Wash. GOODRICA, ROBIN. Seattle, Wash. GRAY, WM., Chicago, Ill. GRILL F. Portland, Ore. G U N T E ~ R ' EARL MR. AND MRS.. Portland, Ore. GUSTAPS~N, J. d., MR. AND MRS., Hartford, Conn. HAHN E. T., MR. AND MRS., Philadelphia, Pa. H A M ~ O N D , E. L., MR. AND MRS., University, Miss. HANKINS W. M., Daytona Beach, Fla. HARRIS, k. c., MR. AND MRS., Houston, Texas. HARRIS, L. E., MR. AND MRS.. Norman, Okla. HAWKS, PEYTON, Portland, Ore. HAYMAN, J. L.. Morgantown. W. Va. HEIDENRE~CH A. C. Seattle, Wash. HEIN, H. F.,'MR. AND MRS., AND SON, San Antonio, </p><p>-rPXaq . HENHICKSON G. F. Camas, Wash. HENRV. H. A'., Los Kngeles, Calif. HILTON, S L.. MR. AND MRS., Washington, D. C. HOCH, QUINTIUS, MR. AND MRS., Philadelphia, Pa </p><p>HOLLOW~Y, JESSE D.,'MR. AND MRS., Liverpool, Ohio. HUSA, BILL, Gainesville. Fla. HUSA, W. J., MR. AND MRS., Gainesville, Fla. </p><p>JACOBSEN THOMAS Seattle, Wash. JENKINS, ~ L E N N L.', Baltimore, Md. JOHNSON, CARL H., Seattle, Wash. JOHNSON, C. W., MR. AND MRS., Seattle, Wash. JOHNSON, FRED F., Seattle, Wash. JONES, E. L., Portland, Ore. JONES F. M., Cut Bank, Mont. JONES' LINN E., Portland, Ore. JONES: ROWLAND, JR., Washington, D. C. JORDAN, C. B., MR. AND MRS., La Fayette, Ind. JORGENSEN, P. S., Seattle, Wash. JUDIS.CH, GEORGE, Ames, Iowa. </p><p>KELLY, E. F., MR. AND MRS., Washington, D. C. KENDIG. H E . PhiladelDhia. Pa. </p><p>HOCKING GEORGE M. MR. AND MRS., Portland, Ore. </p><p>. ~~- ~~ . ~ ~ ~ K ~ s S L ~ R , w., I'ortland,'Ore.. KEVILLB F. M.. Portland, Ore. KIMMICH: E.. MR. A N D MRS., Detroit, Mich. KLOHN, F. E KRANTZ. JOHI </p><p>:_, Portland, Ore. i C., MR. AND MRS.. Baltimore, Md. </p><p>LACASE. D. M.. MR. AND MRS.. Missoula. Mont. LAISEN. J. M., MR A N D MRS., Portland, Ore. LAMAR. GEOKGR W , Memphis. Tenn. LaNcENnaE;, 11. A,. MR. A N D MHS., Seattle, Wash. LAUE F. A. Portland Ore. LA&amp; Jon;, JR., Poriland, Ore. LEACH J. R. Portland Ore. LEB ~ H A R L ~ S 0. La +ayette, Ind. LEHUAN, R. S., MR. AND MRS.. Brooklyn, N. Y. LEMON. A. B., Buffalo, N. Y. LINHIS 0. G. Ontario Ore. LITTLE: E R N ~ S T , MR. AND MRS., Highland Park, N. Y LORRING, E. B., Fallon, Nev. LYMAN, R. A., Lincoln, Neb. LYNCH J. J. Portland Ore. LYNN, E. V.: MR. AND'MRS., Newton, Mass. </p><p>MCCLOSKEY, J. F., New Orleans, La. MCCREAL J. F. Portland Ore. MCCULLO~GH F V. New'Albany, Ind. MCGINNIS Fa"&amp; McKees Rocks, Pa. MCGINNI~ W. 0. 