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<ul><li>1.Similar Products: Lips Of An Angel -Hinder.Sarah Byard.</li></ul> <p>2. People in the rock world pride themselves on not being like people fromthe hip hop world and not degrading women etc. but LOOK AT THIS. Theman, in the same scene, is fully dressed but the woman has to be inskimpy shorts and a top that shows off some mid-riff, equality at its finest/rant.. 3. In the world of being cheated on, PHONES ARE THEDEVIL. They are used in videos to show a mysteryperson on the other end to imply secrecy.We use a phone in our video for the same purpose. 4. Nice T-Rex arm, Austin.This low angled, long shot makes it look like the person behind thecamera is hiding behind the camera, as if they are secretly watching him.This suits the theme of the song, as it is about secrecy and sneakingaround and hiding things. 5. The greyscale effect makes the flashbacks stand outfrom the rest of the video so we know they are in adifferent timeframe to the rest of the video.The flashbacks are effective in establishing the narrative of a song, that of a mancontemplating cheating with an ex-girlfriend. They also give an insight into thecharacters mind and try to justify his decisions, as the flashbacks are positivememories. 6. We have considered also using flashbacks in ourvideo to establish the narrative in a quick andeffective way. By showing numerous flashbacks ofBen with different girls, as well as present shotswith the same three, it establishes that he is withthem all. We could also consider putting some effect on themto separate them from the timeframe of the musicvideo, but that may look a bit clichd. 7. DRAMATIC HAIR FLIP PERFORMANCE.The performance in this video also adds to the narrative of thepiece, as it is meant to be a band practise where all the bandsgirlfriends come along and the singers girlfriend is weary of himthere. 8. We are going to have performance in our musicvideo. This is a convention of nearly every genre of musicvideo. As it will be our bands first music video, we willneed to performance element to show who weactually are, so we will become recognisable andthus more famous (if we were a real band). 9. The close up of the guitar is a convention of rock videos. This demonstrates that they can actually play instruments, which is something important in the rock music world.The close up of the guitar, rather than the guitarist, inferring thatthe music is more important than the person playing it. 10. The convention of pop musicians generally is thatthey do not play their own instruments, so there areno close ups of their instruments in the videos. We are going to conform to the pop music video,because our song is a pop song, not a rock song.No instruments. But youcan see that.Black Heart Stooshe. </p>