'MR. AND MRS. McKees Rocks, MCKEEL MRS. EWE Brooklyn,'N. Y. MACKLIN', MRS. L. J. b., St. Louis. Mo. MARR LEONH. Farmington Me. M A R T ~ N , EDGAR'P., Hazen, N. Dak. MASKE WM. Seattle Wash. MATSU~HINA' SUEKO 'TACOMA Tacoma, Wash. MAYER, EDWIN E.. MR. AND MRS.. Portland, Ore. MBRRELL, C. G., MR. AND MRS., Cincinnati, Ohio MICKELSEN, A. O., MR. AND MRS., Portland, Ore. MILLIGAN NED Oklahoma City, Okla. MOLLETT 'C. E.' MR. AND MRS. Missoula, Mont. MORTEN~ON FR)ANK Los Angel&amp; Calif. MOTLEY E. i.. MR.'AND MRS., Cblumbia, S. Car. MOULT~N. GEARGE, Peterborough. N. H. MUELLER, N. R., Hermiston, Ore. MUESING, WM. C., New Ulm, M h n . MULLIGAN J. N. Topeka Kans. MURPHY E. J. Mancheder Conn. MURRAY: J. H.'B.. Salt Lak;, Utah. </p><p>NAU, FRANK, Portland, Ore. NEELY. J. H., Baltimore, Md. </p><p>Pa. </p><p>NILOS, EDWAHD H., Indianapolis, Ind. NISAIO, MARIRO, Milwaukee, Ore. </p><p>O'CONNEI.L C. I MR. A N D MRS. Pittsburgh Pa. O'HARROW,'E. A:: MR. A N D MRs.,'Bloomingtdn, Ind. OTA. MINNIE S., Seattle, Wash. OTS~KI, CHICKO, Portland, Ore. </p><p>PARADONSKY, J., MR. AND MRS., Kansas City, Kansas. PATTERSON. W. D.. El Reno, Okla. PERFIELD, MONICA, Portland, Ore. PETERSON ALEXF. JR. Missoula Mont. PHILLIPS R. E. M i . AN'D MRS. Sin Antonio Texas. PILCHAR;) H. D. MR. AND M R ~ . . Seattle, W&amp;h. PO&amp; C. F: Boulder ale. POR;BRPIE)LD, W. $., Pargo, N. Dak. PROCHASKA. E. J., Pine City, Minn. </p><p>RAABE M . R . Ada Ohio. RAABE: R. H.,' MR.'AND MRS., Ada, Ohio. REDDISH, G. F., St. Louis, Mo. RHODES, W., Portland, Ore. RICHARDS LEON W. Missoula, Mont. RISING, L.' W., MR. ~ N D MRS., Seattle, Wash. RIVARD, A. L., Missoula, Mont. ROBERTSON R. V. MR. AND MRS.. Spokane. Wash. RODMAN;R.' W., New York City. ROSIN L. Plainfield N. J. ROWE: L.'W., MR. A ~ D MRS., Detroit, Mich. Rows, T. D.. Missoula, Mont. RUDD, W. F.. MR. AND MRS., Richmond, Va. RUDDUCK, HERBERT INMAN, MR. AND MRS., Cham- </p><p>RUTHEI~ORD, W. E., Santa Rosa, Calif. paign Ill. </p><p>TAYLOR, VICTOR RAY Portland, Ore. TEETERS W. J. 1owa)City Iowa. TEMPLE~ '~N L. ' MR. AND MRS. Chicago Ill. THOMPSON, ?. C., MR. AND MI&amp;., Los Ahgeles, Calif. Urn, A. H., Madison, Wis. ULSH, ROBERT T., Portland, Ore. </p><p>VARNUM, W. H., MR. AND MRS., Lawrence, Kans. VINCENT, HUGH C.. Pullman, Wash. </p><p>WALTON L. L. MR. AND MRS Williamsport, WARD J~JSTUS'C. Denver, Coio. WARN~CK, ROY Sl, Los Angeles, Calif. WASHEURN, H. C., Boulder, Colo. WEIS, HARRY L., Portland, Ore. WBNZ BELLE Pullman Wash WHELPLEY &amp;s. L. E 'st. L&amp; MO. WEITE, Mis . MAX., SGokane, WLh. WHITNEY, H. A. K.. Ann Arbor. Mich. WILSON A. P. MR. AND MRS. Portland, Ore. WILSON: R. C.', MR. AND MRS.', Athens, Ga. WINNE, A. L. I., Richmond, Va. WITTY JOHN Portland Ore. WULL~ND, FLED J., MiAneapoIis. Minn. </p><p>Pa. </p><p>YOUNGKEN, H. W.. Boston, Mass. </p><p>ZIBPLB ADOLPH Mn. AND Mns., Corvallis, Ore ZIMXEI~AN, AL~ERT, MR. AND Mas., Peoria, Ill. ZIMMERMANN, C. J., Peoria, 111. </p></li></ul>


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